Current state of Mt Shasta?

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« on: <01-14-17/1521:48> »
Ola! Just curious what's been happening since Hestaby abandoned a prime piece of mystical real estate?


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« Reply #1 on: <01-14-17/1528:20> »
Burnt to a crisp.
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Well, drek. Looks like Timmy fell into the Dissonance Well again.


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Aye: looking at who might move in afterwards as a springboard for some runs.It is still a powerful magic site?
I understand the Shasta Shamans *appear* to have gone the toxic avenger route. Add in Ryumyo trying to control the Ring of Fire ( and parties interested in preventing that), potent magical groups like IOND and the Black Lodge, Japan Corps, Wuxing, Aztechnology, SK, the possibility the NAN would want it declared a shamanic holy site, the Cal Free Guv'mint: it seems without a GD or IEs openly active in the area there are a lot of potential shadows for the Mt Shasta macguffin.

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« Reply #3 on: <01-16-17/1529:09> »
I would predict that EiraHaexa's description of 'burnt to a crisp' would continue to be accurate for at least 50-75 years.  If a Great Dragon (Ryumyo or Lung) wanted the place, it seems to me to be something he'd want to act very carefully in regards to - basically call a council and request permission to claim the location.  IMO, any non-dragon would be a citizen of Fry City after 3-6 months of inhabitation, just because my headcanon is saying the GDs would be checking up on the place and making sure it was left alone - out of a certain amount of respect, either for the fact that it was a major lair for a GD, or to make sure other people were respecting their authority.
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Good points. I'm looking at the magical power of the site as the overarching macguffin.
I can see a line of standing stones coming south from the Tir: a sequence of Shinto shrines going south: geomancy and geomasonry used to bleed the mountain's power to facilities in the mountains, and a race to set this stuff up. (Parageology pg6 shows a big fat dragon line going through the area) There is a small list of entities able to pull this sort of thing off, but Aztech, Wuxing, the San Fran JapanCorps, SK, enter the associated politics, lies and shadows created by both.


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« Reply #5 on: <05-08-17/2347:42> »
Fire is so not that crispy....

Reading recently, Mt Shasta still has plenty of resources for talismongers and reagent seekers.  Should anyone have 'burnt to a true crisp' the Mountain, it would have gnarled the ley line it serves as a nexus upon, and that would have pissed off literally all the magical big wigs.

As for Hestaby, 'Orange Queen" resurfaces in the Matrix in a book recently released as well.
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