Long Kiss Goodbye (OOC)

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Standard expectations : Stuff straight from the book:
Morality: While I think characters should have some disagreements over morality I'd like everyone to have the same general direction, being good. I don't want to deal with particularly evil, sick or twisted characters. Generally speaking characters should not want to leave a trail of bodies on every run. I don't expect everyone to run around with only non-leathal weapons, this is a dystopia after all, but whether it's because a character wants to avoid drawing the attention of the cops, or because they feel every life is sacred, wonton killing has heavy consequences. I'd like to avoid violent psychopaths for characters. On the flip-side and to a lesser degree I don't expect there to be many Paladins in the Sixth world. If you want to be one of those runners who's out fighting the good fight, that's great! But a character that's particularly preachy isn't gonna work well with the guy who's just there to get a paycheck. I don't expect all the characters to be best friends, but you have to have similar moral foundations in order to work with each other.

Racisim This is a big part of the Sixth World and I have no problem implementing it against you guys. And I suggest that you consider the prejudices your character might have. Whether it something as mild as thinking trolls are kinda freaky looking or that Sasquatches aren't people no matter what anyone says. Consider prejudice tied to ethnicity and gender as well. While never hitting a woman is chivalrous and great and all that, it does come with preconceived ideas. The same can be said for many ethnicities, the great ghost dance wasn't THAT long ago, maybe your character assumes all natives are magic, or maybe you have a native character who remembers that it wasn't that long ago that white-man called for the extermination of Natives and magic was the only reason it didn't happen. And as a game it's ok for your character to express in-character prejudices. However, there are two instances of Racism I don't want in our game. First nothing from players, simple as that. Racist OOC comments will make you not welcome in this game. Second is where it disrupts the flow of game overly much. An elf supremacist, might be fun to play, an elf hater might be fun to play. But, why are they in the same party together? And would they really trust each other enough to function, or stay together after this one job is over?

Violence I touched on this a bit with morality. But there are a few lines that need to go here too. Graphic detail is unnecessary. One can describe graphic violence without graphic detail and thanks to Hollywood I'm pretty sure most of us can picture something worse then what we could type out. Even then, graphic violence should have an effect on a character, much like killing. It's one thing to see a guy take a bullet or a beating. But a character finding someone who had been tortured to death after several days will at the very least be making some composure checks.

Sexuality, I've found that role-playing and being behind a character can be a great safe and interesting way to explore sexuality. I've also found a tendency for gamers to be very immature about it. So please feel free to make a character with an alternative sexuality. In a world of magic, crazy body modifications, poverty, decadency, virtual reality and survival, sexual freedom is pretty much the norm. However picking up a hooker on every other street corner, or trying to hit on every person you meet with a 6 charisma is annoying and slows down the game, so feel free to role-play the sexuality of characters with a few limitations. First no need for explicit detail, if that's what you want they have different forums for that. We're here to role-play not fap. Second there will be no IC Rape, not with force, drugs or mind control. Feel free to have it as part of your characters history but it will not happen IC. Third as with racism, I don't want to see any OOC homophobia, transphobia etc. If someone want to make an LGBT character go for it, no one here will give you drek for it, if they do they're out.

 My thanks to Moneyspider for posting these excellent ground rules. While obvious to me, I'm very aware that without the obvious all sorts of drek hits the air circulation device.

First  :  I've also set-up, (I hope), a room for Long Kiss Goodbye. . If the link doesn't work go to there is a line close to the top right with Roll : Dice Room : Feedback : About.   Click on Dice Room and put in your SR name or your chara name, put Long Kiss Goodbye in the Room Name box and you should be good to go. I'll be able to see your rolls when I log in, and if you click on the die to the left of your name on the line of the roll you want to show it'll make link codes so that you can post your rolls in the OOC thread.

Second. Players, please post your characters here, backstories and then sheets. I'd like characters only as the first 8 entries.
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Saving a spot for a future player.
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Saving a spot for a future player.
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Saving a spot for a future player.
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Street Name:  Boyscout (I don't call myself this, those few that know and talk about me call me this)       Current Status:      Edge 0 of 3      Stun:  3     Physical:   0
Name: Jedediah Early
Movement: 4/8
Human Male Age 60
Height 5'9" Weight 135
Composure: 9
Judge Intentions: 10   >>>>Plus Boost (14)
Lift/Carry: 4 (15 kg/10 kg)
Memory: 7
Nuyen: $860
Career Karma:  35 (15 converted from Nuyen)
Current Karma:  11 (updated 3/1)

== Priorities ==                                                                                                             == Attributes ==
Metatype: E(0) - Human                                                                                  BOD : 3                      INT   : 6
Attributes: C(2) - 16 Attributes                                                                       AGI   : 2                      LOG  : 2     
Special: A(4) - Magician                                                                                  REA  : 1                      WIL   : 5
Skills: A(4) - 46 Skills/10 Skill Groups                                                             STR  : 1                      EDG  : 3
Resources: E(0) - 6,000¥                                                                              CHA  : 4                      MAG : 6

