[SR4] Help creating augmented shock-trooper type build

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Hello, there's a good possibility I'll be joining a Shadowrun 4th edition game with some friends in the near future and their runners need some one with some serious firepower and I'm hoping someone can help me fill that order. Right now the group consists of a shapeshifter bear melee adept, a mage for nuking things and a rigger/decker so they really want some one who can engage at mid to long range with some firepower. I was thinking of a augmented shock-trooper type of build but it's really been a long time since I've done any character crafting in Shadowrun and I'm very rusty. This group seems to enjoy the min-max/optimization of the game which is fine by me but I'd love some help crunching the numbers or at least pointing me in the right direction as to what I should be looking at.

In my mind I envision the character as a human, possibly ex Knight Errant turned Runner or Merc. Employs automatics, preferably some thing big, thinking LMG sized stuff, and maybe shotguns? Lots of dakka to borrow a phrase from 40k. I'd also envision him being pretty tanky. I love the look of Gabriel from Dan Luvisi's "Last Man Standing" and am using that as a source of inspiration: Is there any sort of power armor or at least heavy military grade full body armor that I could incorporate into the character (or work toward getting in game)?

If I remember right I want a high agility, high initiative score and as many initiative passes as I can get my hands on. I know the character will have more then base karma and likely extra nuyen, but I've not gotten a total from the GM yet, so for now assume base character with room to grow into a monster.

Thanks in advance, getting back into Shadowrun is exciting but its a bit daunting as there's so much to re-learn, and so much info spread across multiple books that I need to borrow or buy.

TLDR; Need help optimizing a heavy weapons, automatics, heavily armored, augmented human soldier/merc.


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If you are going to have extra Nuyen at character creation, I would go all cyberlimb.

This is the best program for 4th Edition Character Creation.

335400 Nuyen, 5.4 Essence (Less if you take Biocompatibility Quality)

20 Armor + Whatever you're wearing

Rating 2 Cybereyes w/ Thermographic, Low-Light, Flarecomp, Smartlink
Rating 1 Cyberears
Synthetic Cyberskull (Armor-1)
2 Cyberarms (Strength-9, Agility-9, Armor-4)
Obvious Cybertorso (Body-6, Armor-3)
2 Obvious Cyberlegs (Strength-6, Agility-6, Hydraulic Jack-6, Armor-4)
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