Author Topic: More Spirit Shenanigans  (Read 396 times)

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More Spirit Shenanigans
« on: (03:06:56/03-12-17) »
Back in 4th Spirits could be re-binded. While I don't find any rules stating it is not possible there are not rules against it. It wouldn't be unreasonable to think that rebinding simply got cut in editing to save on word count.

Does anyone know the fate of rebinding in 5th?
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Re: More Spirit Shenanigans
« Reply #1 on: (03:26:00/03-12-17) »
I'm actually not sure what your question is. Are you asking if there are special rules for rebinding? Because Binding a Spirit is handled the same way for unbound and previously bound spirits.

Rebinding is definitely a thing, the rules for Spirit Index even mentions that rebinding accrues index points (+1 for each previous binding).

You are correct that there is not an explicit section stating extra rulings for rebinding in 5th edition like there were in 4th. Worst case scenario, that only means that you still need to use the first net hit on the binding to confirm the binding. The actual rules for binding don't specify that it can only be done on unbound spirits.

It doesn't seem unreasonable for a GM to allow rebinding as it functioned in 4e. All that would mean is that additional bindings on already bound spirits don't need the first net hit to "confirm" the binding. So the only change is that each binding after the first would net 1 additional service.

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Re: More Spirit Shenanigans
« Reply #2 on: (10:43:45/03-12-17) »
Keep in mind the cost and dicepools involved.  Unless there is a specific reason to keep THAT SPECIFIC SPIRIT around you are better off summoning a new spirit and binding it. 

Summoning/binding dp of 18 and F6 spirits. 
Summoning will average 4 net hits (or 8 with post edge)
Binding will average 2 net hits (or 6 with post edge) at a cost of 3,000
Your cost per bound service is between 500 and 240 (if you have the edge and boosted the limit) - this is your baseline.

If you are rebinding an already bound spirit you are spending between 1,500 and 500 (with edge).  You are spending 2-3 times as much rebinding, and earning a bad reputation in the spirit community. 

As long as the spirit you are summoning isn't greater than your MAG you can summon (and rest) a couple times - waiting till you get a good roll (find a compatible spirit) -> then post-edge.  All you would be out is the reagents you used to boost the limit and perhaps a little rest time to recover from the drain.   

Getting your DP up is critical.  invest in a power focus - as expensive as they are they are worth it. 


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Re: More Spirit Shenanigans
« Reply #3 on: (13:50:08/03-12-17) »
I believe what you are looking for is in Street Grimoire, under 'fettering'....
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