[SRA IC] Depths of Anarchy [2075 Game Thread]

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Al shrugged at the troll - which hurt. "Sure. Once we git out the hot zone here, swap fer a better ride, ol' Al'll take ya wherever strikes yer fancy. Vishey here done offered to lay some witchcraft on us, though, so you might want ta take a run at that first. After that reckon I'll see ta my own needs, though I appreciate the offer, El-Tee," he concluded with a nod at Dern.

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Steel nods.  "I guess I will take my chances with them.  Thanks for the warnings."

Captain Dern bristles a bit at the el-tee remark but lets it go with a nod.  "You have the coordinates.  Use my name when you get there, but don't take too long."  He climbs into the SUV and it takes off down the street.

Steel climbs aboard the bed of the large truck and sits with his back to the cab.  He looks through the small, broken rear window into the cab. "You heard the man.  I have a feeling the window of the invitation is limited."
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