Book of the Lost Errata

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As one of the writers for Book of the Lost, I figured it was time to fall on a sword here and admit some mistakes in it.

To begin, there is an entire page of missing content between page 86 and 87.

Page 86 ends after describing the cards related to a campaign titled "The Gates of War" that uses the TWOs of all the suits. Page 87 begins with all of the information about the campaign titled "Triple Threat" but doesn't give that title or the cards related to it (the THREEs of all the suits). When reading, it appears that "The Gates of War" is all about organized crime and the cards don't relate at all to the campaign described - because they DON'T.

The complete information for "The Gates of War" is as follows:

"The Gates of War"

Puzzle Difficulty: Hard

  • Batons: “mars quaerit belli portas”
  • Cups: “Aedis Jani”, garland over exit, portrait of Rubens.
  • Blades: Janus on wall.
  • Coins:Pendant depicting the gates of Janus.

Damian Knight has a secret desire to own Ruben’s painting “The Temple of Janus” and if the runners can steal it, they might make a fortune. The Temple of Janis was a real temple in ancient Rome and was directly associated with war. It was famous for having two sets of doors for the two-faces of the god Janus to stare out from when Rome was at war. The doors were closed during times of peace (ergo, rarely).
The quote mars quaerit belli portas translates from Latin as “Mars wants the doors/gates of war”. Obviously, Mars means Ares Macrotechnologies, Inc..
The portrait of Rubens is the key. While the other clues all point to Ares wanting to possess either a horde of Nero’s gold coins (commemorating him closing the doors his first and only time as Emperor) or the gates themselves (long since destroyed) or even the original statue from within the temple (also destroyed), Rubens is the only Master to have painted a vision of the Temple of Janis.
Rubens paintings auction for tens of millions of nuyen, so this is a score few would want to pass up. Of course, it won’t be easy and it IS Ares, so anything could happen to screw up such a thing.

The original is in a museum of the writer’s choosing. Mr. Johnson thinks they have it all figured out. They think Mr. Knight desperately wants the actual original Janis Gates - but  they have been completely lost to history and everyone knows that they were destroyed and the material used as salvage to rebuild another part of Rome. They're gone forever. But Mr. Johnson insists "history" and "everyone" must be wrong and is willing to cut the Runners in on the deal. He is one of Damian's lifelong friends (so he claims) and that no one else will be able to negotiate better. The runners will have a hard time identifying the final clue without some serious OOC digging and Internet searches, but if they find the RIGHT artifact, Damian will pay and an odd thing will happen. Every single war around the world will simultaneously cease-fire for 2 months. Ares stock will plummet and things will go back to hell shortly - but it becomes a historical event. If the Team finds or fashions some form of doors, they should incredibly difficult to procure but Ares will pay zip.


The entire campaign titled "Triple Threat" is as follows:

"The Gates of War"

Puzzle Difficulty: Hard

  • Batons: Kanji “Three Harmonies Society”, 489
  • Cups: “Ninkyo Dantai”, Knowing lurker/creep
  • Blades: Aztec symbol for War (w/3 groups of 2 dots)
  • Coins:Sicilian Flag

The word "Triad" is an abbreviation of the "Three Harmonies Society" and they have a unique numerical code to identify members. The leader is coded "489".n They are not to be confused with Tong, who are exclusively North American in origin.
The Yakuza do no call themselves Yakuza. They call themselves Ninkyo Dantai (lit. honorable organization).
The Mafia is not, and has never been, Italian - it is a Sicilian structure of community organization that precedes the modern legal system.
For some reason, these three international organization Mafia, Yakuza, and Triad, are on the verge of war that will span the globe.

The Team is hired by a novelist to research one of the organizations for his next book and provide him with information on the Head of the Triad. Apparently he died mysteriously, and he is desperate to know more details. Of course, he isn't Chinese and no one of Chinese ancestry will talk to him about it. That's okay though, because those details are "all very shadowy and that's what Shadowrunners are for, right?".
The Head of the Triad is Li Leung Bang (First Name: Leung Bang, Last Name: Li). One of his granddaughters, Karen Lee, wants to wed Bruno Bonfiglio, grandson of Lupo Vitale, the unofficial international head of the Mafia. They are both opera singers and have nothing to do with organized crime. They met going to school at Julliard and fate turned it into a thing. Leung Bang and Vitale were both supportive and had turned it into a potential business relationship - but it appears that the Yakuza struck down Leung Bang to send a message. The Ninkyo Dantai are stoic and offer no apologies or excuses. In fact, they are even seeking to kill both Karen and Bruno out of spite.
Through all of this, Ben Hu and his NYC Tong are being suspiciously quiet. In truth, it was THEY who killed Leung Bang. That information is so valuable that everyone will kill to expose it or protect it. Can the Team survive the experience? Can they turn a profit? In any case, Mr. Johnson will die at the hands of SOMEONE.


