[5e OOC] And The Rain Keeps Falling

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He is actually a carryover of a PC I played way back in 3e that I've hung on to as a helper/npc.

Note to self: don't geek Asher.

@rednblack: 5 hits on 27 dice? Yikes. That's some 3rd percentile rolling there.

If he shoots us down, maybe take a different approach, such as a percentage up front, or some "product", especially if we think he is Ares. Ichante is skeptical on that point, but if he can come up with a crate of Ares ____ on short notice then it might be a good clue.

Herr Brackhaus

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Awesome stuff, rednblack. Good negotiation RP, let's see how the dice hold up :)


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@rednblack: 5 hits on 27 dice? Yikes. That's some 3rd percentile rolling there.

Yeah, that's pretty foul.  If I was table rolling this would be the point that I'd put down my red d6s and pick up the white ones.  Thems the breaks though.

If he shoots us down, maybe take a different approach, such as a percentage up front, or some "product", especially if we think he is Ares. Ichante is skeptical on that point, but if he can come up with a crate of Ares ____ on short notice then it might be a good clue.

Cash up front definitely.  Product might be nice too.  It'll be interesting to see how much Edge Chaim can burn through before we even get started.

Thanks, Herr.  I'm really trying to portray Chaim as someone who can speak in different registers with different types of people, but we'll see how it works out the first time we end up negotiating with gangers.  If nothing else, maybe we'll see a counter offer.  Even 11k is 1k more than we'd get otherwise.  Speaking of which, @Cratership, I don't expect to go back-and-forth all ICly, so if you want to make a call on what the final price is and roll that into an IC that's fine by me.  Chaim's not gonna walk if he doesn't agree to pony up more cash, though he will try the above-mentioned tactics of cash up front, gear, etc.  I'll make a separate roll and IC reasonings for those if allowed.

Herr Brackhaus

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« Reply #63 on: <07-07-16/1411:44> »
Same for Eddie; he's in even at 10k.


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i.m up for payment in toys
You are not what you think you are. you are an imitation of what your wish you were


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Counter offer roll by Mr Johnson:

Also 5 hits

I'll get reaction and counter up in IC shortly. I'll go ahead and brush through the rest of the negotiations as it sounds like everyone is good with whatever they can get so long as it hits the 10k promised mark or higher.

Herr Brackhaus

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« Reply #66 on: <07-08-16/1942:27> »
Even though we don't know much about the job yet and it might be a little early thinking about up-front gear, one thing I just couldn't afford was a high rating jammer. As such, Eddie will probably ask for a Rating 6 Directional Jammer just in case we need to make some silent takedowns; don't want the targets to be able to call out over the Matrix after all. Also might ask for some boosters in the form of drugs, but I pretty much have all the gear I can think of needing.

Also, does anyone have a tag eraser? I have a bug scanner to detect tracking tags, but if we're picking up a piece of SOTA tech I'd bet my britches it'll be marked somehow.


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Herr, you had a double-post ICly.

Ichante is thumbs-up.

Herr Brackhaus

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« Reply #68 on: <07-08-16/2019:36> »
Thanks for the heads up, Tecumseh. Posting took forever, must have double clicked.


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« Reply #69 on: <07-08-16/2048:21> »
CraterShip, any restrictions on the up-front gear? Availability or specifically made by some corp or not specifically made by some corp or ...?

To Herr's question, I don't see a tag eraser on anyone's sheet. It's a good idea.

I'm not sure we have much in the way of drones either. A Microskimmer would be affordable.

Ichante is nowhere near that practical. She'll be wanting a sapphire knife, mostly because it's pretty. She doesn't know how to use a knife, but she could always give it to her guardian spirit for a little stabby-stabby. She may also want more reagents, maybe extra ammo.


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« Reply #70 on: <07-09-16/2151:16> »
For the gear I'll limit it to availability 14, giving a little more room than chargen. It is a total of 1500 nuyen and comes out of your final price. There will not be enough time to recover from any cyber or bioware upgrades at this time.

Herr: Asher is a bit shorter than average, has dark red hair and some scruff of the same color. He is thin and tan, with dark green eyes.

Herr Brackhaus

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« Reply #71 on: <07-09-16/2242:52> »
Looks like we're getting a replacement decker, who just happens to bring a tag eraser as well as plenty of hacking and electronics skill.


