Need good portraits for a female cyclops

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« on: (14:40:31/03-08-17) »
Hi guys, I am looking for good images or portraits for a friend of mine.

He is playing a Hermetic Mage female cyclops and he need a good portrait for it. Any of you guys know of any place where I can find it?

Any feedback is apreciated


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« Reply #1 on: (18:53:26/03-08-17) »
Just google image search several different keyword combinations. Tricky, since cyclops aren't depicted as females as often as males. Being 100% accurate as a Shadowrun Cyclops is difficult too, as opposed to more general cyclops from other mythologies and what not.

Best I found in a couple minutes of looking:
And at least put some thought into the Negative Quality Addiction-Mild (DeepWeed). You're playing in Denver afterall, and a Sasquatch-sized joint gets me right in the feels.


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« Reply #2 on: (21:13:46/03-15-17) » image search for "shadowrun troll female" or "shadowrun troll chick" + photoshop.


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