[IC] Prelude: Cigz

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Cigz stops gutting the comm links a grabs a glass a pores himself a glass of Black rock whisky then begins his story.

So guys I get ;hired to locate a person that owed my employer a few thousand nuyen. I gound some info that you guys thankfully helped me track a corpse down, the corpse was ripped apart but their comm link lead me to the person I was looking for. I found the mark at a hotel when I got there I found he was not alone there was some paranormal creature tearing him apart I tried to help save his life but the creature got the best of him. I was able to finish the job with a corpse instead of an alive meta and the nuyen.
The thing is the creature has me worried I put a shot in it and it never dropped, maybe you guy could help find out what the drek that thing was. The creature was skinny with an evil grin that took up most of its head....

... Cigz did his best to describe the creature from skin color to it ghastly eyes doing his best not to miss anything he could remember.

So guys any of you have any info on what I got on my hand it would help out a lot.

With his story done Cigz sips on his whisky and lights a blue silk smoke and waits to see if the team has anything about the creature.

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« Reply #76 on: (23:15:51/01-04-17) »
>>>Freeze:  Like Slenderman?
>>>Samwell:  I've seen pics of ghouls with crazy long arms and legs
A few people post pics, but none of them look like what you are talking about.

A few people post a pics and it devolves into a big joke

You get a private ping  >>>Freeze: Sorry need to work on your story telling skills a little.  We'll hash it out and see if we can figure out whatever it was.

Gunderson pings your comm I have some work for you at 1000 hours
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