Current State of the Core Errata?

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« on: <10-06-16/2239:53> »
Hi there,

I have created a new thread because I did NOT want to ask this question in the Errata threads.

This is not meant to be an editorial but I never purchased Shadowrun 5E. A friend of mine did, and our group was dissatisfied with the state of the book and then the lack of errata support. So I never got a copy for myself. I came here on accident today (I was curious about what Anarchy is), and I see that Patrick Goodman is making a concerted effort to do real errata. And the effort looks sincere.

Well, it got me a little excited.

Here's my question: The last official errata is February 2014. Mr. Goodman has a locked thread of official/tentative errata from around July of this year. I checked DTRPG today and saw that the PDF version of the 5E core got an update today.  Will that PDF include the February 2014 errata? Are Catalyst PDFs ever updated?
Also, is Patrick and his team almost finished with the Core? Or do they have a ways to go? I realize that is a helluva thing to ask. I'm not trying to be whiny. I just wondered if I should wait a while longer? I mean I have waited 3 years, I can wait longer if an even more comprehensive review is just down the pipe.

Finally, this was not meant to be a troll post. If the Powers That Be are reading, I never had any attention of buying another Shadowrun product. If Mr. Goodman comes through (with the help of his team), I'll pony up for a PDF and then maybe some more PDFs...  I hope you continue to support him.


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« Reply #1 on: <10-06-16/2343:52> »
I never had any attention of buying another Shadowrun product.
Did you mean intention?


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« Reply #2 on: <10-07-16/0100:11> »
Did you mean intention?

Typographical error.
Guess that really UNDERSCORES how much I need that errata.

So how about it guys and gals?

Patrick Goodman

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« Reply #3 on: <10-08-16/1420:54> »
The current printing should have the 2014 errata in it, but nothing newer, most likely. It was ordered before I got this gig.

The errata threads you refer to are living, expanding projects that I try to update weekly. I hope to have a good chunk of the core book patched by the end of the month, with both Core and Run Faster by year's end. Once the bulk of both books are done, new errata sheets will be posted, and PDFs should go out.

By then we should be well into Run & Gun and the gun-bunny ebooks.

So go ahead, dive in. I've got your back.
Former Shadowrun Errata Coordinator