== Derived Attributes ==                                                                                                                     == Limits ==
Essence:                    6                                                                                                                         Physical:                  2
Initiative:                    7 + 1d6   >>Plus Boost & Increase Reflexes (15+3D6)                                   Mental:                    5  >>>>Plus Boost (7)
Astral Initiative:         12 + 3d6   >>Plus Boost (20+3D6)                                 Social:                     7
Physical Damage Track:   10                                                                                                                Astral:                     7
Stun Damage Track:         11
Dodge Dice             7 >>>>Plus Boost (11)

== Contacts ==                                                                                                             == Qualities ==
Connor and Quinn Keegan (4, 2) Fixer                                                                    Aged (Rating 2)
Escher (3, 2) Hacker                                                                                                    College Education.RF
Ito Takneda (4, 3) Yakuza Lawyer                                                                              Focused Concentration (Rating 1)
Mikhail Anatoli Mouskov (3, 4) PI                                                                               Linguist
Rosalie Valdez (3, 2) Lead Crime Lab Technician
Samia (?/?) Talismonger

== Active Skills ==
Arcana   [Initiation]         : 4    Pool: 6 (8 )
Artificing                          :1     Pool 7
Assensing                      : 6    Pool: 12    >>>>Plus Boost
Astral Combat [Spirits]  : 3     Pool: 9 (11)
Banishing                       : 6    Pool: 12
Binding   [Man]              : 6     Pool: 12 (14)
Computer                       : 2    Pool: 4       (data search is based off Int, so 8 dice for Data search)  >>>>Plus Boost, plus aid from agent, plus possibly search program
Con   [Fast Talk]            : 3    Pool: 7 (9)
Counterspelling              : 6    Pool: 12
Disguise                         : 2    Pool: 8    >>>>Plus Boost
Etiquette                        : 4     Pool: 8
First Aid                         : 0     Pool: 1
Intimidation                    : 0     Pool: 3
Leadership                     : 4     Pool: 8
Navigation                      : 0     Pool: 5    >>>>Plus Boost
Negotiation                     : 4     Pool: 8
Perception                      : 6     Pool: 12    >>>>Plus Boost
Pilot Ground V.               :1      Pool: 2
Ritual Spellcasting         : 6      Pool: 12
Sneaking   [Urban]         : 6     Pool: 8 (10)
Spellcasting                    : 6    Pool: 12
Summoning [Man]          : 6     Pool: 12 (14)
Survival     [Urban]         :  1    Pool: 6 (8 )    >>>>Plus Boost
Tracking                         : 0     Pool: 5    >>>>Plus Boost

== Knowledge Skills ==
Area Kn: Seattle [Redmond] :4           Pool: 10 (12) >>>>Plus Boost
English    [Street Lingo]        : N                     
Russian                                : 4           Pool: 11  >>>>Plus Boost
Or'zet                                    : 4           Pool: 11  >>>>Plus Boost
Japanese                             : 2            Pool: 9  >>>>Plus Boost
Polish                                  :1               Pool 8 >>>>>Plus Boost
Forensics                             : 6            Pool: 8
Gangs                                  : 1            Pool:7  >>>>Plus Boost
Organized Crime                 : 1             Pool: 7  >>>>Plus Boost
Ork Underground                 : 1            Pool: 7  >>>>Plus Boost
Magical Theory  [Astral]        :6            Pool: 8 (10)
Magical Threats                    : 6           Pool: 8
Parazoology   [Spirits]           : 6           Pool: 8 (10)

(Tradition: Chaos Magic, Resist Drain with WIL + INT (11)) >>>>Plus Boost (15)
== Spells ==
Astral Window                   DV: F-3
Clairvoyance                    DV: F-3

Clout (cast with fetish)      DV: F-5
Lightning Bolt                 DV: F-3
Stunbolt                          DV: F-3

Heal                                    DV: F-4
Increase Reflexes           DV: F
Increase Intuition           DV:  F-3

Improved Invisibility         DV: F-1

Influence                         DV: F-1
Levitate                           DV: F-2

Remote Sensing             

Bound Spirits:  F6 spirit of Man with Spells Heal and LIghtning Bolt.  Services Remaining:  5

Summoned Spirit:  F6 Spirit of Man with Increase Intuition and Lightning Bolt.  Currently sustaining Increase Intuition, 2 services left

== Commlink ==
 Nixdorf Secretar Commlink     Device Rating 4 (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 6, FWL: 2)
                              w/program carrier mod           
                              w/ Virual Machine, Sneak, Search, Browse, Signal Scrub, Encrypt

Cheap prepaid Comms x4

Polish Tutorsoft

== Gear ==
Fake License (Magic, Combat Spells, PI) Rating 3 x3
Fake SIN (Primary) Rating 3
Fake SIN (Throwaway) Rating 1
Certified Credstick, Gold
Certified Credstick, Standard x3

