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« Reply #45 on: (12:05:33/01-18-17) »
Apologies--I saw the Essence cost and thought you were talking about Cerebellum Boosters when I posted for some reason.  My guy has Rating 2, so the .4 cost is seared in my brain.

Qualia is pretty pricey, especially when you consider the costs associated with a nanohive that does largely the same thing.  I wonder if that's an edition holdover thing.

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« Reply #46 on: (13:02:46/01-18-17) »
Well you do get a bonus for Tracking as well, but if Perception is your main reason for getting it, just buy Synch. Some very niche users might have use for it, but those are few.
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« Reply #47 on: (23:18:33/03-11-17) »
Or tetrachromatic vision.  +3 dice for that price and that essence cost on the overwhelming majority of perception rolls?  Very handy.  And you can see into the UV spectrum.