Wayback(old runner coming out of retirement)

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So after seeing how leadership lets you assist with any skill check I wanted to build a character around that. I was going to go though the while flow of logic for this character but after paragraph 3 I decided cut all that out and just put down what I want out of him. So this character is going to be a face/rigger with a focus on using leadership to direct the team and using anthro drones to both recreate old friends and take part in the action. I am building the character for use on ShadowNET so it can be sum to 10 or priority. What recommendations are there for autosofts, tactics, equipment, and the like are there that I will need as the last time I ran a rigger was 3 or 4 years ago in 4e. I do know I need the RCC but what else would be good for the non-swarm rigger to keep in mind?


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Transys maids are good with armored jacket with gel packs recommend using non conductivity armor helmets and PPP arms and legs