Armor Jacket
Slap Patch, Stim Patch Rating  6  x2
R3 Stim Patch x3
Contacts Rating 3
   +Image Link
   +Flare Compensation
   +Low Light

Magical Lodge Materials Rating 6
Weapon Focus (Club/Cane) Force 1
Sustaining Focus (Health) Force 1
Reagents, per dram x15
Fetish (brass head on cane) (for Clout)

Restraint, Plasteel  x2
Restraint, Plastic  x10
Flashlight, Low-light
Microphone, Laser Rating 1
Stealth Tags x10
Binoculars, Optical
Camera, Micro Rating 1 x3
Sensor Tags with microphone x4
Bug Scanner R6
Tool Kit (Forensics)

4 karma spent on Jack of All Trades
4 karma spent on Computer 0>1>2.
5 karma spent on Astral Window Spell (SG P107)
1 karma spent on Artificing >R1
5 karma spent on Increase Intuition Spell  (convert from Nuyen)
5 karma spent on Watcher ritual  (Convert from Nuyen)
1 karma spent on crafting Health Sustaining Focus (Convert from Nuyen)
2 karma spent to bind Health Sustaining Focus (Convert from Nuyen)
1 karma spent of Pilot Groundcraft
1 karma spent on Language:  Polish, Rank 1

Shopping List:
Artisan (wood carving) R1         1 karma (2K)
Bond an F2 Power Foc             12 karma (24k)
Initiate Grade 1                            13 karma (less any discount)

Spell wish list:
Locate Individual
Detect LIfe
Spatial Sense
Detect Enemy
Detect Thoughts

[spoiler]Background:  Was born in 2010 just as the world was starting to go haywire.   Childhood was kinda chaotic, with my parents trying to make it seem normal.  Was a boyscout for a while.  Family got caught in Seattle when the US fell apart in 2014, so I grew up here.  Dad worked odd jobs.  We were lower middle class.  Everything changed in 2022.  I was on a camp out with the scouts when my best friend was attacked by dogs.  I wasn't particularly formidable, but I was hitting them with my hiking stick trying to beat them off of him. I became more frustrated as I was ineffective.  Suddenly, my swings with the stick started knocking them off.  I had awakened and was using my magic to hurt the dogs.  They ran, and I collapsed.  That same best friend, while recovering from his injuries, goblinized into an ork (it was the beginning of goblinization).  His family was relocated to an internment camp and I never saw them again. 
The biggest change of all, toward the end of the year, my parents died in the second wave of VITAS in 2022.  I was taken in by a family that my parents knew.  I hid my abilities from them and tried to be normal.  My foster parents owned a construction company, and I worked for them for my early adult life, rarely using my abilities.  I finished high school in 2028, and worked for them from then until 2040.  During this time, magic was becoming more accepted.  I used the money I made and my spare time to take correspondence courses for magic. 
Somewhere about 2040, when I was in beginning my 30's, I got restless and tired of the dreary, boring life, and I started developing my awakened abilities, and using them to do quasi legal jobs on the side.  A brush with police put me on the outs with my foster family, and I was told to shape up or ship out.  Ship out I did, and spent the next ten years working as a shadowrunner for the excitement. 

Due to mysterious circumstances in 2050, I  left the shadows.  I spent the next 20 years living anonymously in the Barrens.  I know them well, I know how to get by.  At the age of 60, I'm tired of getting by, and I started working with a private investigator named Mike a couple of years ago.  I have recently struck out on my own as a PI with the help of a lawyer I know.  Ito Takaneshi put me in touch with some associates of his and I borrowed enough money to open up my own PI practice.

Recently spent a short stay in the hospital and rehab.  I was working on a case, investigating some unusual activity, when I had a run in with a toxic mage.  Toxic Mage 1, Jed 0.  Trashed my car and my body.  Still a little weak, but I’m down to my last 40 Nuyen, its dinner time and rent is almost due…

Mikhail Anatoli Mouskov:  Mike is an orc of russian decent. Not part of the Vor, but has associations, partly just by being a tough guy russian.  He is my mentor as a PI.  My one true friend.  We met while he was working a case in the Barrens.  He had been caught off guard by a gang while looking for a missing person.  I stepped in and helped him survive the situation.  Soon after, I started working for him.  Very few people know that the nickname his mother called him was Nishka.  Contact made with him by commcall.  Uses:  physical legwork, street rumors, extra contacts, getting a beer. 

Ito Takaneshi: Lawyer introduced to me by Mike. Contact made by commcall or office visit.  Uses:  Influence, legal help, introductions, information, Shadowrunner scuttlebut

Escher:  Escher is a hacker contact that I met through Mike.  We use him  when we need to follow digital clues.  We have never met, as he will only meet in VR.  Contact is made with him through a guild in a Matrix RPG.  He seems to be available 24/7, leading us to speculate that he is actually a group of hackers, or an AI, or something unusual.  Uses:  Information, digital surveillance

Rosalie Valdez:  mid 30's Puerto Rican descent.  Works as lead technician in the city's crime lab. Mike uses her to process his own forensics evidence on the sly for a fee.  DNA testing, residue analysis.  As lead technician, she has access to the police records system, and can provided copies of police reports off record, even the sections of the report that aren't public release.  She seems to enjoy flirting with this old man, but of course she wouldn't be interested, right?  Contact is made by contacting her in her Second Life matrix game.  Uses: Information, forensics legwork, Background checks, possible misplacement of evidence against someone (possibility is unexplored by this character).

