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Post here for OOC info.  Let's get this started!


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Starting Nuyen: 3d6*60 660

Herr Brackhaus

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Starting ¥: 3d6*60 840 [2, 6, 6]

Street Name: Marcus
Name: Unknown, Marcus Brennan (fake SIN)
Movement: 12/24
Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0
Human Male, Age unknown, early 20s
Height 1.82m, Weight 112kg
Composure: 6
Judge Intentions: 6
Lift/Carry: 9 (75 kg/50 kg)
Memory: 7
Nuyen: 1110¥

Metatype: E (Human 1)
Attributes: B (20)
Magic: E (Mundane)
Skills: B (36/5)
Resources: A (450,000)

+25 from Negative Qualities
-25 for Positive Qualities
-1 for Contacts
-2 for skills (Automotive Mechanic 1)
-10 for nuyen (20,000¥)
-12 for Martial Arts (Style and Technique 7, Technique 5)

BOD 4, AGI 4 (6), REA 4 (6), STR 3 (5), WIL 3 (4), LOG 3, INT 5 (4), CHA 2, EDG 3, ESS 0.80

Physical/AR: 10 + 3d6

Physical: 10
Stun: 10

Physical 7, Mental 5, Social 3

Agile Defender, Biocompatibility (Bioware), Bi-Polar, Hawk Eye, Insomnia, Lack of Focus, Restricted Gear (Pain Editor), Sharpshooter, Superhuman Psychosis

Athletics skill group 4, Automatics (Assault Rifles) 6 (+2), Automotive Mechanic 1, Influence skill group 1, Intimidation (Physical) 4 (+2), Locksmith 2, Palming 2, Perception (Visual) 5 (+2), Pilot Ground Craft 2, Sneaking (Urban) 4 (+2), Unarmed Combat (Jeet Kune Do) 6 (+2)

20th Centry Cinema (Bruce Lee flatvids) 2 (+2), Area Knowledge: Chicago 2, Chicago Gangs 2, Chicago Underworld 2, English N, Small Unit Tactics (Urban) 4 (+2), Sports 2

Jeet Kune Do (Counterstrike, Yielding Force (Counterstrike))

Bone Density Augmentation (Rating 4, Used), Muscle Augmentation (Rating 2, Used), Muscle Toner (Rating 2, Used), Nephritic Screen (Rating 6, Used), Orthoskin (Rating 4, Used), Pain Editor, Platelet Factories (Used), Reception Enhancer, Synaptic Booster (Rating 2)

ARMOR: 8,545¥
Ares Victory Rapid Transit Elite [AV 9], Baseball cap [w/Trodes], Chameleon Suit [AV9, w/4 Concealed Pockets, Faraday Pocket, Thermal Damping (Rating 2), Ultrasonic Noise Generator (Rating 4)], Custom Ballistic Mask [AV2, w/Gas Mask, Ultrasound Sensor (Rating 3)], Forearm Guards [AV1], Lined Coat [AV9, w/Faraday Pocket, Nonconductivity (Rating 5), Shock Weave], Ski mask

WEAPONS: 9,915¥
Remington Suppressor [Machine Pistol, Acc 6 (7), DV 7P, AP-1, SA/BF, RC -, 15/30(c), w/Concealed Quick-Draw Holster, Sound Suppressor, Laser Sight, 3 extended clips, 200 Regular rounds (+1DV)]

AK-97 [Assault Rifle, Acc 5 (7), DV 10P, AP-2, SA/BF/FA, RC 3, 38/76(c), w/Chameleon Coating, Folding Stock, Gas-Vent 3 System, Holographic Sight, Personalized Grip, Sling, 4 extended clips, 150 APDS rounds, 150 Flechette rounds, 300 Regular rounds (+1DV), 200 Tracer rounds]

GEAR: 31,520¥
Autopicker (Rating 4), Certified Credstick (Silver), Certified Credstick (Standard), Crowbar, C-Squared (Rating 6), EvoTech Himitsu [w/Program Carrier (Virtual Machine w/Smoke and Mirrors, Stealth), Receiver], Fake SIN [Rating 4, w/6 Fake Licenses (Licensed Close Protection Specialist, Drivers License, Permits for Assault Rifles, Comms Devices, Concealed Carry, Machine Pistols)], Flashlight, Gecko Tape Gloves, Guts (1), Miniwelder, Nightwatch (4), Sequencer (Rating 4), 5 Stealth Tags, Survival Kit, Tool Kit (Automotive Mechanic)

VEHICLE: 11,000¥
Thundercloud Morgan [Handling 3/5, Speed 4, Accel 3, Body 14, Armor 6, Pilot/Sensor 0, Seats 2 (3), Manual Control Override, Off-Road Suspension, Weapon Mount (Heavy, External, Fixed, Manual), Increased Seating, Smuggling Compartment]

Low [1 month, Comforts & Necessities 2, Security 2, Neighborhood 2, w/Private Room, Bi-Polar Medication]

Dr. Martin Tate [Connection 5, Loyalty 2]

[spoiler=Character background]
Medical examination report of subject recovered from St. Matthew site, 2074-01-12 @ 2311 hours local Chicago time
Presiding physician: Dr. M. Tate, CZ Border Clinic Epsilon-Sigma, a Truman Technologies subsidiary

Initial Physical Evaluation:
The subject, a human male in his late teens/early 20s, designation Matthew-4-Alpha, appears to be in extremely good health considering the circumstances of his recovery; the fourth floor of the lab he was liberated from was located 80 feet under the St. Matthew Lutheran Church on W 21st St and S Hoyne Ave, located both inside the Noose and along the outer edge of the Cermak Blast radius. Unlike the Matthew-2 and 3 subjects, 4-Alpha shows no signs of malnutrition or mistreatment and instead appears to have been well cared for, likely due to the extensive modifications he has received. The precision with which each implant has been performed leads me to believe the procedures were performed by an expert surgeon, albeit certainly with inferior, possibly even older, raw materials. As a result the subjects wholistic self has suffered greatly despite what seems to be a natural compatibility with the implanted 'ware; it seems highly likely that the lab was experimenting on prototype O-Cells or perhaps even using cybermantic techniques in order to implant as much ware into a human being as possible.

