Breaking Down the GMC Armadillo

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« on: <01-30-17/1444:58> »

I'm a very poor shadowrunner and I very badly want a truck, because every man should have a truck! Unfortunately, trucks are expensive. My GM offered me the option of breaking down the GMC Armadillo into its components to determine its base price with only one of the standard upgrades, with the idea that I'm buying it used (with just that one rear-part available), using the used vehicle rules of 4th edition. I've had some luck in finding some of the components, but not all of them. Can anyone point out where or in which book I can find these parts?

Thank you!

Cargo Pod
Drone Rack2000*R5.0
Food Truck
Rigger Cocoon1500R5.0
Off-Road Transportation
Sleeper Command Cabin

*This is assuming medium drones, because anything larger, while physically feasible, causes this breakdown to rapidly approach the point where the individual parts are more expensive than the entire truck? O.o


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« Reply #1 on: <01-31-17/0012:53> »
Ha. Rules. Stats. All things are possible with the GM handwave™. Why bother with crunch?

Really though such information either doesn't exist or does and someone doesn't want us, the community, to have them in our products. Your best bet is to talk it out with your GM.


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Well, for one, the off-road transportation is referring to the fact that it is modified for Off-road, should probably read "off-road suspension" like other vehicles. So you don't have to worry about that part of the cost. Its not one of the swapped out features. Since the workshop isn't specified, I (as a GM) would probably require the character to buy the necessary "Shop" to have the necessary parts to swap that in. Every possible shop isn't likely included in the price of the truck. And yeah, a Standard medium drone rack seems appropriate.

If your GM is going to give you a "used" price and make it not come with the interchangeable beds, I would probably go with something like 16,000 as the base cost. Replacing the missing hot-swaps would be somewhere in the ball-park of 500-2500 each.

Food Truck/Sleeper Command Cabin are similar to the concept of the Amenities; Food Truck presumably allows you to use the Armadillo as a food stand, making food and whatnot. And the Sleeper cabin would be a place to rest and sleep.

Transport is probably similar to the Increased Seating modification (and is probably why it has a variable Seats rating).

Armor, Cargo Pod, and Workshop (for the reason I mentioned above) are likely just different ways of arranging boxes/shelving to make it suited to transporting certain types of equipment. So these would be the lower cost ones.

I've always imagined the Armadillo as a truck like this:
where the part you put in the bed of the truck is swappable.


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Noted, Japanese(?)-Kanji-Name that I am unable tot pronounce nor replicate. I've noticed the rules are somewhat light in many areas (and unnecessarily complicated in others), but we're all brand new to the game, so he and I were hoping to have as many hard rules as possible in this decision before resorting to houseruling and GM adjudication, since we lack the experience to properly adjudicate said rules without potentially breaking something.

That does help a bit. I'll take this new information to him and see what he says.

Thanks! :D