Connor and Quinn Keegan.  Pair of Irish descent gypsy brothers who run a black market store out of a small collection of vans and sedans that set up and various locations in the Barrens (abandoned warehouses, parking garages, etc).  They put an add in the classifieds each day in code to tell their customers where they set up.  Always seen together, Connor does the business and speaks with a strong Irish accent.  Quinn takes care of security, and is quiet and moody.  Funny thing is that when he talks, he has no accent.  Contact:  call is placed to an answering service, and then Connor or one of his assistants will call you back.  Delivery is possible for a fee, depending on the item and your location.  They will not deliver to Bellvue or Downtown due to security risk.  Uses:  Gear, jobs, information, more contacts.


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Updated Character sheet - I'll try to find the story I've written.
Few things: 
1. Marco is in the process of acquiring the spiritual adept way - it is already factored in.
2. I gave him 1 point of assensing and paid the karma. (should happen once his ability stabilizes.
How long is this chapter since DN was concluded?

== Info ==
Name: Marco Black                 Alias:
Elf, M                            Movement: 12/24
165, 65                           Composure: 11
Street Cred: 6                    Judge Intentions: 13
Notoriety: 0                      Lift/Carry: 6 (45 kg/30 kg)
Public Awareness: 2               Memory: 5
Karma: 55                         Nuyen: 12180
Age: 20                           Skin:
Eyes:                             Hair:

== Priorities ==
Metatype: C(2) - Human, Dwarf, Elf, or Ork
Attributes: A(4) - 24 Attributes
Special: A(4) - Magician or Technomancer
Skills: E(0) - 18 Skills/0 Skill Groups
Resources: E(0) - 6,000¥
Bonus Skill: Spellcasting
Bonus Skill: Summoning

== Attributes ==
BOD: 3                            CHA: 8
AGI: 6                            INT: 5
REA: 5                            LOG: 2
STR: 3                            WIL: 3
EDG: 4                            MAG: 11 (6)

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence: 6                        Initiative:           10 + 1d6
Physical Damage Track: 10         Rigger Init:          10 + 1d6
Stun Damage Track: 10             Astral Init:          10 + 2d6
Physical: 5                       Matrix AR Init:       10 + 1d6
Mental: 4                         Matrix VR Cold Init:  5 + DP + 3d6
Social: 9                         Matrix VR Hot Init:   5 + DP + 4d6
   Ballistic Mask [+1] (Only for intimidation, Must be visible)
Astral: 9

== Active Skills ==
Artificing                        Base: 0  + Karma: 2  = 2   Pool: 11
Assensing                         Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 8
Automatics (Machine Pistols)      Base: 0  + Karma: 6  = 6   Pool: 12 (14)
Binding                           Base: 0  + Karma: 1  = 1   Pool: 10
Con                               Base: 0  + Karma: 4  = 4   Pool: 15
Disguise                          Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 7
Etiquette                         Base: 0  + Karma: 1  = 1   Pool: 12
Impersonation                     Base: 0  + Karma: 1  = 1   Pool: 12
Intimidation                      Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 12
Negotiation                       Base: 0  + Karma: 1  = 1   Pool: 14
Palming                           Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 7
Perception                        Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 8
Sneaking                          Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 7
Spellcasting                      Base: 0  + Karma: 6  = 6   Pool: 15
Summoning                         Base: 0  + Karma: 6  = 6   Pool: 15

== Knowledge Skills ==
Alcohol                           Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 7
Area Knowledge: Seattle           Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 7
Art                               Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 7
Cooking                           Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 6
English                           N                     
Fashion                           Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 7
History                           Base: 2  + Karma: 0  = 2   Pool: 7
Italian                           Base: 4  + Karma: 0  = 4   Pool: 9
Magical Theory                    Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 5
Music                             Base: 3  + Karma: 0  = 3   Pool: 8
Or'zet                            Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 6
Polish                            Base: 0  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 6
Russian                           Base: 0  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 6
Sperethiel                        Base: 1  + Karma: 0  = 1   Pool: 6

== Contacts ==
Bishop Gabriel (CON: 4, LOY: 1)
Doctor Nagashiri (CON: 3, LOY: 1)
Jimmy Things (CON: 4, LOY: 2)
Melenia 'Lady' Adams (CON: 4, LOY: 2)
Munchkin Meshup Gang (CON: 3, LOY: 1)
SW/SS (CON: 3, LOY: 4)

== Qualities ==
Day Job (10 hrs)
Jack of All Trades Master of None
Low-Light Vision
Mentor Spirit (Peacemaker)
Mystic Adept
SINner (National) (Italy)
The Spiritual Way

