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« on: (11:09:37/10-12-16) »
I'm attending a convention next month (MACE, Charlotte) and was interested in trying out Shadowrun Missions (since I haven't played Shadowrun since 1st edition)but had a few questions:  Should I expect pregen chars to be available or should I try to create my own beforehand?  The only sessions available to me are CMP World Tour missions; would these be suitable for new/inexperienced players?  I can't find a convenient way to contact the GM for the convention sessions.

Teutonic Overlord

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« Reply #1 on: (12:13:50/10-12-16) »
I've notified the Agent running those events that this question has been posted and asked him to respond if able.

It is typical practice for our Agents to have some pre-gens available for use.

Since MACE is still a few weeks away, you have plenty of time to create your own character.  You'd be guaranteed to get a character you want instead of choosing from pre-gens.

The World Tour series are fine for new/inexperienced players.  We expect our Agents to adjust the challenge to fit the table so that everyone has a fun and challenging time.
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« Reply #2 on: (16:03:32/10-12-16) »
I played my first game at a convention last year, the GM (Demo Team guy, don't remember his name) had pregens but they were just the ones out of the core rulebook which I gather aren't very good characters.  I still had fun and seemed relevant enough in the weird group we had, but I think I'll be much happier with my own character.  Take the time to do it, and then post it here.  My thread has been up for a day and it's already got some really helpful feedback.
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« Reply #3 on: (20:12:16/10-12-16) »
It is as Mr. Overlord has stated.
Pregens will be available to those who need one. If you sign up for a couple of session you could try different Arch Types to get an idea on what type of character you would like to play in the future.
Building your own character would be ideal because you will have a better handle on your abilities and an emotional attachment.
Help with character generation will also be available, between sessions.
Looking at the current roster of runners, you will definitely have some fun and they will welcome and help a new player.


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« Reply #4 on: (00:39:07/10-16-16) »
The pregens available, if I remember Mr. Overlord correctly, are not quite out of the book... they have been rebuilt in Hero Lab to bring them into accordance with character generation rules.  However, the book pregens tend to suck.  If you have not played Shadowrun in some time, you will need to refamiliarize yourself with the rules, as the game has COMPLETELY changed since 1st edition.  I suggest you pick up the SR5 core rulebook, look at the pregens in the book, and make your own version of one that appeals to you.

The characters I ran with tended to be very magic-centric.  Having a mundane based in technology (gunbunny, gillette, decker, mundane face) might not be a bad idea. :)   Play what you want, just sayin'.
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