SR[5] Some suggestions for Initiation of a mountain physical Adept

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Currently have a player that expressed interest in starting the Initiation process. Im actually glad he taking an interest in something more then punching something lol. So I'm looking for ideas for possible ideas to give him what he wants and have fun at the same time.
  So here is some basic info - mentor spirit is the Mountain / is currently not part of magical group or society/ has a fondness for punching things first then talk it out later.  So looking for ideas.
  At first was thinking of having him simply take an oath to a group that is active in the game already. And have him collect the items for the bonding ritual. That way could make a run out of it and be fun for the whole group. But that is just the first idea that I had.

Ghost Rigger

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Neither group membership nor any sort of ordeal is required for initiation, though they do reduce karma cost. If he must go through an ordeal, I'd recommend the Hermit ordeal (Street Grimoire pg 142) and have him live in the woods wrestling bears every day for a month. That sounds pretty "Mountain" to me.


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I'm partial to an "ordeal" because there is a lot of flexibility here.

Mountain is rooted in the very heart of the Earth but reaches toward lofty heights. She has limitless strength and endurance, but Mountainís inflexible nature limits her. Mountain is a stubborn and unyielding force, and Mountain magicians are difficult to persuade once they have made up their minds about something.

Here you could make an endurance test. Perhaps surviving in the wild for an extended time or enduring some hardship like a cold clime.

When a Mountain magician makes a plan, she sticks to it. You must make a Charisma + Willpower (3) Test to abandon a planned course of action in favor of a new one. If you fail, you must endeavor to continue with your original plan, even if it means going on alone. Similarly, you must succeed in a Charisma + Willpower (3) Test to proceed in anything without a plan.

Another option would be to have him go on a quest with lots of distractions, testing him to stay on course.


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He could have to learn all about mountains inner secrets. Crawling through caves, some flooded, climbing each face and generally exploring the mountain using nothing but natural tools. If a volcano (subsequent initiation?) There would be  pockets of gas, noxious fumes and pools of magma.