== Spells ==
(Tradition: Christian Theurgy, Resist Drain with WIL + CHA (11))
Detect Life, Extended      DV: F-1
Heal                       DV: F-4
Improved Invisibility      DV: F-1
Levitate                   DV: F-2
Mind Probe                 DV: F
Mindlink                   DV: F-1
Opium Den                  DV: F-1
Physical Mask              DV: F-1
Shapechange                DV: F-3
Trid Phantasm              DV: F

== Powers ==
Astral Perception
Attribute Boost (AGI) Rating: 1
Authoritative Tone Rating: 3
Cool Resolve Rating: 3
Enhanced Perception Rating: 2
Facial Sculpt Rating: 1
Kinesics Rating: 3

== Lifestyles ==
Medium  1 months

== Armor ==
Actioneer Business Clothes          8
Armor Jacket                        14
   +Electrochromic Clothing
   +Faraday Pocket
   +Fire Resistance 6
   +Gel Packs
   +Nonconductivity 5
Ballistic Mask                      2
Chameleon Suit                      9
Helmet                              2

== Weapons ==
   +Gas-Vent 3 System
   +Shock Pad
   +Smartgun System, External
   Pool: 12       Accuracy: 7     DV: 10P      AP: -2    RC: 6
Ares Crusader II
   +Gas-Vent 2 System
   +Quick-Draw Holster
   +Shock Pad
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   Pool: 12 (14)  Accuracy: 7     DV: 7P       AP: -     RC: 5
Grenade: Smoke
   Pool: 5        Accuracy: 5     DV: (10m Radius)AP: -     RC: 2
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 5        Accuracy: 5     DV: 3S       AP: -     RC: 2

== Commlink ==
Hermes Ikon (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 5, FWL: 5)
Meta Link (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 1, FWL: 1) x2

== Gear ==
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Machine Pistols) x50
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Assault Rifles) x50
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Machine Pistols) x50
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Assault Rifles) x50
Autopicker Rating 6
Fake SIN (Marco Black) Rating 3
   +Fake License (Chemelion Suit) Rating 1
Flashlight, Low-light
Glasses Rating 4
   +Vision Enhancement Rating 3
Grenade: Smoke x5
Medkit Rating 6
Power Focus (Bonded Foci) Rating 3
Sequencer Rating 3
Tutorsoft (Sneaking) Rating 6
Tutorsoft (Gymnastics) Rating 6
Tutorsoft (Pilot Aircraft) Rating 6
Tutorsoft (Disguise) Rating 6
Tutorsoft (Perception) Rating 6


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Reserved for when my PC isn't on a moving truck somewhere...


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(In Progress)

Character: Arc

== Background ==
[spoiler]"They tell me there's a whole grand world out there, all sorts of different peoples and cultures, cities, countries, the like. I wouldn't know anything about that; Seattle's been my home all my life. Born to a couple corp parents that survived Crash 2.0? Not many could be so lucky, though it would seem I wasn't meant for that life either. I can't remember when it happened--I think I was 7 or 8 at the time--but the complex we lived in got wrapped up into some drek-all turf war. Fires started, bullets flew, building collapsed. I watched my dad choked to death, buried under rubble, my mother dragged away by a couple thuggy-looking orks. Last thing I ever legitimately saw, actually, was a pair of hands reaching to pull me out...big meaty ones too, that smelled bad, and then I must have blacked out.

When I awoke, the first thing I noticed was the blackness. And then the hurt. A click, and then I saw things again, though it was..different, like watching a trid. Focusing made me hurt, but I realized I was in some kind of room. There was blood, I think it was mine. Painful waiting phooped, and then there was someone. A troll, big one at that. Introduced himself as Lupo, and that he ran some gang called Night Howlers. Fed me some sob story about his regret my family got pulled into this drek, and that my eyes got burnt up in the fire. I don't believe one bit of that, but as it were, he put in new eyes for me, and that meant I owed him. And so, I became a Howler slave, doing all the menial drek no one else cared for. It was not fun. Street living, feeding off of gang scraps, the beatings the legit members gave me. I learned young how to fight, how to shoot a gun, younger than most should be. I dunno if it was fate that turned me around, but a few years after my true talent was discovered.

I was good with machines: Weapons, cars, other drek. Lupo learned of it when I was playing with a bricked Honda and somehow got the engine working. Since I became useful, I got upgraded from "slave" to "member quality, but still a slave", seeing as I still had a "debt" to pay. I was still drek to them, but I served a purpose, and Lupo made sure to apprentice me under their mechanics, honing my talent. Once i hit 14, they actually brought me out for jobs, driving the getaway cars and working my magic with field fixes. Several jobs turned hairy, so it was lucky I knew how to work a wheel...if our opposition didn't geek me, the Howlers would have for my screw up. I even picked up a few ordinance tricks...gangs like explosions, so my favor went up in their books. Lucky me. Finally, when I hit 19, after a fairly successful and profitable raid, Lupo gave me my freedom...though I feel like he wouldn't hesitate to put me in his debt again with a needed favor.

