3 man team...

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« Reply #15 on: (19:57:11/03-13-17) »
(4 limbed, cyber singularity drug user, 7 edge)

That's insane amount of resources.
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« Reply #16 on: (21:02:49/03-15-17) »
Just use skills E, Mag  A, Meta C, Att D, Nuyen B.

Skills E looks painful, but balanced with Mag A, you can get 6rtg + specialized, in the software, compile, register, and a gun skill, with 1 pt in things you can't default.  You'll have usually 8 to 10 LOG with drugs/aug, or 7 to 9 INT with drugs/aug, and 7 will power, additionally, your limbs should be 8 to 9 agi, with 4 to 6 str, which can make the deficit of any skill gaps.

You're not looking to be the decker of the team, merely support by teamwork tests and machine sprites for the magical/face or matrix/B&E, consequently, they take a lot of 1 rank skills and rely on natural Atts to get by.  You can end up with 3 resonance if you balance it out as well if you really wanna use sprites, but 2 is fine with more room for ware.

Drug usage is just Psyche and Bodyguard BTL chips, the magical face should have enough defense or spells to be fine, but your matrix specialist may not (they can always go adept AR hacker and have super initiative in meat as well tho as an option).

Anyway, this is all just theory min/max crafting, but the team is solid, and has different flavors/does all the legwork too.


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« Reply #17 on: (09:25:39/03-16-17) »
My dream team consists of an elf adept combat Face, a human edge 7 full Mage, and a human Decker with a cyberarm. Quite a versatile and competent team. In combat, they all have good offensive capabilities and can all dodge pretty well but they are lacking tankiness. (All of them at 3 body.)