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I'm delving into the history of shadowrun in regards to the matrix. Deckers are easier enough to find, but in what editions are Otaku prevalent and which books for 1-4e would I need to look for a 'complete' history of the character type. I know they exist in 2e, but the 3e core seems to be lacking in the Otaku info.

Just looking for the books in which Otaku are the Main ish focus, or core books so I can read the Mechanical and fluff evolution of them.

Thank you for the info in advance. <3


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  • 2E
  • Denver Box Set (Introduction. Fluff only)
  • Virtual Realities 2.0 (Fluff. Rules. Core 2E Matrix book.)
  • Renraku Arcology: Shutdown (Fluff. Rules.)
  • 3E
  • Matrix (Fluff. Rules. Core 3E Matrix book.)
  • Target: Matrix (Fluff)
  • Brainscan (Fluff. Rules.)
  • Threats 2 (Fluff. Rules.)
  • System Failure (Fluff. End of Otaku as a concept.)
  • 4E
  • Emergence (Technomancer Fluff. Technomancer Rules.)
  • Unwired (Technomancer Fluff. Technomancer Rules. Core 4E Matrix book.)
To be frank, Otaku and Technomancers are only similar in that they can access the Matrix without a deck and use the same terms for mechanics but in very different ways.
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Thanks :)

My group has an Otaku to Techno character. I figured if I know more about them I could better tailor the next run that will focus on that player's back story. :D