(SR4) Dawn of Artifacts question

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« on: (03:58:54/03-07-17) »
Hey guys, looking at the first book I was just wondering do you have to run every mission in that book for the story to play right or are they mostly stand alone missions like in Jet Set but with a single story floating in the background?


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« Reply #1 on: (11:27:26/03-09-17) »
The Dawn of the Artifacts series (Dusk, Midnight, Darkest Hour, New Dawn) should be played in sequence, maybe with a run or two in between each adventure, but don't skip any. The Artifacts Unbound campaign book can and should be spread out a little more. Pick and choose the missions that fit best into your game, but mix them up with other runs. I expect if you played Dawn of the Artifacts and then Artifacts Unbound straight through, your players would get pretty tired of running into the same relics over and over again.