On my own, with what little cut I was given from the last job, I made my own life in the sprawl. You'd be surprised how easy it is to find work making discount repairs for the lower class. Before I knew it, I had my own flat, and a shop to do my work in. Did some digging, learned my past, discovered that my real birth SIN registered me a dead. Score one for investigative thoroughness, eh slitches? I knew a buddy from the Howlers that didn't hate my guts, and he hooked me up with a SIN to do work in. Then the work was coming to me, legit mostly, though I did become a bit of a hit with the local runners. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that I've integrated with the locals almost, but I know better. I was raised a Howler, though I do my best to keep that instinct down. I make sure to work and talk with a smile on my face. After the drek I've been through, what else can you do but be positive?"[/spoiler]

After Lullabye and Goodnight:
[spoiler]"Life takes interesting turns.  I was content with scraping up my living fixing cars on the dime and fending off those who wanted to remind me whose heel I was scraped from.  But when a blood spirit led by a crazy hoop mage slitch comes waltzing around geeking people, I felt a pull to do something.  Which was weird, because I hardly believed I had any useful skills to share to do the kind of drek I did.  But somehow I pulled it off.  Got the Howlers pointing in the right direction to get some muscle going, and even got the bonus of losing a few of them to the thing.  Built a sensor net out of scrap parts and chewing gum, though  I gotta get better at that.  Practically gave my life defending this hood.  Hell, I might as well have.  Lost my arm in the explosion.  But I gained some drek for it.  I have new eyes that make me look...well, normal.  A replacement arm  to still be useful.  I'm now a rigger, though that is some wicked crazy drek to get used to.  And friends.  Genuine friends, who looks like I'll be working with.

Stepping into the shadows...let's hope I hit the ground running."[/spoiler]

After Date Night
[spoiler]"Frag alive, and here I thought dealing with a blood mage and spirit was crazy enough.  The job was supposed to be pretty simple.  We was local heroes, in the money and lookin' to spend it all, so we got fancy threads and went to party.  Place was happening, but we was told it was shady...and after a few of us (including a good friend, and our employer to boot) went missing, things got hairy.  We weren't sure how to proceed, but came to the decision: instead of just taking a peek, we dug up the dirt on this Stardust.  And to do that, we had to go in deep.

For my new blood sister, it was easy, but dangerous.  A VIP of the club took interest in her, and she dove into a deep spiral of drugs and partying, all the while getting dirt on other VIPs with pull in the operation.  And then throw in a hitjob of some scientist and you got a bad mix with a killer edge.  The new guy that Sam paired us with, Marco, was infiltrating the ranks, and somehow these two keebs are finding love.  Well, more power to them, eh?  Meanwhile, I'm playing the broke slitch with a need for quick jing, and a partner of the Dust from my streets just happened to be offering work.  Opportunity?  I think so.

And I got my hoop to work.  First job?  Bust up a drug operating ring that's been undercutting.  Well, a special drug made specially for this club seemed like a good op to collect for evidence for when our employer's feds cut in (lucky guess on our part), so I jumped on it.  I was able to pull some strings, and got a crew of street urchins in, cut from the same cloth I was, led by the best stealth bunny I know.  And it was in this crew that I somehow picked up a pupil of sorts.  Young teen chick that goes by Firefly, turns out to be a pretty slick Decker and a mojo slinger to boot.  Wiz, and definitely had more stock...and taking out this drug up likely woulda gone way to drek if she wasnt along.  So, I invested.  Helped her with her debt that she apparently had, nailed her in with a new deck.

Right about this time I got a new friend to get in this crew.  Troll about my age, goes by Tuskaloosa.  Smart with engines, honest heart, I took a liking to her.  Best part is I got both of their skillsets to help with a job lined up for later...and they both proved themselves in one last ride for the Dust.  I was able to snag a mage they were wanting...and that was a harsh lesson.  Got the mark, but trashed my car and two of us in the process.  Nearly bought it twice.  I need to not make a habit of that, I guess...frag it.  But, we got what we needed, and the Dust is history...but not with a few scars of several kinds.

Now, things are going to be interesting.  There have been changes made in most all of us...some more physical than others, if  my new tusks have anything to say about it.  The long hours are spent getting ready...and building trust.  For if we're going to go to Europe to geek a buncha hoops, I wanna be sure this team is tight...or I don't know if I can get everyone home...

