Lockdown Results

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Interested to hear who different teams sold the data to at the end, and how they escaped Boston (if they did!).
(Apologies if someone already started this thread, I failed to find it.)

My team leaked a bunch of the info (basically the story of what happened in Boston minus the proof and any mention of Deus/PAX) to the public, and also later posted it on Jackpoint and some other runner VPNs. They felt like the world (and the people of Boston) deserved access to at least part of the truth.

They had to take a vote on who to sell the proof/secret data to, and ended up going with Saeder-Krupp, with a promise that they will never run against SK again, and for a reduced rate from the book (as they had leaked some of the info already). Some of them are retiring to become corporate runners for SK, basically, and they feel like SK will get the best revenge against NeoNET/Celedyr in the long run, even if it isn't as immediate.
2nd place was Evo, as they liked their openness and acceptance of headcases/metasapients/etc.
3rd place was a tie between Wuxing (who seems likely to go hardest after NeoNET financially in the immediate future due to their insurance losses in Boston) and releasing it all for free.

They escaped Boston by using Dr. Dyna Mite's "Gateway" project in concert with the drug shade to physically enter the metaplanes, and then had a fun metaplanar journey back to an astral rift on Earth, assisted by Frosty Jane, using the 4 navigational artifacts.