SMH 2017-01 Scene It All Before

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Hey, weíve got a new Mission for all of you today, and weíre releasing it for free! And weíre here to tell you that itís completely, totally normal in all possible ways. Yep. Nothing weird going on here. No, sir. The content? The characters? All totally normal. Certainly not the products of someone who clearly spent a lot of sick days watching too much television when they were young. Nope. Definitely not. Itís all just as it should be.

And it looks normal, too! Sure, it may not have been laid out by, you know, a professional layout person or anything, but there are words inside a PDF, so hey, itís pretty much the same, right?

But the important thing is itís free. Completely free. So even if it were a little weird or somethingĖand itís not! Definitely not!Ėit would be worth checking out for the price, right?

You can download the totally normal Mission right here:
Ray Rigel
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