Official Shadowrun dice

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« on: <06-18-16/0318:18> »
So I have a set of awesome shadowrun dice that were I guess supposed to be sold in Germany, or something. But they have the shadowrun symbol on the 5 and 6, and are blank on the 1. The quality of the dice are amazing, and I really love using them, but the tin only came with twelve in it. I am posting here, in the hope that maybe we can get another production run of these going? I would post a picture of them, but I haven't found them yet in all these boxes from moving recently.
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« Reply #1 on: <06-18-16/0323:44> »
I have them too and yes they are pretty awesome (one of my player systematicaly steal'em from me, the GM, for the game).

As I live in Germany, I can sadly bring you the bad news: they are out of stock. I heard, that they was either working a either a new set of dice for Shadowrun 5 or a "reprint" of those dice, but nothing yet.

Sorry for the bad news.