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« Reply #72 on: <07-11-16/1321:19> »
Hey guys! Here's my char! Excited to get playing with ya :)

General Info

Name: Amira Star "Pixel"
Race: Elf
Class: Decker
Gender: Female
Hair: Bright Green (Styled rocker fashion)
Eyes: Purple Hue (glow)


A- Resources
B- Attributes
C- Skills
D- Meta
E- Magic


AGI   5 (Elven and Muscle replacement)
REA  4 (5) (Reaction Enhancers)
STR  2  (Muscle Replacement)
WIL   5
LOG  5 (6) (Cerebral Booster)
INT    6
CHA  3 (Elven)

EDGE         1
INI               9
MAGIC       0

KARMA      1
ARMOR     12 (Coat + Orthoskin)


Codeslinger +
Distinct Style -
Prejudice Extreme (Humanis Group) -  (She basically needs to be retrained if she ever has a chance to strike at one)
Weak Immune System -


Automatics  2
EW               5
Pilot Gr.       1
Perception  1
Computer   5
Cybercombat 2
Hacking      6 (Hack on the fly) (+2) (Specialization Devices +2)
Hardware   5
Software     5
First Aid       2
Con              2
Skill Group Stealth (2)
Disguise     2
Palming      2
Sneak          2


Security Companies (Seattle) 3
Matrix Games            2
Fencing                      2
Music Culture (rock) 2
Matrix Security Prog. 4


English N
Sperethiel 3
Japanese  3

Type               Qual    Loy
Mechanic        2         2
Street Doc       2        2
Smuggler        2        2


Cyber Eyes (Rating 2) (Purple Hued glow)
-Flare Compensation
-Image Link
-Low Light
-Thermal Vision
-Vision Enhancement (rating 2)

Sleep Regulator
Cerebral Booster (Rating 1)
Reaction Enhancers (1)
Orthoskin (3)
Muscle Replacement (1)
Tracheal Filter (2)
Toxin Extractor (3)


Residence (LOW + Hard to find) Abandoned street garage with office (Paid 2 months)
GMC Bulldog (Wan with Shop in back for Decking and Electronics)

Knife x 2
Ares Crusader II (Laser Sight)
Spare clips 8
500 rounds Ares basic ammo (stored)
100 Hollowpoint (Stored)
50 Taser Rounds (Stored) (Sometimes you just need to shock someone) :)
Lined coat (9 armor)
Clothes (Stylized)
Renraku Sensei Comm w/ Sim Mod (worn like google glass is)
AR Gloves
Biometric Reader (Van access)
Sat Link (Van)
Trid Projector
Sub Vocal Mic
Datachip (200) (stored)
Sensor Tag (100) (Stored)
Data Tap
Tag Eraser
White Noise Generator (5 Rating)
Shop (All the tools of a decking/electronics shop....This is in her van)
Micro Camera
Directional Mic (3 Rating)
Laser Mic (4 rating)
Ear Buds (3 Rating)
Hardware kit (personal; IE Deck repair in the field)
Stim Patches 4
First Aid Kit (Rating 6)
Fake SIN (Rating 4)
Fake License (Rating 4)

Sensor Array (Rating 8. ) (capacity 6)
-Cyberware Scanner
-Omni Directional Mic
-Motion Sensor
-Radio Signal Scanner

Sensor (Rating 8. ) (Capacity 1) X8 (These are used by Pixel to set up a warning perimeter of sorts when her main array is in use elsewhere)
-Motion Sensor

MCT Fly-Spy X2
Autosofts (Installed on one only)
-Clear sight Drone (6)
-Stealth (6)
 (She sometimes uses these as an aerial perimeter she can quickly jump into via Matrix for a top down look at escape routes or where people are)

DECK RENRAKU TSURUGI (3)  (ASDF) 6553 Avalable Prog 3 (9.5 Condition)
Grid: Emerald City (Seatlle)
Programs owned

Signal Scrub

Hacker Programs
Baby Monitor

Agent Program (Rating 4)

Starting Nuyen (Low plus leftover) 5370

SHORT BACKGROUND! (Note...the details of this are only IC knowledge if Pixel told you IC during a campaign, unless :) )

Pixel or Amira Star was born to a well to do family in Seattle. Not the usual wage slave her father was an up and coming corporate man with Renraku who doted on his daughter and spoiled her to no end. There was no harsh childhood for Amira only a sort of Idyllic life devoid of want which most people scratch and crawl to reach but never find. Even so however as she grew older Amira felt that she never fit in. The continuous doting of her parents, the corporate exec father and her mother a devoted subsidiary shop owner of her mates Corporate branch, left Amira something of a spoiled brat. Never having had to work for anything she quickly fell into that privileged sense of entitlement and so had little regard for the property of others. Influenced by her fathers career as a successful Corporate programming exec she took to the Matrix at an early age. Showing a more than passing aptitude for it her father dreamt of his darling daughter following in his footsteps to one day work alongside him. As such she was enrolled in a modestly prestigious private school, as far as those go in seattle, and began working toward her career. Unbeknownst to her parents Amira was not using the Matrix to expand her learning or to ensure herself a bright future. Instead she was following the instruction of an online decker simply called "The Hatter". He had apparently come across Amira in her stumbling about the Matrix when she was a child and became intrigued to discover that someone not even into double digits age wise had showed the proficiency she did. After teaching her a lesson for poking to close to his domain on the Matrix he then took her in as a sort of prodigy of his. For years she learned from him all the way through grade school and well into her private university schooling. Amiria's sense of entitlement flourished under the Hatter as well as her sense of 'whatever you have online is actually mine'. She began her fledgling Decking days under him, using her father trust fund to supply herself with a deck and all the trappings she would need as a digital and sometimes meatspace thief. Truth be told she came to crave the feeling she got when she hacked into something she was not supposed to and take things she was never supposed to see.The life of a Data Thief called to her though and Hatter had always given her a cut of what info they sold and she had even been contracted a few times alone which delighted her to no end. All in all things were good and she enjoyed her secret life. Hatter had often referred to her as his little Pixel, that oddly meant more to her than her privileged life and the name stuck.