Thank you for reading!
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Page 2 (Contents), half the names under “PEOPLE” are all-caps, half aren’t. Use regular case for Lady Xoc, Lord Gwyn, Maria Arial, The Arcane Three, La Pantera, and Joseph Mnguni.
Page 7, change “made finally made” to just “finally made” (delete the first “made”)
Page 7, change “passengers that still used” to “passengers who still used”
Page 7, change “people too poor” to “people so poor”
Page 7, change “he only thing” to “the only thing”
Page 8, change “pouring” to “poring”
Page 8, change “was broken” to “were broken”
Page 8, change “thirsting for blood of anyone” to “thirsting for the blood of anyone” (insert “the”)
Page 10 (Deck Building), hyphenate “state-of-the-art”
Page 10 (Deck Building), change “The image shown Angelica” to “The image showed Angelica”
Page 12 (Mean Streets), change “Mr. Johnson that” to “Mr. Johnson who
Page 13 (Triad Connections), change “Fifth-Eight Battle Brigade” to “Fifty-Eighth Battle Brigade”
Page 13 (Triad Connections), hyphenate “next-generation”
Page 13 (Black Market Battles), hyphenate “black-marketeers”
Page 15 (Neon Ascension), delete either “Four months ago” or “a week ago” (can’t be both)
Page 17 (TRU-13), change “a MCT” to “an MCT”
Page 17 (TRU-13), change “is a guarded secret” to “are guarded secrets”
Page 19 (The Rest), change “who’re lurking” to “that are lurking”
Page 19 (Romanov Clan), change “low-ley” to “low-key
Page 20 (Shifting Pyre), hyphenate “higher-ups” and “full-time”
Page 20 (Shifting Pyre), change “Arrogant High profile” to “Arrogant, high-profile”
Page 20 (Shifting Pyre), change “a ice cold demeanor” to “an ice-cold demeanor”
Page 21 (Shifting Pyre), change “find them yourself” to “find it yourself”
Page 21 (Shifting Pyre), change “when you are you going” to “when are you going” (delete first “you”)
Page 21 (Shifting Pyre), change “Lyan” to “Lyran” (twice)
Page 24 (Aligning the Court), hyphenate “Seelie-related” and “Tarot-related”
Page 24 (Dearest Lady Xoc), change “thus far been able” to “thus far been unable
Page 24 (Queens of the Court), change “abides by no ill talk” to “abides no ill talk” (delete “by”)
Page 24 (Queens of the Court), change “those that do so” to “those who speak ill”
Page 25 (Queens of the Court), change “in regards to” to “regarding”
Page 27 (Secrets Revealed), change “possession the Fairy Flag” to “possession of the Fairy Flag” (insert “of”)
Page 28 (Perspicacious Lady Xoc), change “have brought” to “has brought”
Page 28 (Perspicacious Lady Xoc), change “as you have predicted” to “as you predicted” (delete “have”)
Page 28 (Factions and the Arcana), change “each faction is” to “each faction has
Page 32 (Clues), change “on their own” to “on its own”
Page 33 (Wandering Fool), change “has yet to be determined” to “have yet to be determined”
Page 33 (Wandering Fool), change “they can be depicted” to “it can be depicted”
Page 33 (The Copper), change “lore, information” to “lore or information”
Page 35 (Rules for Using the Tarot), change “go home;” to “go home.” (semicolon should be a period)
Page 36, change “in regards to” to “regarding”
Page 38, change “both who operate” to “both operating”
Page 38, change “demonstrate opulence” to “demonstrates opulence”
Page 40, change “neither involved in a mystery or looking to solve one” to “neither involved in a mystery nor looking to solve one”
Page 44, change “or the purposes” to “for the purposes”
Page 44, change “a secrets of traveling” to “the secrets of traveling”
Page 44, change “build up” to “buildup” (one word)
Page 50, change “further” to “farther”
Page 51 (Kaze Adeki), change “he’s lead” to “he’s led
Page 51 (Kaze Adeki), change “operative” to “operation”
Page 51 (Kaze Adeki), change “belays” to “belies”
Page 54 (Emliy Llanfrechfa), change “showcase” to “showcased”
Page 55 (Armando Salazar), change “centimeters” to “meters”
Page 55 (Fargus Sol), change “Fargus Sol PhD/T” to “Fargus Sol, Th.D.” (Doctor of Thaumaturgy)
Page 55 (Fargus Sol), change “has lead” to “has led
Page 56 (Fargus Sol), change “all of the sudden” to “all of a sudden”
Page 56 (Fargus Sol), hyphenate “multi-million-nuyen”
Page 56 (Task Force 154), hyphenate “pinch-hitting”
Page 57 (Task Force 154), change “this joke of the task force” to “this joke of a task force”
