Character Gen Help - Alternate Campaigns/Gameplay (Custom - Not My Choice)

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« Reply #15 on: (15:14:43/03-14-17) »
Well, it's not stealing if they're dead.

I'm not judging, but a plan involving murder for such a minor thing as reagents really surprised me.

And if your GM is so greedy don't forget to buy bottled water for your character.

LOL. Yes I will have bottled water and RAD food. I will be feeling like i am playing Fallout with a SR game!


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« Reply #16 on: (21:40:56/03-16-17) »
Would spirits actually be a good choice, though, considering their rather limited Force at low Magic?
That being said....If I may give you an advice: don't bother. Considering that GM wants to "playtest" things, any build you can make runs the risk of being invalidated as soon as he would notice that you are an outlier in terms of effectiveness. It sure looks like a game the only winning move in which is to not play at all.