[5e OOC] Hunters Chapter 2: Fontanelle

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Welcome to Chapter Two.

Our hunters are:
Tecumseh: Achak (AmerIndian shamanistically inclined Christian who carries a big stick)
Malevolence: Mercer (Street Sam shootist with a penchant for naming his toys)
Zweiblumen: (Combat/infiltration rigger with a past in smuggling who is new to the hunting game)
bangbangtequila: (cold and ruthless disowned combat mage who needs to make it up to mommy and daddy)

RIP to:
8-bit: Stake (Cybered Street Sam, Team Leader, Szechley geeker)
Poindexter: Sister Rebecca (demon-smiting Paladin of Pelor, err, Mystic Adept rocking an under-barrel chainsaw and wielding the Sword of Gabriel )

Please post your character sheets and background below.  As always, please allow everyone to post before continuing with any OOC chatter.


Duncan Abbey: Fence: Connection: 6 (Team Contact)

A finely chiseled elf of African ancestry and British upbringing, Mr. Abbey is a dealer in art and fine antiques.  He keeps an office in Downtown Seattle, in what was once the Queen Anne District, in Manhattan, and another in Tokyo.  While he has a penchant for jewelry, Mr. Abbey has a way of keeping his understated and classical, favoring British styles, tie pins, and mechanical pocket watches.  Aside from his taste for the finer things in life, Mr. Abbey is a soft-spoken and shrewd businessman who is always thinking about the long game.  While he's not above using his status and education to softly bully new shadowrunners, when he sees potential for a fruitful business relationship he does his best to make sure that each party is satisfied, assuming that it won't cut too far into his bottom line, of course.

Rose Delayne (Raven): Fixer: Connection 3

A paranormal investigator turned Ghoul, Raven is a go-to source for information about the Infected, their habits, their weaknesses, and certain goings on in some of the more unsavory corners of Seattle.  She stands a meter-and-a-two-thirds tall, is lanky -- as ghouls tend to be -- and has a pair of obvious cyber eyes which help her do most of her work on the matrix.  She is a regular contributor to Grotto1, where she uses the handle "Nevermore."  For those who have never met Raven in the flesh, it is not common knowledge that she is a ghoul.  Raven is one of the self-loathing ghoul types, and she makes every effort to inform the non-infected and infected alike in her life that she only eats scraps that she buys from street docs.

Father Jim Mallory: Talismonger: Connection 3

A Benedictine Monk by education, Father Mallory is a talismonger by trade.  He is large, even by troll standards, of mostly Irish ethnicity, and a man who's quick to smile.  A Christian Theurgist, Father Mallory runs his shop out of Saint Monica's Church, a small congregation on the border between the Redmond Barrens and Bellevue.  He does his best to keep his finger on the pulse of his corner of Seattle, but given that everything he hears is filtered through his own worldview, sometimes some of the cold hard facts get lost in the translation.

Nori Koizumi: Blogger/Reporter: Connection 4

Information is the game.  The saying goes, "It's not what you know, it's who you know," and Ms. Koizumi would disagree vehemently.  "Without the 'who,' there is no 'what,' but it's the 'what' that pays the bills," she would say.  And pay the bills it does.  Ms. Koizumi writes for a number of scream sheets as well as a few of the more reputable sources, and she's got the list of clients to back those stories up.  She favors any stories with a hint of the macabre, and it was as long ago as early April when she first opined that something rotten was happening in the shadows of the Infected.  In her early 20s, Ms. Koizumi is plump, gracious, and only slightly over a meter-and-a-half tall, but when she gets a hold of a story, she is tenacious.  Ms. Koizumi is a human of Japanese ancestry.

Grotto1: Matrix Forum

Grotto1 is the go-to hub for vampire hunters across the UCAS.  Information and tips are bought and sold, with user feedback ratings keeping most of the drek out.  Grotto1 is a subscription-based private server, which allays some, but not all, security worries. 

Shadow Slang
(Add, or don't, the following to your Shadowrun speak as you feel appropriate.)

Chipper n. Weaponized sawdust, esp. in grenade or shotgun round.  Useful for bypassing Regeneration and for forcing a vampire to abandon its mist form.
Dust(ed) v. To kill an infected, esp. a vampire.
Lost boys n. Newly turned vampires who have not yet mastered their powers or limits.  Not as conniving a foe as an elder vampire, Lost boys are nevertheless fierce and feral combatants who will often feed much more often than is necessary to augment their strength, agility, or magic.  Lost Boys also have a tendency to wreak havoc on a specific locale until they are either dispatched or learn to hide themselves more adroitly.
Stake-N-Shake n. The murdering-the-infected version of a smash and grab, Stake-N-Shake operations occur when a vampire must be hit in a public or semi-public venue and the corpse extracted to cash in on the bounty.  These operations are dangerous because the vampire's thrall will almost always be present, along with the other dangers of collateral damage, etc. that are present with a firefight in a public spaces.  Stake-N-Shakes are often a last resort for powerful vampires trying to conceal their nature because they will often be ingesting food and so cannot take advantage of their mist form power.
Sterling Round also Sterlings n. Silver-plated ammunition often used for dusting Banshees and some vampires.  While sterling silver and plated silver are 2 different things in the jewelry world, this is an example of a misnomer that stuck.  The softness of the outer-coating gives these rounds increased devastation against soft targets, but are less useful against armored foes.  (Treat regular rounds mechanically as hollow-points for DV and AP characteristics.  APDS remains unchanged.)
Szechely n. Pronounced "Say-Kay," by most English speakers in the western hemisphere.  In Bram Stoker's Dracula, the title character descended from the Hungarian tribe Székelys.  In vampire hunting circles, it is common to refer to vampires by this name as an insult.
Whip n. The senior and ranking member of a vampire's thrall.  Often called a Whip for the nice, sporty cars they often drive, Whips usually straddle the line between head bodyguard, personal assistant, and food procurement service.  Often adepts or magically active, vampires refrain from draining the essence from their Whips, as doing so has a negative effect on their future job performance.
Zeke n. See Szechely.

House Rules

Edge Tests always have exploding 6s.

RG2, with the following exceptions: no target size modifiers for targets that fall into the "Small" and "Bulky" category.


martinchaen's (RIP) Rigger revamp rules as outlined here:
All preferred changes apply.

For Summoning, the limit is the spirit's force or the summoner's astral limit, whichever is higher (JackVII's house rule).

