Painade Grenade Errata from Cutting Aces

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« on: <12-13-16/1419:10> »
I don't see a Cutting Aces Errata thread, so I had a specific question.  The Painade grenade stats didn't provide the proper information.   Here is what is listed on page 135:

Quote from: Painaide
Officially called the Fichetti Pain Induction Area Denial Grenade, this item was quickly nicknamed the Painade by law enforcement and news agencies. The device uses the same microwave technology as the Fichetti Pain Inducer; anyone in the field the grenade generates feels like their skin is on fire. Treat this as a toxin attack with a Power of 8 and a speed of Immediate. The target resists with Body + Willpower. If the modified Power exceeds the targetís Mental limit, the target must spend his next Action Phase doing whatever it takes to run away from the pain. If the target cannot get out of the field, he is incapacitated with pain, suffering a dice pool modifier equal to the modified Power on all tests for as long as they are within the area of the grenadeís effect. The grenade projects this field for 5 Combat Turns, but miniaturization of the emitter causes the electronics to fry after use.

The stats table has the following information:

AP --

What are correct stats for this item?
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« Reply #1 on: <12-14-16/1314:14> »
Also like to pint out that it acts as a toxin with "immediate", but immediate toxins aren't immediate at all, they take effect at the end of the turn. So we have a maser grenade, an energy weapon, that no one is going to feel until 3 seconds later?  Usually that's about half a combat.

I doubt that's intentional. If it is, this winds up largely a cinematic weapon for crowd control, not something that will make sense on the scales runners fight.


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« Reply #2 on: <03-21-17/1603:27> »
So what kind of run would it take to acquire the paydata for the intended stats for the Painade?