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Re: [Recruitment 5E] Seattle PD
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If you still have space I have a skillwire face I'd like to play I'll get a background this afternoon after work if you are still recruiting.
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Re: [Recruitment 5E] Seattle PD
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Yup, so far I have only one character sheet, so we still have space for 3 more players.
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Re: [Recruitment 5E] Seattle PD
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Are you still looking for more players, Hydro? I'm definitely interested, that being the case.

While I would likely flesh it out more, my basic concept would be something like this:

Some people turn out just like their daddy. Some hate their guts so much they make it their mission in life to be nothing like them. Me? I hated his guts. You see, my daddy was a crook. Two-bit one at that. I joined the CAS army as soon as I came of age and got the hell out of dodge. When my run was over, I joined Lone Star. Seemed like the right move at the time. When even that wasn't enough distance, I left the CAS for UCAS territory in Seattle.

Ain't nothin' played out quite like a thought. I joined the 'Star to lock up crooks, but in the end I learned that everyone's crooked. You either play ball or get played. So I played ball, but I was none too happy about it. When the Star lost their contract for the city I let myself get poached by the knights. Same city, different slot on the top of the heap. Truth is that its expensive to import talent. Of course you need your own people on top, but the people on the bottom? As long as they played ball there was a place for them.

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Re: [Recruitment 5E] Seattle PD
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Is there room for one more?
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Re: [Recruitment 5E] Seattle PD
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If you are still looking for more players, I would like to try my hand at the "other" side of the law. Since there hasn't been a lot of activity on this thread for some months, I'll hold off on fully developing a character until we hear if this is going to happen or not.