Limit on Swarm Bonus?

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« on: (14:46:47/04-10-17) »
RAW there is no limit on the Swarm bonus so with a Vulcan Liegelord and 14 Kanmushi drones any drone gets a +14 Dice Pool, +14 Limit on "anything" you can get a Drone's Pilot to understand.  With a Pilot of 5 a Swarm is starting with 18 Dice as the default available out of char gen.  Any skill with an Autosoft has an "easy" 24 Dice. 

Can some upper limit be discussed for the Swarm program?  Pilot Rating perhaps?  Or maybe let the Swarm program have a Rating like a standard Autosoft that determines the Max number of Drones in the Swarm?

+14 Dice for 14,000 Nuyen is a wee bit on the crazy side.  IMO.