For Alchemy: Instead of Alchemy being opposed by Force of the preparation, it is opposed by Force - Alchemist's Skill. Therefore, an Alchemist with an Alchemy skill of 6 casting at Force 6 or lower would roll Magic + Alchemy [Force] unopposed, but if he were to overcast to Force 12, he would be opposed by 6 dice. This makes it easier to create preparations with decent Potency (Ryo's house rule).


   Species   UCAS   CAS
   Bandersnatchii      ¥7,500      ¥5,000   
   Banshees      ¥5,000      ¥5,000   
   Dzoo-noo-qua      ¥2,500      ¥3,000   
   Fomôraig      ¥1,500      ¥1,500   
   Ghouls      ¥1,500      ¥1,500   
   Goblins      ¥4,000      ¥4,000   
   Loup-garou      ¥2,500      ¥3,500   
   Nosferatu      ¥15,000      ¥15,000   
   Vampires      ¥7,500      ¥6,000   
   Wendigos      ¥15,000      ¥15,000   


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Name: Achak
Alias: Teros Boanerges
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Nationality: Salish-Shidhe
Ancestry: Native American
Lifestyle: Low in Seattle, Squatter safehouses in Puyallup and Salish-Shidhe, High TBD
Personal Money: ¥675,700
Team Expense Account: ¥10,500
Current Karma: 6 all-purpose / 1 knowledge
Karma Spent: 22 all-purpose / 18 knowledge
Physical Description:TBD

355 (7)5
3 of 3663d6 + 13
Physical l.Mental l.Social l.Astral l.
Physical boxStun boxOverflow

Positive Qualities
Agile Defenderuse Agility for Full Defense
Catlike+2 Sneaking
Guts+2 resist fear and intimidation
Mentor Spirit (Dog)+2 tracking, improved senses, loyalty
Sharpshooter+2 called shots, -1 all other shots

Negative Qualities
Addiction (Mild) (Stimulants)Woooo!
Allergy (Common) (Mild)Chocolate (real and fake)
Dependent (Nuisance) (Mild)Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Loss of Confidence (Leadership) -2 to Leadership tests
Prejudice (Specific, Biased) (Trolls)-2 to social interactions
SINner (National)Salish-Shidhe

Adept Powers
NameCost     Notes
Adrenaline Boost I0.25+2 to Initiative, Free Action, soak 1 drain
Attribute Boost I (AGI)0.25Simple Action, soak 1 drain
Cloak0.00Qi Focus, +1 to oppose Detection spells
Combat Sense II1.00+2 defense, can always roll for surprise
Critical Strike (Clubs)0.50+1 DV clubs
Danger Sense0.25+1 surprise checks
Enhanced Accuracy (Clubs)0.25+1 Accuracy
Improved Reflexes 22.50+2 Reaction, +2d6 Initiative
Improved Sense (Bloodhound Scent)0.00from mentor spirit
Improved Sense (High-Frequency Hearing)0.00from mentor spirit
Linguistics0.00Qi Focus, Intuition+Logic vs. Threshold (6 hours)
Magic Sense0.50Detect Magic, range = 60 meters
Motion Sense0.50Perception + Magic [Mental] vs. threshold, range = 6 meters
Sustenance0.00Qi Focus, one meal per day
Traceless Walk1.00-4 Perception checks to detect with hearing

Active Skills
Skill Groups
NameRating     Notes
Influence skill group5
...Leadership5-2 Loss of Confidence
Athletics skill group1
Outdoors skill group     1
...Tracking1+2 Mentor Spirit

Individual Skills
Name     Rating     Notes
Automatics (Assault Rifles)     6 (8 )     smartlink, Sharpshooter
Clubs (Gunstock War club)6 (8 )+3 weapon focus
Locksmith (Maglock)6 (8 )
Perception (Hearing)6 (8 )improved adept senses (scent, high-frequency hearing)
Sneaking (Urban)6 (8 )+2 Catlike
Armorer (Melee Weapons)2 (4)
Heavy Weapons (Grenade Launchers)1 (3)smartlink
Escape Artist1
Pilot Ground Craft1

Knowledge Skills
NameRating     Category
Security Design (Homes)4 (6)Professional
Area Knowledge: NAN (Salish-Shidhe)     2 (4)Street
Area Knowledge: Seattle (Puyallup)2 (4)Street
Music (Classical/Baroque)2 (4)Interest
Christianity (Protestantism)2 (4)Academic
Street Drugs (Stimulants)2 (4)Interest
Seattle/SSC Smuggling Routes2Interest
Native American Traditional Weapons1Interest

Language Skills
Or'zet (Speak)3 (5)
Spanish (Speak)     1 (3)

Name     Location     Profession     C/L     Description
Duncan Abbey     Queen Anne, SeattleFence6/1A finely chiseled elf of African ancestry and British upbringing, Mr. Abbey is a dealer in art and fine antiques.
Lola LustytushLoveland, SeattleStripper2/3Lola is a human-looking ork who dances at Kadie's, a gentleman's club near Ft. Lewis.
MegedagikCascade Ork, Salish-Shidhe     Entreprenuer     3/2Megedagik is an ork shaman. He's a smuggler, a coyote, and a seller of suspicious goods.
Pastor PaulLos Angeles, PCCPastor4/3Pastor Paul converted Achak. He asks Achak to look after the church he left behind when he moved to L.A.
RustyPuyallup, SeattleGang Leader4/3Rusty is the troll leader of the BlackJacks, a Puyallup gang that Achak ran with for a while.

Background (full background here)
Achak was born on Cascade Ork lands in the Salish-Shidhe Council. Growing up with orks was more of a physical experience than a mental one, so he honed his body to be able to better compete with the quickly-maturing orks that were the same age. He fell in with a bad element (the whole tribe is a bad element) and got tied up with some smugglers (Megedagik). Achak is an excellent watchman, with adept powers that improve his senses.

After many smuggling runs into and out of Seattle, Achak decided to give city life a try. He fell in with the BlackJacks, a gang in the Puyallup Barrens. He eventually left over a conflict with the leader (Rusty) about a woman (Lola Lustytush). He was then recruited by Stake to become a vampire hunter, as his powers of perception combined with his natural sneakiness and fearlessness lent themselves well to the work. A tragedy leading to the death of one of his teammates made Achak question his leadership potential and eventually led him to convert to Christianity.

