Non-Crash 2.0 TMs

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« on: <08-16-16/2346:28> »
Is the only source of TMs from the Crash of '64? I haven't found any hints of emergence outside of those who got caught in the Crash.


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Crash 2.0 wasn't the sole source of TMs.
New TMs are being born after Crash 2.0.
One of the lore parts claim that TMs and mages are opposite expressions of the same genes.


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« Reply #2 on: <08-17-16/1227:54> »
Crash 2.0 wasn't necessarily "the source" of them, it does seem to be connected, as it's the timeline for when TMs began to exist.  Before it, there were Otaku, which were similar, but not the same.  Otaku could hack without using decks, but still needed a datajack to hook up to the matrix.  I don't know if they could summon sprites, either.  Then the second crash happens, and technomancers start appearing.
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