Then everything changed.

Hatter suddenly vanished off the grid. Amira, now styling her life after her digital obsession and calling herself Pixel, went on a crusade to find him. Her schooling dropped off markedly and she was in danger of being ejected from her school. Her father was receiving multiple warning from his corp about her own embarrassing flair and apparent failures and so was ordering her to turn herself around or be disowned. None of that mattered to her though, she had to find Hatter and she didn't care the cost. She had come close to achieving her goal once, and wrapped in her ego believing herself untouchable racing to the rescue of her mentor she made a near fatal mistake. Whoever Hatter was he had apparently crossed the Humanis group, whether they killed him or he is simply hiding it's hard to say however a random file Pixel found on the Matrix led her to them. Blinded by her need to find Hatter she was tricked into following one of the Humanis deckers into a virtual trap. It was the first and last time she ever wanted to see a Black IC as well. Running from the assault and using every evasive technique she knew Pixel was cornered on the Matrix and nearly killed. Ironically it was the Humanis group that 'saved' her.

Tracing her location they burst into her room at the school where she was residing ad yanked her datajack out forcibly dumping her from the Matrix. Suffering from severe biofeedback thanks to the Black IC and the other Decker she was in no shape to fight back. Noth that Pixel was a physical fighter anyway. She was all about in and out, not being seen..this ganger style stuff was alien to her. The Humanis thugs beat her savagely, questined her extensively about Hatter and when she gave them nothing they cut out her eyes to teach her a lesson and dumped her in a garbage bin where they said she belonged. Whatever Pixel had come close to the effects had radiated down to her family as well. Faced with the ire of the Corporation he worked for Amiras father, now disillusioned by his daughter, had her declared legally dead and as a show of his commitment to his corp had her SIN destroyed. Amira's mother buried her head in her business...however the Corp had removed her as the owner and now she severed as a mere wage slave to the new proprietor....she also turned to sims to deal with the nightmare of it all. So it was not Pixels family who pulled her from the dumpster as far as the world and her family was concerned Amira Star was dead.

Moths after the incident Pixel awoke in a small clinic, for the most part she initially panicked almost uncontrollably when she first saw the world through her new cyber eyes. Her head she discovered was also shaved and she could feel the markings of additional surgeries and tell tale signs of enhancements. She may have slipped into psychosis then and there until she spied something set on the table beside her, a little black Top Hat with a note inside. Hand trembling Pixel still remembers reading what that note said.

"My little Pixel....I did what I could for you. Now make them pay. Make them all pay."

Clutching the note like it was her last link to sanity Pixel went through an intensive recovery process and learned the extent of her modifications and what had happened to her. The staff were professional and always polite and never asked from money or ID or anything. They simply told her Mister Hatter had taken care of it whenever she asked. Knowing that The Hatter had been responsible for her enhancements helped her deal with the idea of augmentation beyond her datajack, now she is quite proud of them as she see's it as carrying part of her mentor with her. She has even modified her cyber eyes to glow purple, the exact purple of The Hatter Icon. Now fully recovered and with her clothing and Deck restored, Pixel sporting once more her long bright green hair and Deck, has followed the instruction given to her by Hatter and taken up residence in the secluded street Shop which she found to be stocked with a number of goodies and personal vehicles for her use.

Now somewhat wiser and less egotistical Pixel has embraced the life of a Decker in the Shadows. She has learned of her families abandonment of her and is happy to let them think her gone. She has yet to hear from The Hatter again however most of her time not doing odd jobs is spent searching the Matrix for her missing Idol. Pixel has also taken a near blinding hatred to the group called Humanis, who not only brutalized her but worse caused her to lose touch with the Hatter. She fully intends to take the words of his note which she carries always to heart. She is going to make them pay.
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Herr Brackhaus

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Welcome, Pixelated. Just one more note; Evasion is to avoid sensor locks, which is a part of active combat. You'll probably want the Stealth autosoft, which is used for hiding. If someone spots your drone and is actively locking on sensors, it's a goner anyway.

And CraterShip, how do you handle autosofts and copying? Drones are already expensive, so at my table we allow autosofts to be copied across drones of the same type. I.e. a Fly-Spy Stealth autosoft can be copied to all FlySpy drones the rigger owns without issues. There's really no note on copy-protection in SR5 except where it's stated that you can't run a copy of the same program on a device and expect double benefit, not that a program has to be hardwired into a drone and cannot be copied for safe keeping, or indeed actually running it on a second drone of the same type.


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Welcome to the game, Pixelated!  Looking forward to playing with you.