== Lifestyles ==
Gangland Hideout  (Seattle, Squatter, Extra Secure) 1 month
Simple Monastic Lifestyle (Seattle, Low) 1 month
Trailer in the Woods (Salish-Shidhe, Squatter)  1 month
Retirement (TBD, High+30% for dependents), Permanent

== Armor ==
Full Body Armor 15
   +Chemical Seal
   +Fire Resistance 2
   +Insulation 1
   +Nonconductivity 2
   +Shock Frills
   +Thermal Damping 2
Full Body Armor: Helmet 3
   +Flare Compensation
   +Vision Enhancement Rating 3

Lined Coat 9
   +Electrochromic Clothing
   +Concealable Holster (for Ares Crusader II)
   +Concealable Sheathe (for Gunstock War Club)
Forearm Guards 1

Vashon Island: Synergist Business Line 9 ("Sunday Best")
   +Custom Fit
   +Concealable Holster

== Weapons ==
Gunstock War Club w/ Personalized Grip
DV: 9P, AP: -2, Acc: 5 (7), Reach: 1

Ares Alpha
   +Flashlight, Low Light (side mount)
   +Imaging Scope (top mount)
   +Personalized Grip
   +Shock Pad
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   +Sound Suppressor (barrel mount)
   +Ares Alpha Grenade Launcher (underbarrel mount)
          +Airburst Link
Alpha DV: 11P, AP: -2, Acc 5 (8 ), SA/BF/FA, 42(c), Recoil: 5 w/ Str (+1 first shot = 6 shots), Short: 25, Medium: 150, Long: 350, Extreme: 550
Grenade DV/AP: per grenade, Acc 4 (7), SS, 6 (c), Short: 50, Medium: 100, Long: 150, Extreme: 500

Ares Crusader II
   +Flashlight, Low Light (side mount)
   +Gas-Vent 2 System (integral)
   +Imaging Scope (top mount)
   +Personalized Grip
   +Shock Pad
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   +Sound Suppressor (barrel)
DV: 7P, AP: 0, Acc 5 (8 ), SA/BF, 40(c), Recoil: 5 w/ Str (+1 first shot = 6 shots), Short: 5, Medium: 15, Long: 30, Extreme: 50

== Commlink ==
Fairlight Caliban
Meta Link x2 (burners)

== Gear ==
Ammo: Machine Pistol: APDS x41
Ammo: Machine Pistol: EX-Explosive Rounds x40
Ammo: Machine Pistol: Regular x20
Ammo: Machine Pistol: Silver APDS x50
Ammo: Machine Pistol: Stealth Tag Tracker x20
Ammo: Machine Pistol: Stick-n-Shock x40
Ammo: Machine Pistol: Wooden Flechette x34 (used 6 of original 40)

Ammo: Assault Rifle: APDS x56
Ammo: Assault Rifle: EX-Explosive Rounds x59 (used 3 of original 42)
Ammo: Assault Rifle: Flechette x20
Ammo: Assault Rifle: Gel x40
Ammo: Assault Rifle: Silver APDS x62
Ammo: Assault Rifle: Stealth Tag Tracker x40
Ammo: Assault Rifle: Wooden Flechette x62

Minigrenade: Flash-Bang x4
Minigrenade: High Explosive x4
Minigrenade: Sawdust x4
Minigrenade: Thermal Smoke x3
Minigrenade: Fragmentation x1
Spare Clip (Ares Alpha) x4
Spare Clip (Ares Crusader II) x4

Autopicker Rating 6
Cellular Glove Molder Rating 4
Gecko Tape Gloves
Keycard Copier Rating 6
Lockpick Set
Maglock Passkey Rating 4
Monofilament Chainsaw
Sequencer Rating 5
Miniwelder Fuel Canister

Glasses Rating 4
   +Vision Enhancement Rating 3
   +Flare Compensation
Contacts Rating 3
   +Low Light
   +Image Link
Earbuds Rating 3
   +Audio Enhancement Rating 3

Fake SIN (UCAS) Rating 4 - "Teros Boanerges"
+ Fake License (Bounty Hunter) Rating 4
+ Fake License (Firearms) Rating 4
+ Fake License (Registered Awakened) Rating 4

Fake SIN (Salish Shidhe) Rating 1 - "Caesar Imperator Augustus" Male Elf, Age 1914
+ Fake License (Adept License) Rating 1
+ Fake License (Automatic Weapons License) Rating 1
+ Fake License (Bounty Hunter's License) Rating 1

Jazz x8
Long Haul x5
Novacoke x5
Psyche x12

Weapon Focus (Bonded Foci) (Gunstock War Club) Rating 3
Qi Focus (Bonded Foci) (Cloak) Rating 1
Qi Focus (Bonded Foci) (Linguistics) Rating 1
Qi Focus (Bonded Foci) (Sustenance) Rating 1

Medkit Rating 2
Respirator Rating 6
Slap Patch, Stim Patch Rating 6 x2
Slap Patch, Trauma Patch
Survival Kit

Tool Kit (Armorer)

DocWagon Contract (Gold)

== Team Inventory ==
Rating 6 Medkit + medkit supply x3
R6 Stim Patch
R6 Bug Scanner
R5 Area Jammer
Disguise Kit
Renraku Sensei (linked to Rebecca Montreau R1 SIN)

Nuyen log
Spent ¥100 on cab ride to Puyallup
Spent ¥275 on a case of Sylvan Spring Water
Spent ¥100 and one Meta Link on ammo from Mercer
Spent ¥1500 of Team Funds on one rating 3 stealth program for SpitFire
Spent ¥800 on R4 fake license for magical foci
Added ¥695,000 for selling Manet
Spent ¥25,000 on DocWagon Contract (Gold)
Spent ¥2,400 on Psyche x12
Spent ¥107 on cab ride for Flickr as well as take-out dinner for the team

Karma log
Spent 2 karma on Arcana 1
Spent 13 karma on Initiation 1
Spent 7 karma on Heavy Weapons (Grenade Launcher) specialization
Spent 6 karma on Agile Defender
Spent 3 knowledge karma for Firearms 2
Spent 3 knowledge karma for Infected 2
Spent 3 knowledge karma for Seattle/SSC Smuggling Routes 2
Spent 2 knowledge karma for Christianity 2
Spent 2 knowledge karma for Street Drugs 2
Spent 1 knowledge karma for Native American Traditional Weapons 1
Spent 1 knowledge karma for Fragrances 1
Spent 2 knowledge karma for Business 2

Magic To-Do List
Elemental Weapon 0.5
Rapid Draw 0.5
Riposte 0.5
Low-Frequency Hearing 0.25
Low-Light or Thermographic 0.25
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== Info ==
Street Name: "Flickr"
Name: Jackson O'Connell
Movement: 10/20
Karma: 1
Street Cred: 1
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0
Elven Male Age 27
Height 188cm Weight 80kg
Composure: 8
Judge Intentions: 9
Lift/Carry: 4 (60 kg/40 kg)
Memory: 8
Nuyen: 2810

