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« on: <01-15-11/1922:21> »
I'm creating a hacker for a game my brother wants to run. This will be our first time playing Shadowrun since '01, so we're both a bit rusty. I especially need my math checked for this character since I'm fairly certain my purchases are off, but I can't find anything in the rules to contradict what I purchased. (I may just not be looking hard enough).

Name: Denerik McCallister
Alias: "FoS"
Age: 26
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180lbs
History: A wiz kid socialite from Boston. Only child of a NeoNET upper management father and a mother from their advertising department. He lived a fairly sheltered life due to his allergy to sunlight. He spent most of his time learning about the matrix, coding, and making simple hacks.

Denerik inherited a fortune when his parents died of "natural complications" during a biotech procedure when he was 22. Denerik spends his days as a freelance matrix security consultant and his nights cruising VIP lounges or running the shadows as Matrix overview under the handle "FoS." He has a particular (and understandable) interest in runs against NeoNET and their subsidies. He just had a Control Rig installed in the hopes that he expand his matrix skills into being a true spider, providing not only electronic protection, but robotic as well.

Denerik's been living a double life for nearly a decade. He started by rubbing elbows with street gangers and romanticizing runners. Slowly he progressed into data steals and confidence games. After the death of his parents he vowed to become a runner and insisted on uncovering the truth about his parent's death. Denerik is convinced NeoNET is involved in some sort of cover up, but hasn't uncovered this truth... yet. Also after their death he started loosing himself inside the nearest wine bottle but is usually able to play off his budding alcoholism as being a 'connoisseur' of fine wines.

Human (0 BP)

=========== 0 BP

B 3, A 3, R 4, S 2, C 4, I 4, L 5, W 3

Initiative 8
Edge 3
Essence 4.75

=========== 210 BP

Electronics Skill Group  4
Cybercombat              4
Hacking                     5
Electronic Warfare       5
Influence Skill Group    3
Pistols (Light)          1 (3)

=========== 132 BP

Seattle Gangs  2
NeoNET Corporate Structure  3
Wines 2
Corporate Matrix Security Procedures 5
Operating Systems 5
Data Havens 3
IC Identification 3

English N
Japanese 2
Spanish 2

=========== 27 Free BP

SINner (+5)
Addiction: Alcohol (Mild) (+5)
Allergy: Sunlight (Mild)  (+10)
Incompetent: Swimming (+5)
Codeslinger (Hack on the Fly) (10)
Photographic Memory (10)
Dayjob (+5)

=========== +10 BP

$250,000 (Spent: $246,000)

Hammerli 620s             ($450)
-20 Clips Regular Ammo    ($400)
Ulysses Lined Coat (6/4)  ($2,800)
-Chemical Protection 4    (Included)
-Thermal Damping 2        ($1,000)

Cyberware Commlink        ($10,200)
-System 5
-Firewall 5
-Response 5
-Signal 5
-Modified for Hot sim/BTL ($250)
Datajack                  ($500)
Cybereyes - Rating 4      ($1500)
-Flare Compensation       ($750)
-Low Light Vision         ($1,000)
-Thermographic Vision     ($1,000)
-Smartlink                ($1,000)
-Vision Magnification     ($1,000)
-Vision Enhancement 3     ($4,500)
Datalock - Rating 5       ($5,000)
Math SPU                  ($4,500)
Control Rig               ($10,000)
Fibreoptic Hair           ($450)

Programs                  ($65,700)
Analyze 6, Browse 6, Command 6,
Edit 6, Encrypt 6, Scan 6, Armor 6,
Attack 6, Biofeedback Filter 6,
Blackout 6, Data Bomb 6, Decrypt 6,
Defuse 6, ECCM 6, Exploit 6, Medic 6,
Sniffer 6, Spoof 6, Stealth 6, Track 6

2 Fake SIN (Rating 4)     ($8,000)

Permanent Safehouse       ($26,000)
- Comforts: Low (2 LP)
- Entertainment: Street (0 LP)
- Necessities: Middle (3 LP)
- Neighborhood: Low (2 LP)
- Security: High (4 LP)

Permanent High Lifestyle  ($100,000)

=========== 50 BP

Ken Kitsuragi - NeoNET Executive Assistant (Connections 3/Loyalty 2) - Human. A friend of Denerik's deceased father. Mentor.
Boris Erascoe - Fixer (Connections 4/Loyalty 1) - Human. Primary buyer of Denerik's data steals.
Catherine "Kitty" Duncan - Socialite Club Goer (Connections 2/Loyalty 3) - Human. Former lover.
Gaz - Sprawl Ganger (Connections 2/Loyalty 1) - Ork. Monthly bribes to gang to protect safehouse.

=========== 18 BP

Starting Nuyen - 4d6+12 x $500

If my calculations are wrong on the money spent I can always drop the MathSPU, Fibreoptic Hair, Thermal Damping, and fake SINs. Even the Control Rig can go if need be (especially since I haven't bought the rigger skills yet).

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« Reply #1 on: <01-15-11/2350:09> »
Nice work!

But I know how your character will die one day... it will be death by drowning! Seattle has to much water... ;D


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« Reply #2 on: <01-16-11/0025:34> »
I just noticed I forgot to purchase a pair of AR gloves for him...


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« Reply #3 on: <01-27-11/1420:16> »
Isn't Permanent Life Style = Cost * 100?

High = 10,000 * 100 = 1,000,000 not 100,000.

I could be wrong though.


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« Reply #4 on: <02-04-11/1214:37> »
Ah, so it is. Well there is the Trust Fund quality to grant me a permanent high lifestyle for 20BP which is equivalent to the 100k I spent on it. I can just convert it.

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« Reply #5 on: <02-05-11/1549:05> »
I recommend downloading a Character generator which are around here somewhere. I downloaded 2 of them and they help out quite a bit with keeping track of the buy points as you spend them. One them even allows you to print out the character onto character sheets when you are done.


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« Reply #6 on: <02-05-11/1653:14> »
What is the math spu and fiberoptic hair?
Theres no place like
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« Reply #7 on: <02-05-11/2033:28> »
Math SPU and Fiberoptic Hair are both in Augmentation.  Math SPU is an aid for encoding or decoding with Electronic Warfare and is often taken by riggers and hackers.  Fiberoptic Hair is just crazy body hair for looks (purely cosmetic).

Your math seems fine aside from the permanent lifestyles mentioned earlier.  I'm not sure why you'd want a safehouse as a permanent lifestyle.  From experience, you want them to be as cheap and expendable as possible.  You want to have someplace that you know is safe to shack out, possibly only for a short time, even if that means your safehouse gets burned just by you going there while you are running from the heat.  Being able to lie low for a few hours or days off the streets is worth the risk of losing a safehouse, unless it is as heavily invested as a permanent one is.  Personal choice on that one.

I'd also recommend taking at least one Agent, as their utility for a hacker really can't be properly stated.  They are super handy in every situation commonly encountered by a hacker in the shadows. 

Otherwise I like the build.