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« on: (03:54:24/04-07-17) »
Hi, I'm newbie GM and i want to ask for your opinion on my idea for campaign

For starters i would like to say that my players will be completly Green. Them dont know much about shadowrun or tabletop rpg. So its starts with a run (more like a presentation of a run) with PCs created by me, the run is to destroy the building in hong kong. each of them will get a PC but i will do all the heavy lifting for them too get the idea of shadowruning. So the player choices will be resticted at that point

Basic idea is this:

you are one of 2 groups (4 Man each)which task is to place charges get info and blow the building, no witnesses

the other group got sloopy and trigger alarm

your group place the charges and finds exit which lead them to laboratory with clones and encrypted datbox (identity of clones mby?)

team leader has a code of honor So he Deicide to free them (no cyvilian casualties)

for sure you know by now that clones will be the future PCs for players

( clones will be slow grown and their porpose will be reavealed far in the campaign as new bodies for executives, the 20 year project project would be soon shut down because of the leonisation which gives much better perspectives and the mind transfer proven to be difficult only some basic procedural memory were inplanted. i will not mention all the details but my players have medic backgroud so it will be detailed)

team knows 4 facts:

The other team is dead

lab rats aka clones dont stand a chance in streets and the will die or get cought

mr. johnson will not be pleased if he will learn about clones running about

there is smuggler ship leaving today and they have 4 empty places (2nd team dead and stuff)

they take clones with them, bloow up the building and leave the hong kong (with some minor adventures)
IMO this clones greatly emulates the state of my players they dont know much about world, so it leaves much space for elegant exposure. The team leader had plans to leave shadowruning while he has a chance, he will be in his 60s and start a bar (with a safehouse) in seattle for runners. so he proposes to teach the clones basics of running hoping that his investment will pay up some day.

i think in this story there arent any major plot holes, and i presented just a draft while i still have some details to come up with.

The whole point of this is to enable the new players to role play dont knowing much about the lore of shadowrun. the streets of seattle will be completly new for both PC and the players, and the Kong Kong run will serve as the tuttorial what it is all about. So, whats you opinion ? I'm rly sorry for my english, its not my native language Cheers


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« Reply #1 on: (15:22:20/04-07-17) »
Have you considered one of the intro modules, like fast food fight? Might be easier on you. Not a bad idea for an intro run, and I can see the value in teaching opportunities. I do have to ask, however, are you sure that you want to start your new RPG players "adventuring" career with Shadowrun? It is a very in-depth system with many complexities and can be hard to learn, as well as potentially being frustrating to the players because of the "I can't do this well" effect. I find that D&D 5th is easier on new RPG players. Something to think about, because you know your players and I don't. Whatever you decide, good luck.
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« Reply #2 on: (17:01:55/04-12-17) »
It's a good means to introduce your players to the world of Shadowrun, through clones who are 'blank slates'.  I appreciate what you are trying to accomplish, and setting up the original team as a sort of... retired mentors... that's neat.

Plot hole:  The job is 'no witnesses'.  The clones might be considered 'witnesses'.  Indeed, how does of Code of Honor guy even take a job where it's 'no witnesses'.  I think finding a different reason to take the clones with might make more sense.

Possible issue:  Awakened/Cyberware.  Awakened is easier, no reaso to say that clones can't be awakened.  But it's odd to think the clones would start with runner appropriate cyberware/bioware.  Even the mentor team would probably not front that type of money.

Of course, you can say that the 'execs' needed certain cyberware, so it was already installed.

Anyway, just some thoughts.  Sounds like a great time, good luck!
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