== Priorities ==
Metatype: D - Elf
Attributes: B - 20 Attributes
Special: A - 6 Magic, 10 Spell
Skills: C - 28 Skills/2 Skill Groups
Resources: E - 100,000¥

== Attributes ==
BOD: 3
AGI: 5
REA: 5 
STR: 1
CHA: 3
INT: 5 (9 w/ Improved)
LOG: 3
WIL: 6
EDG: 2
MAG: 6

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence:                   6
Initiative:                11 + 1d6 (19 + 3d6 w/ F5 Inc. Int + Inc. Reflexes)
Rigger Initiative:         11 + 1d6 (19 + 3d6 w/ Increase Spells Active)
Astral Initiative:         11 + 2d6 (19 + 4d6 w/ Increase  Spells Active)
Matrix AR Initiative:      11 + 2d6
Matrix Cold Initiative:    6 + DP + 3d6 (10 + DP + 5d6 w/ Spells)
Matrix Hot Initiative:     6 + DP + 4d6 (10 + DP + 5d6 w/ Spells)
Physical Damage Track:     10
Stun Damage Track:         11

== Limits ==
Physical:                  4
Mental:                    6
Social:                    6
Astral:                    6

== Active Skills ==
Assensing                      : 6                   Pool: 12 (+4 w/ Improved Int)
Automatics                     : 6                      Pool: 11
Binding                          : 6                      Pool: 15
Blades                            : 1                     Pool: 6
Clubs                              :1                       Pool: 6
Con                                 : 1                     Pool: 4
Counterspelling            : 6                     Pool: 11
Etiquette                         : 1                     Pool: 4
Gymnastics                     :1                      Pool: 6
Negotiation                      :1                     Pool: 4
Perception                      : 1(Karma)      Pool: 6* (10 w/ Inc. Int, +Combat Sense)
Running                           :1                     Pool: 2
Sneaking                         : 1                     Pool: 6
Spellcasting(Combat)    : 6                     Pool: 12 (15*, 17*)
Summoning (Man)         : 6                    Pool: 12(15*, 17*)
Swimming                        :1                     Pool: 2
Unarmed                          : 1                    Pool: 6

== Knowledge Skills ==
Sperethiel                    : 3                      Pool: 8
Military                : 2 (Spec. Forces)    Pool: 7(9)
Biology                       : 2                           Pool: 5
Magical Threats          : 2                    Pool: 5
Small Unit Tactics         : 4                      Pool: 9
Security Tactics           :2                       Pool: 5
Religion (Christianity)  :1                    Pool: 4 (6)


== Contacts ==

Seamus O'Connell      6/3          Talismonger/Smuggler
Jackson's cousin, he was his handler back in Tir Na Nog and remains the only person from the family still in contact after he was banished. The family recognizes the sacrifice Jackson made, and while they cannot offer any overt aid, they

== Qualities ==
Allergy (Uncommon, Severe) (Opiates (Common Painkillers))
Distinctive Style
Focused Concentration (Rating 5)
Incompetent (Cracking)
Low-Light Vision
SINner (National) (Tir Na Nog)
Mentor Spirit (Wolf)

== Spells ==
(Tradition: Chaos, Resist Drain with WIL + INT (11))
Blast                                      DV: F-1
Combat Sense                     DV: F
Heal                                       DV: F-4
Improved Invisibility            DV: F-1
Increase [Attribute] (INT)   DV: F-3
Increase Reflexes               DV: F
Levitate                                 DV: F-2
Mind Control                        DV: F-1
Trid Phantasm                     DV: F
Lightning Bolt                       DV: F-3

== Lifestyles ==
Home Sweet Home  3 months

== Armor ==
Armor Jacket                        12
Ballistic Mask                      2
   +Gas Mask
   +Thermographic Vision
Full Body Armor                     15
   +Nonconductivity 3
   +Thermal Damping 3

== Weapons ==
Yamaha Raiden
   +Shock Pad
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   Pool: 11   Accuracy: 7   DV: 11P   AP: -2   RC: 8
Remington Suppressor
   +Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
   +Sound Suppressor
   Pool: 11   Accuracy: 6   DV: 7P   AP: -1   RC: 2
Steyr TMP
   +Concealed Quick-Draw Holster
   +Extended Clip
   +Gas-Vent 2 System
   +Laser Sight
   Pool: 11   Accuracy: 5   DV: 7P   AP: -   RC: 4
Survival Knife
   Pool: 6   Accuracy: 5   DV: 3P   AP: -1   RC: 2
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 6   Accuracy: 4   DV: 1S   AP: -   RC: 2

== Commlink ==
Transys Avalon (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 6, FWL: 6)

== Gear ==
Ammo: APDS (Assault Rifles) x100
Ammo: APDS (Machine Pistols) x100
Ammo: EX-Explosive Rounds (Assault Rifles) x100
Ammo: EX-Explosive Rounds (Machine Pistols) x100
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Assault Rifles) x500
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Machine Pistols) x500
Contacts Rating 3
   +Flare Compensation
   +Vision Enhancement Rating 1
Earbuds Rating 3
   +Audio Enhancement Rating 3
Magical Lodge Materials Rating 6
Minigrenade: High Explosive x6
Power Focus (Bonded Foci) Rating 3
Psyche x10
Reagents, per dram x200
Subvocal Mic

[spoiler]Jackson O'Connell was born to one of the younger branches of the O'Connor family tree of Connaught, as the second son. It may have been out-dated and therefore optional, he was still granted an education and training focusing on the specialized military tactics of the day. When he was still quite young, he was discovered to be Awakened, and his training changed abruptly. Suddenly his already impressive skill set came on a one-in-a-million platform, and his future the family business was guaranteed.

He had all the qualities they wanted. He was loyal to a fault, his family gave him everything and so earned everything back with interest, in Jackson's mind. He knew that much of his family's wealth and influence came from the fact they helped to rule half of the Elven world, and the rich lifestyle afforded to his family (in particular his beloved sister) shaped his devotedness to the nation, and made the decision to join whichever branch of service he was best suited to an easy one. With that willingness to serve so transparent, he was recruited into a shadow group funded privately by the O'Connell's off the books completely. The Taibhseach (gaelic for Spectre - pronounced "thyev-shukh") were an old tradition of the O'Connells, founded a century and more ago, after the first world war ravaged Europe, with the sole purpose of protecting the interests of their bloodline. The job may have changed since those distant days, the techniques have evolved, but the tradition remained.