Oh right, there was one more thing that may be a bit important.  Just a wee bit..I have a Vrukart!  To keep him safe, I ain't namin' any names, but nontheless i got one.  I couldn't be happier too.  He respects my work and knows that what I do is for a good reason.  Even still, he worries, and while it's weird to think about it, someone worrying over me seems like a nice change.  He keeps me balanced now..and helps me think that not all of this is drek and shadow.  He's family to me now, part of me.  I will be going home after this mission.  I will not accept anything less"[/spoiler]

== Info ==
[spoiler]Street Name: Arc
Name: Tessa Preishan
Movement: 10/20
Karma: 11
Street Cred: 6
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0
Human Female Age 21
DOB: 01/23/2054
Height 5'1" Weight 152 lbs
Composure: 6
Judge Intentions: 6
Lift/Carry: 7 (45 kg/30 kg)
Memory: 9
Nuyen: 32,280 Personal, 21,000 pooled w/ Yelena, 24,084 net (GG job),

== Priorities ==
Metatype: D - Human or Elf
Attributes: A - 24 Attributes
Special: E - Mundane
Skills: C - 28 Skills/2 Skill Groups
Resources: B - 50,000¥

== Attributes ==
BOD: 5
AGI: 5 (7 w/Right Arm)
REA: 5
STR: 3
CHA: 3
INT: 3
LOG: 6
WIL: 3
EDG: 4

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence:                   3.84
Initiative:                8 + 1d6
Rigger Initiative:         8 + 1d6
Astral Initiative:         
Matrix AR Initiative:      8 + 1d6
Matrix Cold Initiative:    3 + DP + 3d6
Matrix Hot Initiative:     3 + DP + 4d6
Physical Damage Track:     12
Stun Damage Track:         10

== Limits ==
Physical:                  5
Mental:                    6
Social:                    5
Astral:                    6

== Active Skills ==
Aeronautics Mechanic       : 1                      Pool: 7
Animal Handling            : 0                      Pool: 2
Archery                    : 0                      Pool: 4
Armorer                    : 3                      Pool: 9
Automatics                 : 2                      Pool: 7
Automotive Mechanic        : 5                      Pool: 11
Blades                     : 0                      Pool: 4
Clubs                      : 0                      Pool: 4
Computer                   : 1                      Pool: 7
Con                        : 2                      Pool: 5
Cybercombat                : 0                      Pool: 5
Demolitions                : 2                      Pool: 8
Disguise                   : 0                      Pool: 2
Diving                     : 0                      Pool: 3
Escape Artist              : 0                      Pool: 4
Etiquette                  : 1                      Pool: 4
First Aid                  : 0                      Pool: 5
Forgery                    : 0                      Pool: 5
Free-Fall                  : 0                      Pool: 3
Gunnery                    : 4                      Pool: 9
Gymnastics                 : 2                      Pool: 7
Hacking                    : 0                      Pool: 5
Hardware                   : 3                      Pool: 9
Heavy Weapons              : 0                      Pool: 4
Impersonation              : 0                      Pool: 2
Industrial Mechanic        : 1                      Pool: 7
Instruction                : 0                      Pool: 2
Intimidation               : 0                      Pool: 2
Leadership                 : 0                      Pool: 2
Longarms                   : 0                      Pool: 4
Navigation                 : 1                      Pool: 4
Negotiation                : 1                      Pool: 4
Perception                 : 2                      Pool: 5
Performance                : 0                      Pool: 2
Pilot Ground Craft         : 5                      Pool: 10
Pilot Aircraft           :2                      Pool: 7
Pistols                    : 3                      Pool: 8
Running                    : 2                      Pool: 5
Sneaking                   : 1                      Pool: 6
Survival                   : 0                      Pool: 2
Swimming                   : 0                      Pool: 2
Throwing Weapons           : 3                      Pool: 8
Tracking                   : 0                      Pool: 2
Unarmed Combat             : 3                      Pool: 8

== Knowledge Skills ==
Architecture               : 1                      Pool: 7
Area Knowledge: Seattle    : 2                      Pool: 5
Engineering                : 4                      Pool: 10
English                    : N                      Pool: 0
Firearms                   : 2 [Design]             Pool: 8 (10)
Gangs                      : 2 [Seattle]            Pool: 5 (7)
Or'zet                     : 3                      Pool: 6
Sprawl Life                : 2                      Pool: 5

== Contacts ==
Hrock (3, 2)
Lupo (2, 1)
Ralphie Mastch (3, 1)
Sam Webster (5, 2)
Chop-Shop Munchkins (3,1)
Dr. Samuel Brotherton (...)
TriggerT  (...)
Jaime (N/A)

== Qualities ==
Addiction (Mild) (Smoking)
Quick Healer
Social Stress (Loss)

== Lifestyles ==
Ground-level Shop (shared), Rent due Mar. 01, 2076

== Cyberware/Bioware ==
Control Rig Rating 1
Cybereyes Basic System Rating 1
   +Image Link
Obvious Full Arm (AGI 5 (7), STR 3, Physical 5) (Right)
   +Customized Agility Rating 5
   +Augmented Agility Rating 2
   +Drone Launcher
   +Tool kit

== Armor ==
Armor Jacket                   12
Armor Vest                         9
Chameleon Suit                9
Clothing (Work)                 0
Clothing (Street)                0
Cold Weather Suit (6 sets)

