Author Topic: Lfg west Chicago suburbs or online  (Read 322 times)


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Lfg west Chicago suburbs or online
« on: (03:42:40/03-11-17) »
Looking to get back into shadowrun 5e after a couple year break. I would prefer in person but am open an online group. I have gm in the past but my experience with roll 20 is minimal at best.
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Re: Lfg west Chicago suburbs or online
« Reply #1 on: (08:36:36/03-26-17) »
Hey Man,
Im up for some online gaming. Had to take a Sr break for work but I'm back in the Shadows now.

I have been using w20 during liveplay before but not as GM. Any ideas what kind of runners you are looking for?

p. S. I have been playing Sr on and off for 11 years now. 30 years "young" and quite flexible when it comes to Sr. Only restriction is that I don't play Deckers. That's just not my thing.
So if you're interested...text me

Regards C-Monster