He was trained by the masters, taught the ways of their order, a unique mental discipline that hones the instinct to such a fine edge that they no longer think about what they are doing, but rather let their body guide itself. There are very few who can master it and become their field operatives, and even fewer Magicians, and this made Jackson all the more valuable to them. They provided very little magical instruction, but rather taught him the focus and clarity he needed to simply let his natural connection to the mana guide him. He became known a Flickr, the darting light of a burning flame that the eye can only barel register before it either burns them or disappears. It took six years, and really, they were too tedious to bother getting into. The point being, Jackson was honed into a weapon, and then unsheathed.

He served for 5 years as the magical dagger thrust into the heart of those who threatened the values of the clan O'Connor. He destroyed corporate teams trying to influence the nation. He took down a Toxic Shaman building up across the border and threatening the few forested areas in their beautiful country. He crossed borders and murdered diplomats. He defended the honour of the country and the integrity of nature. Politics didn't matter, becaue he was no mere military agent, at risk of discrediting his own government, and his team lived and breathed in the darkness outside the law. It was when Aztechnology developed an aggressive plan to muscle into one of the clans and finally open the doors to Tir Na Nog that they finally met a match.

The Aztech delegation was meeting with the McCarthy Denaan'mor at their estate, finalizing a contract that would give the corporation, represented by one Tir citizen, legal ownership of a swathe of coastline with virtually unregulated control of some fifty square kilometers. This could not be allowed to happen, even though they endeavoured not to harm the major clans and thus avoid destabilizing the government. The team was small, only three men - all awakened. The two adepts had easily penetrated the security and taken out two elite security agents. Jackson had gotten into position, and began focusing his mana to cast mob mind, and force the Tir's to slaughter the delegation, and torpedo any negotiations now and stop them from ever rising again. As he cast, he realized what he missed. One of the delegates was infected, and shattered through the spell like wet paper. The vampire turned on the team, and Flickr had no choice but to bring destruction down on the room. He threw his lightning with all his might, and even took out one of the walls with the ferocity of his attack. The delegation was slaughtered, his two adepts putting a bullet in each of their heads to be sure, but one of the McCarthy's was killed, and the vampire escaped. That could not be sanctioned, could not be allowed. His fate was sealed.

His family met him under the utmost secrecy, and judged him in council. They found that he acted in the best interest of their family, and the nation as a whole. But he had murdered a member of a Denaan'mor. If he were caught, if he were linked to them in any way, the nation could descend into civil war. Before they passed their judgement, Jackson knelt before them and offered his blade, surrendering to die in the name of peace and family. They declined. He had served with absolute dedication, and done well when faced with an impossible choice, and so he was simply disowned. He was sent into exile, and provided with a new identity from a member of the family who had died in an accident only two months before, and shipped out to the UCAS aboard a freighter, in a shipping container with one light, some military rations, a small cot, and his few personal belongings. It was a long trip.

He arrived and met with Seamus, his handler, and got set up with an apartment. It wasn't much -  the budget was there to defend the nation, not put a burned asset up in the Ritz - but he had his skill and he had his freedom. It was enough. The most valuable thing that Seamus provided was a dossier left on the desk. It was the full file his group had put together on the incident which burned Jackson, and the last page was the picture of the vampire with a name: Jacob Kreutz. It was only one page, marking out his private holdings in Aztechnologies, his property in Tir Na Nog, and a last known location, which was on a plane bound for Bellevue.
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Still need to convert his char-sheet.  That'll take a while.  Here's the link for now:

20 Questions (SR 5 version):
1. What is the character’s gender?
2. What is the character’s physical size?
    On the smaller side for an ork, but still larger than an average human.  2m/113kg
3. What is the color of the character’s hair, eyes, and skin?
    Bald, datajack on his left temple, older style cybereyes with gears for pupils in breadboard irises
4. What is the character’s general appearance?
    The best way to describe it would be "rumpled."  Coveralls with a lined coat over when he needs it.  Oil/solvent stains on his clothes, and they are fairly tattered.  Somewhere he's probably got a wrinkled "suit" he could put on if he needs to, but he'd be hardpressed to find it.
5. Where was the character born?
6. What is the character’s age?
    29-ish maybe?  Hard to say when you don't know exactly when you were born.
7. What was the character’s family like?
    Dad was a drunk, mom was a drug adict.  Didn't end up spending much time with them.  Found the drones he could fix-up at the junkyard much safer/better company.
8. Has the character begun her own family?
    Unless you count the drones he has, nope and not likely to ever have one.  He and people ain't the best of friends.
9. Where or how was the character educated?
    On the streets and in the Matrix.  He's scrounged everything he's gotten.
10. Has the character done anything else for a living?
    Smuggling mostly.  Fire-support for folks that need it and know him.
11. What are the character’s political and religious beliefs?
    Doesn't really care one way or the other.  The "Man" does't have much to do with him, well outside of johnny-law.  But that's just the "opposition."  Nuthin' personal.
12. What is the character’s moral code?
    Not much of one.  He's rather laissez faire about life in general, and in the 6th world you get what you give.
13. Does the character have any goals?
    Another day another Nuyen.  He'd like to keep upgrading Patsy and Punch and the van... maybe some of the others one day.  Ohhh, maybe oneday get some new 'ware.
14. Why does the character run the shadows?
    Nuyen, why else?  He doesn't need much, but more is better.  Makes it easier to fix up the drones.
15. What is the character’s personality?
    Again, rather laissez faire in general.  He's easy going.  If he had any political leanings he'd probably be a neo-hippie, but he just doesn't care that much.
16. What special qualities does the character possess?
    He's a gifted rigger.  He can drive or fly just about anything, but specializes in drones.
17. Are there certain things the character just cannot do?
    Turn off the cameras.  He'll be recording with his cyber-eyes and at least one drone, preferably Patsy but if she's too large for the situation, he'll have a Fly-spy or two going.
18. What does the character hate?
    He's too chill to really hate anything, but he doesn't like staying in fancy places.  Make's him nervous and he starts waiting for the other shoe to drop.
19. What does the character love?
    Again, he's too chill to really love anything, but he really enjoys spending time working in his garage and being with Patsy, Punch, the Van and any other toys he has around.
20. What is the character’s name?
    He parents just called him "Shithead" or "Money-sink" and occasionally "Hey Boy."  But he goes by Spitfire cuz he read about those planes of yor in a Matrix article when he was a kid and dug the mythos around them.
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« Reply #4 on: <05-18-16/1719:55> »
Alias: Mercer
Name: Magnus Ford
Caucasian Human Male
Nationality: CAS, Lifestyle: Traveller (1 month)
Current Karma: 5, Total Karma: 18
Street Cred: 0, Notoriety: 0, Public Awareness: 0
Physical Description:Tall and wiry, with close cropped peppered black hair and a permanent 5 o’clock shadow, he is ruggedly handsome with tanned, careworn skin.

