Author Topic: Technomancer/otaku Lab raid advice/criticism  (Read 331 times)


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Technomancer/otaku Lab raid advice/criticism
« on: (15:45:24/03-14-17) »
I've got a Techno in my group who used Escaped Techno life module and I want to form a Feel Good run for her and the others

The basics I have now are that Neonet has a secret facility out in Northern CalFree in the buffer zone of North Crescent. If the legwork is done they will find a fixer who will get them inside the facility for a high ish price (15-20k) since it's hard to get them into and out of. Ironically the actual person getting them in will let be a Geas'd Neonet employed Techno doing the actual smuggling.

The facility is essentially a giant research center trying to create Otaku, similiar to how Deus/Mirage made their own otaku. Most of the 'staff' are ex-Oyaku who Emerged and Neonet wants to figure out how/why some Otaku emerged and some didn't.

The runners objective will be to infiltrate and 'rescue' the lead researcher with a sub-obiective of photographing and stealing data. They will be told that any casualties will be reduce their pay, making this a high Trench coat run.

This fits into my own small metaplot of them being employed by a now revealed Termite shaman trying to restart the UB. He's beginning his plans and trying to set up a sturdy foundation before he can begin with the rebuilding proper.

As of now, the players have been told by a rival Roach shaman that their employer was part of the UB. I don't know how they will handle it just yet.

Just wanting advice/criticism from all you lovely Omaes.


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Re: Technomancer/otaku Lab raid advice/criticism
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These guys are super prime types then? My first thought was that the mass concentration of 1 in a 100,000 types of people at lab specifically charged with secretly researching something that might cause the villagers to get their pitchforks out, while conudtcing research on the largelky unknown who happen to be able to hack the wordlw tih their going to have a pretty significant security plan. To include a containment plan for everything, to include information.

Also, it follows that in a facility full of possibly not so happy Technos, you network nothing outside specific test circumstances. And you definitely make sure there's no way they can affect meatspace. Drones/turrets/cams etc are at the very least hardwired in isolated cells, probably analog data transmission using zero matrix code/protocols, and very possibly put on full autonomous. In short, done right this facility should render your techno player all but useless - which becomes a bit of a GM trick, how to keep her involved when she isn't being ultra-cool techno chick. A variation on a jackpoint in an experimental area with just enough access to be locally creative, maybe...   

The second kicker here is that these people have had their share of Snowdens. People LEAVING the facility are almost more likely to be scrutinized than people coming in, and there will be mercilessly thorough procedures to stop data leakage. Getting out should be a massive problem for the team to deal with.