Gas Grenade and Narcojet

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I would say that door swings both ways. It just as presumptuous for you to presume a property that would exist in known technology was fixed in this alternate reality when nothing implies that it was as it is for me to assume it has not been fixed.
I disagree.

Out of two interpretations, one requires reading the rules entry for the item, where the other requires going beyond the given rules to apply real world modern day properties to an item of alternate world future technology. You don't need to go past the core book to find high grade full body armour with a chemical seal and no heating issues. Expensive and rare when you want 18 armour to go with it, but I see zero question the technology exists in setting.

Incidentally, in looking up RL hazmat cooling, I noticed they have considerably upped the length of time suits can be worn in recent years, through newer cooling vests and by positioning the oxygen flow facing downwards over the wearer's head. Even RL tech is advancing, and we still have decades to go before 2075.

Admittedly, I did not consider the alternate chemical seal options in the book. I concede your point as a valid discrediting of my opinion by way of RAW and RAI. As I would, if I was GM of a game and a player made the same point. Though I stand by the premise of using real world knowledge to fill unknowns and guide stories in RPGs as legitimate. I do acknowledge that I posted this premise of game play without proper research into existing RAW and with personal experience that is not relevant to the Shadowrun world as it exists in 5th edition.

Thank for your diligence in correcting my error. If I am going to suggest using a rules sub set I should perform a more diligent check of RAW for relevance before posting to a conversation on the "Rules and such" forum.