AI's and Cameras

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Quote from: Unwired 170pg
As creatures of the Matrix, most AIs are at best ignorant of the functionings and goings-on of the physical world—some AIs have never even heard of it or simply refuse to believe it exists. Even if their original programming involved interaction with the physical world in some way, they may not fully grasp the entirety of meatspace or minor things like gravity and other physical laws. As a result, AIs with this quality have little knowledge of the real world and may suffer hefty negative dice pool modifiers (at the gamemaster’s discretion) when interacting with it or otherwise exercising knowledge about it.

Given this paragraph I'm seemingly not grasping what "most AIs" understand about the world. What would they think about live camera feeds or even recordings of meatspace? What about the wikipedia of the 6th world and its insights to metahuman physiology? What good is a StufferShack host advertising new soy flavors when food is unnecessary?

It just seems like there would be too many hints at another plane of existence for AI's to just ignore it (or at least not figure enough out). I totally get being a virtual entity in a virtual world. The endless "sky" obscured by the hosts of megacorps. The vast sea of personas and files all within thought's reach. Digital clubs blasting the latest single from the Latch-Key Kids. Great, VR is a thing and you can totally live "under that rock", however the reality of meatspace feels too penetrating to not know of it and/or understand anything about it.

Or am I just another "slave" trapped in a prison for my mind to which another reality is incomprehensible?
(Matrix reference if you didn't catch it)


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I took in a similar vein as some religions denying what others would call absolute truth.
Views from camera feeds or recordings might be seen as entertainment or deception.
Or in the alternative, meatspace could be seen as a persistent virtual reality.
Most with this quality might know that there is a meatspace, but either can't or won't understand the laws that keep it held together.


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  Yeah i have similar thoughts on this one, metahumans interact with, create, design and use the matrix and as a result consider it as an extention of their own reality.  Due to the need to interact with it and understand it it becomes accepted and the rules are understood.  However this isnt true of matrix constructs necessarily, for starters your trying to impose human logical process and responses on something that is by definition inhuman.  Next ai wether full or limited reside pretty much entirely within their own world, they didnt create meatspace nor do they interact with it except in the most rudimentary way.  You could argue everything they do is in the matrix and some of it affects the physical world ie sending a sisnal from source to camera a to make camera a turn.  Left to their own devices the matrix rarely uses meatspace objects in the same way meatspace uses  the matrix, ie you use the matrix to interact with a door and open it, there isnt really a matrix equivelent of interacting with meatspace to accomplish something in the matrix that would be a common occurance.  As this disparity exists it makes sense for those who reside in meatspace to have greater knowledge and understanding of the matrix than matrix entities do for meatspace.

  That said a complete lack of knowledge is a bit far fetched.  If I was GMing I would want to know more about the ai in question before imposing the full weight of this rule, if in a position where limited interaction was required with meatspace i would only apply light penalties and in some areas where it's easy to inferr whats going on none at all.  Some rules this are really down to gm interpretation of the character and situation.
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I don't find it that hard to believe. After all you ARE talking about an entity with no real body, nor mass, or form. It is purely a collection of code, and as such it would never experience a lot of the natural world that we know.
Things like light, gravity, food, air, water are all alien to it, as none of those things exist in the matrix.

To most AI, the meat world isn't real, or doesn't exist at all. After all, if you can't see it, or interact with it, does it exist? and for many AIs, they will never interact with the meat world. And just because an AI is in the matrix, doesn't mean it knows everything on the matrix.... they have mental scores that determine just how "smart" they are.... or how stupid.

And just like today, with the wealth of information that is available with a button click, MOST people are ignorant of a lot of things.
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