UV Flashlight

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« Reply #15 on: <06-13-16/0341:44> »
Clearly, there is only one solution.

Reaver, dear, we shall need you to acquire a stop watch and an albino, then measure how long it takes for the albino to die upon exposure to this light bulb.

The Albino declines your invintation to involvment in science.

Don't worry..... cookies solve everything....
Where am I going? And why am I in a hand basket ???

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« Reply #16 on: <06-14-16/1555:19> »
That'd do, Reaver. What kind of bulb sizes are we talking? Small enough to fit a flashlight?

Its an arrangment of 36 blubs, each 48 inches in lenght that surround a clear section on pipe....

In such a rig, UV radiation is able to clean about 100,000 liters of water an hour, per intake.


So, your flashlight would be 4 feet wide with one of these blubs :P
And mind you, these are specialized blubs! You place orders for them 6 months in advance for manufacture.... not run to Home Depot to buy.

Well, the new high-intensity tactial flashlight should work if you just use UV bulbs instead of the ones it comes with. :)
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