{SR4} Infected Rigger adept troll

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« on: <03-09-17/1027:00> »
Ok for a bit of a laugh I have made this troll who is a rigger, he is an infected minatour to top it off. This character is a bit for me to play while one of my runners takes over GMing as well as a NPC before that.

Race = Minataur + Dzoo-Noo-Qua for 125 BP
Total of 150BP
[Total of 275 spent so far]

Good = Adept and more than metahuman for 10bp total
Bad = Biolimonesent, extravagant eyes, SINner, Vestigial Tail, unusual hair at 25 bp (5bp each), distinctive style at 10bp for a total of 35 bp

[Total of 250 spent so far]

Contact = Fixer of some type connection 2 loyalty 4 = total BP 6

Groups Cracking and electronics 2
perception Dodge both 4
Pilot groundcraft 4
pilot aircraft 1
Gunnery 4

Total of 108bp
[Total of 364 spent so far]

Total spent on gear 36

Melee = stunstaff geko grip, cstom look and personalised grip = [950‎¥‎]

Ranged Weapons
2x Rugar 100 (3700 each) [7400¥‎ total]
Chameleon coating
Internal Smartgun systems
Gas Vent R1
Underbarrel grappling gun with 200m of microwire
Trigger reomval

2x AK97 (1250 each) [2500¥‎ total]
Internal Smartgun systems
Gas Vent R1
Trigger reomval

400 rounds of stick n shock [3200¥‎]

Armoured Jacket + helmet [1000¥‎]

Commlink [1150¥‎]
Fairlight caliban (internal)  10,000
Novatech navi 1,500

Ferret RPD-1x [8300]
R4 ultrawidebad radar added to the improved sensors
Chameleon coating
Geko tips
Additional fuel tank
improved econamy
lighter than air

evo ordely [3800¥‎]
rigger cacoon (upgraded to advanced when I can)
Geko tips

2x Ford LEBD-1 (7700 each) [15400¥‎]
Ammo bin
Chamelon coating
fuzzy logic

2x GM-Nissan doerman (6700 each) [13400¥‎]
Fuzzy logic
Geko tips
Smoke projector (can this take thermal smoke or gas?)
Ammo bin

GM Mr Fix-it 2071 [8500¥‎]
Autosoft R3 aeronautics mechanic
Autosoft R4 automative mechanic

Bust-a-move [650¥‎]

Software [22950¥‎]
Scan, COmmand, Encrypt R6 (450 each)
Sniffer R6 (4500)
R6 Auosofts coppied onto all drones
Clearsight, Defence, Maneuver (aeorcraft + ground craft), Targeting.
Everything with a R6 firewall.

Cyberware [12500¥‎]
Control Rig
Data Jack

Electronics [1905¥‎]
Hotsim module 250

R2 goggles
Image link
Smart link

Earbuds R3
Audio enhancement r3
Select sound filter R3
Satial recognizer

Vehicle = GMC Bulldog [42600¥‎]
SunCell coating
Amenties high
Enhanced Image Screens
Satelite communications

With a Shop for Aeronautics + automative mechanic work [10000¥‎]

So what do you guys think and what needs to be improved?