Body4Agility1 (3/11)Reaction2 (5)Strength1 (3/5)
Logic5Intuition5Willpower5 (6)Charisma6
Edge3Essence0.55Initiative4d6 + 10Limits (P/M/S)3 (5)/7 ( 8) /6 (7)
Physical box0/8Stun box0/12Overflow0/4Modifier0


Positive (32 karma)
AmbidextrousNo penalty for offhand
College EducationAcademic skills cost half in chargen, -1 karma postgen for rank 3+
Cyber Singularity Seeker+1 WIL per 2 cyberlimbs
Redliner+1 AGI/STR and -3 Physical Condition boxes (net -1) per 2 cyberlimbs
Sharpshooter+2 called shots, -1 all other shots

Negative (34 karma)
Addiction (Mild) (Longhaul)Monthly Withdrawal test. Failure = partake 1 dose or suffer -2 to mental tests
Bad LuckWhen using Edge, roll 1d6. On 1, opposite result
In Debt VIIIOwe 60,000¥, must pay 6,000¥/mo or suffer 3P unresisted/unhealable
SINner (National)CAS
Prejudiced (Outspoken, Infected w/Essence Drain)-4 to social skills when dealing with target, and they get +4


Combat: Automatics/Assault Rifle (6), Heavy Weapons (1), Longarms (6), Throwing Weapons (1), Unarmed Combat (4)
Physical: Athletics SG [Gymnastics, Running, Swimming] (1), Palming (1), Perception/Visual (6), Sneaking (1), Tracking (1)
Social: Con/Fast Talk (5), Influence SG [Etiquette, Leadership, Negotiation] (5), Intimidation/Interrogation (5)
Technical: Armorer (1), Computer (1)
Vehicle: Pilot Ground Craft (1)

Academic: Botany (1), Chemistry (2), Engineering (2), History (1), Infected Physiology (4), Infected Theory (4), Literature (1), Magical Threats (3), Parabotany (4), Parazoology (4)
Interests: Infected Behavior (3), Small Unit Tactics (5)
Professional: Law Enforcement (2), Security Tactics (3)

Street: Area Knowledge [Aztlan] (1), Area Knowledge [CAS/Lubbock Texas] (1), Area Knowledge [Denver] (1), Area Knowledge [PCC] (1)
Language: English (N), Spanish (2)

Name     Location     Profession     C/L     Description
Duncan Abbey     Queen Anne, SeattleFence6/3A finely chiseled elf of African ancestry and British upbringing, Mr. Abbey is a dealer in art and fine antiques.
Rose Delayne (Raven)     Grotto1Fixer3/3A paranormal investigator turned Ghoul, Raven is a go-to source for information about the Infected, their habits, their weaknesses, and certain goings on in some of the more unsavory corners of Seattle.
Nori Koizumi     ?Blogger/Reporter4/3 In her early 20s, Ms. Koizumi is plump, gracious, and only slightly over a meter-and-a-half tall, but when she gets a hold of a story, she is tenacious.  Ms. Koizumi is a human of Japanese ancestry.
RatchetDenverArmorer2/3Ratchet is an armorer with a very specific clientèle - Hunters of the Infected.
Alice SilverDenverSpider3/3Alice is an information broker, of sorts. She uses her Matrix skills to find the information, then brokers its sale to you.
Dallas PattersonDallas, TexasLone Star Detective3/3Dallas from Dallas - he loves it when someone points that out. He's sympathetic to Hunters.
Jacob MbabweLubbock, TexasHermetic Paranedic2/2Jacob is equally adept with both magical and modern medicine. A good number to have on your speed dial whether you want a Spirit of man with a heal spell on scene in seconds or a doctor to work your Medkit in a pinch. He also has a clinic.

My story? Well, I guess my story's like anybody else that does this for a livin'. There are two types o' people that hunt the Infected, if'n you discount the crazies. There are those that been wronged, and there are those that are lookin' for a score. I'm a little bit o' both, truth be told.

In another life, I was happily married to a beautiful Hopi woman. She bore me two sons. And life was good - I was a law man in West Texas, tryin' to keep the peace between the CAS, the PCC, and Aztlan, where all three nations met. The oldest boy was four when my old life ended. Weren't no rhyme nor reason to it. Some zekes come through town one night lookin' for a meal and my place, sittin' on the outskirts like it was, was what rung the dinner bell for 'em.

I came home to tragedy, won't say no more on the subject than that, and I swore revenge, and that was what started me on the road I'm on. It's been near twenty years now since then. Anymore, it's all I know to do. Pays the bills, I guess. Don't get me wrong, I still hate these soulless things the virus makes, but I dunno, it just ain't personal no more.

At least it weren't, until they came after me and my crew. I ain't had a fire in my belly like this in seems like forever. They'll get theirs, even if the world has to burn to do it.

Cyberarm (Left)StandardCustom Agi 6, Str 3, Enhanced Agi 3
Cyberarm (Right)StandardCustom Agi 6, Str 3, Enhanced Agi 3
Cyberleg (Left)AlphaAgi 3, Str 3
Cyberleg (Right)AlphaAgi 3, Str 3
Mnemonic EnhancerStandardR3, +3 to Knowledge, Language , and Memory tests, as well as Mental Limit
Synaptic BoosterOmegaR3, +3 Reaction, +3d6 Initiative

GEAR (Current: 2,277¥)
Armored Clothing (6) YNT Softweave [+3], Gear Access [4], Nonconductivity 3 [3], Auto-Injector (1 dose Kamikaze, 1 dose Trauma Patch triggered when condition monitor goes into overflow, 1 R6 Stim triggered on going into overflow, 2 R3 stim) [2], Electrochromic
Ballistic Mask (+2) YNT Softweave [+4], Gas Mask [2], Audio Enhancement (3 [3]), Vision Enhancement (3 [3]), Low light [1], Thermo [1], Flare Comp [1], Vision Mag [1]
Mortimer of London: Argentum Coat (12) Concealability 3, Social Tests +1, Electrochromic, Fire Resistance (3) [3], Shock Frills [2], Ultrasound (6, Front Facing) [1], Ultrasound (6, Rear Facing) [1], Olfactory Sensor (6) [1]
Stetson hat (dark brown)