Page 58 (Lady Xoc), change “of feathered serpents, sacrifices, and of power” to “of feathered serpents, sacrifices, and power” (delete last “of”)
Page 59 (Lord Gwyn), change “those that speak” to “those who speak”
Page 60 (Mara Arial), change “why her face in on a card” to “why her face is on a card”
Page 61 (The Arcane Three), change “there were three of them that continued” to “three of them continued”
Page 63 (La Pantera), change “decided to lay low” to “decided to lie low”
Page 64 (Joseph Mnguni), change “their eyes and nose” to “their eyes and noses” (plural)
Page 66 (Taco Temple), change “We had three years” to “We’ve had three years”
Page 66 (Taco Temple), change “how long its been” to “how long it’s been” (insert apostrophe)
Page 67 (It Is a Vehicle for Card Collectors), change “is unclear” to “are unclear”
Page 70 (Reading the Cards), change “Rather then being” to “Rather than being”
Page 70 (The Story of the Avenging Angel), change “There are many narratives that have popped up” to “Many narratives have popped up”
Page 71 (Five of Coins), use parentheses in pairs: (1) … (2) … etc.
Page 71 (Five of Coins), change “meant as an indicator” to “meant to indicate”
Page 71 (Seven of Cups), use parentheses in pairs: (1) … (2) … etc.
Page 71 (Seven of Cups), lowercase “numerically”
Page 86 (Introduction), change “be careful about not” to “be careful not” (delete “about”)
Page 86 (Batons Run), hyphenate “free-sim-drinks-for-everyone”
Page 96 (Cards as Augury), delete “from the 405 Hellhounds” (wrong sprawl)
Page 96 (Cards as Augury), change “the similarly” to “the similarity
Page 96 (Cards as Augury), change “Merritsen was make” to “Merritsen was male.”
Page 96 (Cards as Augury), change “Are the prophecies of the irrevocable and unalterable?” to “Are the prophecies irrevocable and unalterable?” (delete “of the”)
Page 99 (The Shadows), change “might has well” to “might as well”
Page 100 (The Hermit), change “who to meet him” to “how to meet him.”
Page 100 (The Hermit), change “and outsider” to “an outsider”
Page 104 (Providing Warnings), change “blades in your back” to “blades in their back.”
Page 104 (Providing Warnings), change “harm to sasquatch settlement” to “harm to a sasquatch settlement” (insert “a”)
Page 104 (Providing Inspiration), change “Then there is the red-carpet affair” to just “The red-carpet affair” (delete “Then there is”)
Page 105 (Feeding the Copycats), change “the significance of the gathering that be sufficient for it to be depicted” to “whether any of these gatherings is the one depicted” or “why the gathering is significant enough to be depicted”
Page 105 (Feeding the Copycats), change “are leading mages” to “is leading mages”
Page 116 (The Awakened World), change “looking at the card in the mirror at the card’s reflection” to “looking at the card’s reflection in the mirror,”
Pages 120–134 (Character Trove), change “Chinese” to “Mandarin” or “Cantonese” (five times)
Pages 120–134 (Character Trove), change “Doc Wagon” to “DocWagon” (no space, three times)
Page 121 (Raven), change “in nearly every major culture” to “of nearly every major culture”
Page 121 (Raven), change “always making” to “always make
Page 122 (Armando Salazar), change “Biotehcnology” to “Biotechnology”
Page 122 (Armando Salazar), change “Aztlander” to “Aztlaner”
Page 124 (Fargus Sol), change “PhD/T” to “Th.D.”
Page 124 (Fargus Sol), change “Disenchanging” to “Disenchanting”
Page 124 (Fargus Sol), change “Sperenthiel” to “Sperethiel”
Page 125 (Headhunter Member (Magician)), change “Foci” to “Sustaining focus”
Page 128 (Lady Xoc), change “as if she had 12 successes” to “as if she had 12 hits
Page 133 (Rick Sorenson, Skills), delete second listing of “Thrown Weapons”
Page 133 (Amber Whiterose), change “Magical Phenomenon” to “Magical Phenomena
Back Cover: change “Opportunity and adventure abounds.” to “Opportunity and adventure abound.”


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 :o :o :o

Holy Crap!!!

Thank you for all that work. I havent had time to do that myself.

I wrote the first draft of over half the book, so many of those are my mistakes...



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CGI needs to keep Sphinx on retainer.
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CGI needs to keep Sphinx on retainer.

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