== Weapons ==
Ares Predator V
   +Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   +Spare Clip
   +Spare Clip
   +Spare Clip
   Pool: 8   Accuracy: 7   DV: 8P   AP: -1   RC: 1
Grenade: Fragmentation (Aerodynamic)
   Pool: 8   Accuracy: 5   DV: 18P(f) (-1/m)   AP: +5   RC: 1
Grenade: High Explosive
   Pool: 8   Accuracy: 5   DV: 16P (-2/m)   AP: -2   RC: 1
Ingram Smartgun X
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   +Sound Suppressor
   +Spare Clip
   +Spare Clip
   +Spare Clip
   +Spare Clip
   Pool: 7   Accuracy: 6   DV: 8P   AP: -   RC: 3
Shock Gloves
   Pool: 8   Accuracy: 5   DV: 8S(e)   AP: -5   RC: 1
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 8   Accuracy: 5   DV: 3S   AP: -   RC: 1
Yamaha Pulsar
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   Pool: 8   Accuracy: 7   DV: 7S(e)   AP: -5   RC: 1

== Commlink ==
Essy Motors DroneMaster (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 4, FWL: 4)
   +Autosoft (Clearsight) Rating 4
   +Autosoft ((Shia) Maneuvering) Rating 4
   +Autosoft ((Shia) Stealth) Rating 4
   +Autosoft ((MCT) Maneuvering) Rating 4
   +Autosoft ((MCT) Stealth) Rating 4
   +Autosoft ((MCT-Nissan) Targeting) Rating 5
Renraku Sensei (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 3, FWL: 3)
   +Hot Sim Module

== Gear ==
Ammo: APDS (Sniper Rifle)  x40
Ammo: Gel Rounds (Heavy Pistols) x30
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Assault Rifle) x250
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Heavy Pistols) x65
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Sniper Rifle) x120
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Submachine Guns) x288
Ammo: Taser Dart (Tasers) x36
AR Gloves
Certified Credstick, Platinum x1
Certified Credstick, Gold x3
Certified Credstick, Silver x5
Certified Credstick, Standard x8
Commercial Explosive Rating 5 x12
Datachip x10
Detonator, Blasting Cap x3
Fake License (Concealed Carry Permit) Rating 2
Fake License (Driver's License) Rating 2
Fake License (Explosives License) Rating 2
Fake License (Firearms License) Rating 2
Fake License (Restricted Cyberware License) Rating 2
Fake SIN (Lauren Summers) Rating 3
Flashlight, Infrared
Goggles Rating 3
   +Thermographic Vision
   +Vision Enhancement Rating 2
Grenade: Fragmentation (Aerodynamic) x3
Grenade: High Explosive x5
Earbuds Rating 2
   +Audio Enhancement Rating 2
Medkit: Rating 6
Respirator, Rating 4
Restraint, Plastic x20
Security Tags x30
Slap Patch, Stim Patch Rating 4 x3
Slap Patch, Trauma Patch x2
Survival Kit
Tool Kit (Armorer)
Tool Kit (Demolition)
Tool Shop (Mechanic)

== Vehicles ==
GMC Universe (Van)
   +Manual Control Override
   +Metahuman Adjustment (Troll)
   +Metahuman Adjustment (Elf)
   +Metahuman Adjustment (Elf)
   +Morping License Plate
   +MultiPainttm System
   +Passenger Protection System Rating 6
   +Rigger Interface
   +Sensor Array Rating 2
   +Spoof Chips
   +Valkyrie Module
   +Winch, Standard
MCT Fly-Spy (Minidrone)
   +Sensor Array Rating 3
MCT Fly-Spy (Minidrone)
   +Sensor Array Rating 3
MCT-Nissan Rotodrone (Medium Drone)
   +Sensor Array Rating 3
   +Weapon Mount (Pop-Up) (Remington 950)
        +Smartgun (internal), Silencer, 120x Regular ammunition (or 40x APDS)
MCT-Nissan Rotodrone (Medium Drone)
   +Sensor Array Rating 3
   +Weapon Mount (Pop-Up) (Ares Alpha)
        +Smartgun (internal), Silencer, 250x Regular ammunition, 6x HE grenades
Shiawase Kanmushi (Microdrone)
   +Sensor Array Rating 3
Shiawase Kanmushi (Microdrone)
   +Sensor Array Rating 3[/spoiler]

==Physical Appearance==

==Matrix Persona==
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Mercy Merchant

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Agree with you, Irish.  I mentioned the same things to him and I think that is why he put the post in a spoiler.  He might be planning on editing it a bit.  I hope.
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Initiation is an extended test of one month.  Do you think that after this chapter there will be a hand wave time of a month (like our recent ten day downtime)? 

If not, Can we say that Jed is working on initiation in pieces, and start keeping track of a day here, day there, week there towards an initiation?
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I would like to start adding a day of the week and time of day to my posts.  What day of the week are we on?
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Tues. Dec 31, 2075
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The late posting in the last thread led to some confusion about Marco's state.  I'll edit my posts to include some comments about him being missing. 

Gil, if anything is counter to what you intended, let me know.
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"All the Polish your grandmother didn't teach you.".   ;D. I love it!
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