Shock Gloves
Knucks (Wooden)
Survival Knife
Grenades: Smoke (10), Thermal Smoke (10), Sawdust (10), Gas w/Pepper Punch (10), Paint w/Wolfsbane (5), Frag (5)

Terracotta Arms AM-47 (“Vera”): Bipod, Weapon Commlink, Internal Smartgun System, Imaging Scope, Underbarrel Weight, Safe Target System + Image Recognition, Silencer, Shock Pad, Personalized Grip, Advanced Safety System + Electro Shocker
Ammo: APDS (95), Silver APDS (20), Stick-n-Shock (20), Tracker Rounds w/Stealth Tags ( 8)
Spare Clips (4): APDS (2), Silver APDS (1), Stick-n-Shock (1),  Tracker (1)

Enfield AS-7 (“Yoki”): Laser Sight, Personalized Grip, Shock Pad, Internal Smartgun System, Sling, Advanced Safety System + Electro Shocker, Low-light Flashlight, Ammo-skip
Ammo: APDS (50), Sawdust Shot (50), Flechette (100), Capsule w/Wolfsbane (10), 20 Gel
Drum: Flechette (5), APDS (9), Sawdust (3), Gel (5), Capsule (2)

Ares Alpha (“Stake”): Low-light Flashlight, Personalized Grip, Shock Pad, Sling, Internal Smartgun System, Silencer, Advanced Safety System + Electro Shocker, Safe Target System + Image Recognition, Electronic firing
Ammo: APDS (250), Silver APDS (50), Gel (100), Stick-n-Shock (50)
Spare Clip (4): APDS (2), Gel (1), Silver APDS (1), Stick-n-Shock (1)

Ares Alpha Grenade Launcher (underbarrel mount): Airburst Link
Ammo: Sawdust (10), Gas w/Pepper Punch (10)
Spare Clip (1): Sawdust (1), Gas (1)

Ares Crusader II (“Joey”): Low-light Flashlight, Integral Gas-Vent 2,  Advanced Safety System + Electro Shocker, Personalized Grip, Internal Smartgun System, Silencer
Ares Crusader II ("Sean”): IR Flashlight, Integral Gas-Vent 2,  Advanced Safety System + Electro Shocker, Personalized Grip, Internal Smartgun System, Silencer
Ammo: APDS (100), Silver APDS (50), Capsule w/Wolfsbane (10), Gel (100), Stick-n-Shock (100), Tracker Rounds w/Stealth Tags (9)
Spare Clip (6): APDS (2), Silver APDS (1), Gel (1), Stick-n-Shock (1), Capsule (1), Tracker (1)

Ares Roadmaster: Smuggling Compartment (Human sized), Maneuvering Autosoft (6), Clearsight Autosoft (6), Run-flat tires, Personal Armor 10, Gunports (Sides and rear), Gridlink + Override, Anti-theft 3, Morphing license plate, Spoof chip
2x Fly Spy: Stealth Autosoft (6), Clearsight Autosoft (6), Ultrasound, Camera w/Vision Mag & Low-light, Omni-Mic, Directional Mic, Laser Mic, Atmosphere Sensor, Rear Camera, Radio Signal Scanner

Fake SIN (4) [CAS, Malcom Reynolds]: Bounty Hunter, Concealed Carry, Restricted Bioware, Restricted Cyberware
Fake SIN (1) [CAS, Barry Manilowe]

Fairlight Caliban (Diagnostics, Stealth Dongle 1, Program Carrier: Smoke & Mirrors)
Area Jammer R5
Bug Scanner R6
Tag Eraser
Standard Credstick x4
Silver Credstick
Gold Credstick
Security Tags x10
Sensor Tags x10 (4x Camera, 2x Directional Mic, 4x Ultrasound)
Stealth Tags x10
Cram x4
Long Haul x2
Kamikaze x2
Medkit R6
Medkit Supplies x2
Slap Patch, Stim Patch Rating 6 x2
Slap Patch, Stim Patch Rating 3 x2
Slap Patch, Trauma Patch x2
Subscription to Grotto1 (1 year)

201507132 karmaGM dipped out on us
201508311,667¥credstick in trunk
201601061 karmaMeaty posts
2016051315 karma/8 knowledge karmaChapter 1
20160518-14 karma/-8 knowledge karmaReaction 1->2 (10), Armorer 0->1 (2), Pilot Ground Craft 0->1 (2), Infected Behavior 2->3 (3), Magical Threats 2->3 (2 due to College Education), Security Tactics 2->3 (3)

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« Reply #5 on: <05-19-16/1442:16> »
Alright, that's everybody.  I've got a tasting at the day job, so I will be out of pocket.

@bangbang, if you want to go ahead and post ICly about Flickr's trip, feel free to.  If you care to roll to get an idea for how things might go feel free to do that as well, but you won't have any GM trouble getting into Seattle.

@Tec, I know there's not much else for you to do to advance the plot, but if you want to start thinking about the next few days ICly, it may take awhile to get the team assembled, get the case cracked, its contents digested, etc.  If Achak is up to anything, say tapping Duncan Abbey for payment, etc. just let me know.  You needn't post ICly if you don't want to, but it will be good for me to know what's on the agenda coming up.


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« Reply #6 on: <05-19-16/1701:18> »
ICly, it sounds like Mercer can respond to Rose's message at Mal's convenience.

OOCly, I'm cleaning up my sheet. I've spent my all-purpose karma (as we discussed) and am working on the knowledge karma. I'll probably use it to buy things that Achak should have/know anyway, like some Infected-related knowledge skills. There will be some duplication with what Mercer knows, but it's silly to think that Achak has been doing this for a few years without learning anything.

Then to nuyen:
1) Achak started with ¥1,854 from starting nuyen plus nuyen left over from chargen.
2) He spent ¥100 on a cab ride to Puyallup but has not spent anything else that I recall.
3) The starting vampire job/bounties netted the team ¥19,125 after taxes. Elijah gets 1/4 and Sister Rebecca gets 1/4. Achak gets Stake's share since he's dead. That's ¥9,562.
4) Mercer found a credstick worth ¥5,000 in the trunk after the church shoot-out (back on 8/31/15).
4a) ICly, it was never stated whether Mercer shared this discovery with everyone else or if he pocketed the credstick for himself. He is massively in debt, after all, with monthly debt payments of ¥6,000.
4b) If Mercer pocketed it, Mal should add that sum to his total. If Mercer shared it, then Achak would insist on dividing it with Sister Rebecca. That would be ¥1,667 for both Mercer and Achak.
5) Duncan has advanced us ¥10,000 against the proceeds of Edouard Manet's 'La Nymph Surprise'. I'll break this out in a separate line item.

Depending on the answer to 4a/b, Achak's new nuyen total will be ¥1,854 - ¥100 + ¥9,562 = ¥11,316 if Mercer doesn't share, or ¥12,982 if Mercer does share. Then there will be a separate ¥10,000 operating fund for the team's shared expenses.

Separately, Achak was still hoping to raid some of Stake's supplies. I figured not everything would be available since it might be spread across Stake's residence and safehouses. Here is what I had proposed:

Assault Rifle Ammunition
20x APDS, Silver Coated APDS, EX-Explosive, Flechette, Wood Flechette
40x Gel, Regular, Stealth Tag Tracker

Machine Pistol Ammuntion
20x Regular, Stick-n-Shock, Stealth Tag Tracker
10x Flechette, Wood Flechette, Silver Coated APDS

2x Flashbangs, Fragmentation, High Explosive, Sawdust

1x Rating 6 Medkit, medkit supply, R6 Stime Patch, Trauma Patch

1x Rating 6 Bug Scanner, Micro-transceiver, Tag Eraser, R6 White Noise Generator, R5 Area Jammer, R6 Directional Jammer

1 Disguise Kit

I could use a yay or nay from rednblack for some or all of that.


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« Reply #7 on: <05-19-16/1912:11> »
I've been planning to do an IC for the last 2 days but every time I start writing, some emergency or family event pops up. I'll hopefully get to it tonight.
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« Reply #8 on: <05-19-16/1916:51> »
Mal, for bookkeeping can you answer 4a/b?


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« Reply #9 on: <05-19-16/1930:12> »
I had forgotten abut that. For reference:
Mercer is able to find a commlink, which Achak will recognize as Stake's, an Ares Lightfire 70 with silencer, including one magazine loaded with APDS, a few spare changes of clothes -- running from barrens wear to Vashon Island, another commlink that is not Stakes and is turned off -- a Renraku Sensei --  and a credstick with ¥5,000 on it in a small hidden compartment in the trunk. 
I don't know if the lightfire is worth getting the ownership transferred. If Achak or Rebecca don't want it, we'd probably have left it there, but taken the ammo (18 count APDS pistol ammo). We'll take both commlinks. Mercer will let the others in on the find, including the credstick, so that they can take anything they feel might be useful enough to pay for an ownership transfer. Anything in the clothing stand out? The more expensive clothing might be worth taking, but it would need to be tailored and have its ownership changed before it could be used, so unless one of the pieces is a Sleeping Tiger (or something else with a street value of 10k or more), it's probably not. I'll add ¥1667 to Mercer's sheet.
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« Reply #10 on: <05-20-16/1313:07> »
Anybody want to chime in with another OOC question so that I can, once again, neglect to answer Tec's inquiry about Stake's gear?  Nobody?  Ok then.  Tec, thanks for listing everything out.  Let's take a look at it:

Assault Rifle Ammunition
20x APDS, Silver Coated APDS, EX-Explosive, Flechette, Wood Flechette
40x Gel, Regular, Stealth Tag Tracker

Machine Pistol Ammuntion
20x Regular, Stick-n-Shock, Stealth Tag Tracker
10x Flechette, Wood Flechette, Silver Coated APDS

2x Flashbangs, Fragmentation, High Explosive, Sawdust

1x Rating 6 Medkit, medkit supply, R6 Stime Patch, Trauma Patch

1x Rating 6 Bug Scanner, Micro-transceiver, Tag Eraser, R6 White Noise Generator, R5 Area Jammer, R6 Directional Jammer

1 Disguise Kit

I'm going to say that Stake wouldn't leave any F gear in his primary place of residence.  So, for the apartment downtown, the team would have access to:
Assault Rifle Ammunition: 40x Gel, Regular, Stealth Tag Tracker, 20X Wood Flechette
Machine Pistol Ammuntion: 20x Regular, Stick-n-Shock, Stealth Tag Tracker
Mini-Grenades: 1X Flash-bang, Sawdust
Medical: 1x Rating 6 Medkit, medkit supply, R6 Stime Patch,
Electronics: 1x Rating 6 Bug Scanner
Other: 1 Disguise Kit

At the Bolthole in the Tarislar, the team will have access to:
Assault Rifle Ammunition: 20x APDS, Silver Coated APDS, EX-Explosive, Flechette
Machine Pistol Ammuntion: 10x Silver Coated APDS
Mini-Grenades: 1x Fragmentation, High Explosive
Electronics: 1X R5 Area Jammer
In addition to the above, in the bolthole the team will also find:
Electronics: 1X Renraku Sensei (linked to Rebecca Montreau Rating1 SIN)
Medical: 2X Medkit Supplies
Other: 1X Gold Credstick (1,000¥) 2X Silver Credsticks (500¥ apiece)

About Ikiryo's credstick, Sister Rebecca would have declined accepting any share of it.  It most likely got put on the back burner, and will now be split evenly between Achak and Mercer.


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« Reply #11 on: <05-20-16/1347:18> »
Don't feel bad. I only posted the request on May 7th (okay 2015 but still).

Looks good to me. I'll add the credsticks from the storage facility in Tarislar to the team's operating expense budget, which now totals ¥12,000. Achak will take Stake's ammo but I will add the rest of the gear to a team inventory section on my OOC sheet.

Do you really think Sister Rebecca would decline her share of Ikiryo's credstick? If were just blood money she might decline, but Ikiryo was clearly in league with demonic forces. I figure she would accept her share and just donate it to the Church - "Do not call something unclean if God has made it clean" and all that - but GM's call.

@Zweiblumen Megedagik is Achak's Cascade Ork contact. Megedagik is an ork shaman - the name means "kills many", although it's more for show than a reflection of reality - not a group or an organization (so nothing to be plural). Depending on Spitfire's sense of humor, it would be funny to remember the name as "Mega Dick".

I'll try to get an IC response up to Zweiblumen today, but I have a busy day at the office and it's my anniversary tonight (well, all day, I suppose) so it might get pushed to the weekend. That should give Malevolence and bangbang some time to catch up too.


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Doh, RIH.  Missed that part.  Did that group have a name?  Otherwise I'll just make a reference to the person.  And SF would likely refer to him as Mega Dick at least to Patsy :)
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No real name for the smugglers, other than it being a generic Cascade Ork crew.


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Made a few small edits.  Does that work better?
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