Initial Mental Evaluation:
4-Alpha responds well to external physical stimuli, but has remained near-catatonic since his arrival in this facility. Only after administering chemical stabilizers was the subject able to willingly participate in physical trials, and 4-Alpha has finally begun opening up with the staff. Unfortunately, the subject currently remembers little of his time in the lab or indeed of his past life. At this rate it is likely that his recovery will take a significant amount of time.

Follow-up report, 2074-06-28 @ 1425 hours local Chicago time
4-Alpha, who has himself chosen to go by the name Marcus, is doing remarkably well. It is my firm belief that he could be of great use to both Horizon and Truman Technologies here in Chicago, as he exhibits several favourable traits that would make him an excellent operative. His augmentations all seem aimed at making him a capable close-quarters combatant, and his memory of the time in the lab seem to almost exclusively revolve around physical training or mental war games. It seems likely that Marcus was purposefully designed to be a soldier, though his state of mind leaves assignment to the rank and file out of the question. Behind the facade of a cold and calculating intellect lies an easily distracted and frightened child, possibly a result of extended isolation at the Matthew facility. It is impossible to tell how long the subjects had been down there by the time our disposable assets found them, and 4-Alpha is unfortunately the only survivor at this point.

Marcus has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well as ADHD, either or both of which may be the root of his unstable circadian rythm; the sleep regulator implant he has received helps but may also be a contributing factor to his insomnia. I have prescribed a combination of anticonvulsants, antipsychotics, and benzodiazepine to stabilize his mood swings, and while he is able to function well in the environment we've created for him I fear what might happen once he encounters the kind of people living in Chicago. It is my recommendation that we equip him adequately to survive in the Zone and observe him closely to understand his capabilities better. I am hereby ordering Bravo team to allocate manpower to shadow 4-Alpha as he carries out his first trial run on the surface.

Follow-up report, 2074-11-11 @ 0417 hours local Chicago time
4-Alpha is hereby cleared for autonomous field-work assignments in the Chicago area. While there have been a few... incidents... involving missing persons reports where the subject has likely been involved, his efficiency cannot be denied. Marcus has been staying on his meds for the last three months and has not suffered any episodes that our observation teams have been able to discover. His attention span makes him ideally suited for short term, high intensity tasks, and it will be interesting to see how he deals with the reality of shadow work.

His cover identity is that of Marcus Brennan, a licensed and bonded close protection specialist operating on both sides of the law in Chicago. For all intents and purposes he sees me as someone who helped him get his life back, but I am not sure how far he trusts me nor for that matter how far I trust him.[/spoiler]
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Starting Nuyen (correct this time):: 4d6*100 1500

Ignore the first starting nuyen roll, was still figuring out the dice roller. I'm going to add it to what I had left over from character generator, and post my sheet here for posterity.

[spoiler]== Info ==
Street Name: Pepperface
Name: Peter Giroux
Movement: 6/12
Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0
Composure: 7
Judge Intentions: 7
Lift/Carry: 4 (30 kg/20 kg)
Memory: 15
Nuyen: 3775

== Priorities ==
Metatype: D - Human or Elf
Attributes: C - 16 Attributes
Special: E - Mundane
Skills: B - 36 Skills/5 Skill Groups
Resources: A - 450,000¥

== Attributes ==
BOD: 2
AGI: 2 (3)
REA: 2 (6)
STR: 2
CHA: 2
INT: 5
LOG: 6 (8)
WIL: 5
EDG: 5

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence:                   1.00
Initiative:                7 (11) + 2d6
Rigger Initiative:         11 + 2d6
Astral Initiative:         
Matrix AR Initiative:      11 + 2d6
Matrix Cold Initiative:    5 + DP + 3d6
Matrix Hot Initiative:     5 + DP + 4d6
Physical Damage Track:     10
Stun Damage Track:         11

== Limits ==
Physical:                  4
Mental:                    11
Social:                    4
Astral:                    11

== Active Skills ==
Animal Handling            : 0                      Pool: 1
Archery                    : 0                      Pool: 2
Armorer                    : 0                      Pool: 7
Automatics                 : 0                      Pool: 2
Blades                     : 0                      Pool: 2
Clubs                      : 0                      Pool: 2
Computer                   : 5                      Pool: 13
Con                        : 1                      Pool: 3
Cybercombat                : 6                      Pool: 14
Demolitions                : 5                      Pool: 13
Disguise                   : 0                      Pool: 4
Diving                     : 0                      Pool: 1
Electronic Warfare         : 5                      Pool: 13
Escape Artist              : 0                      Pool: 2
Etiquette                  : 4 [Corporate]          Pool: 6 (8)
First Aid                  : 0                      Pool: 7
Forgery                    : 0                      Pool: 7
Free-Fall                  : 0                      Pool: 1
Gunnery                    : 0                      Pool: 2
Gymnastics                 : 0                      Pool: 2
Hacking                    : 6 [Devices]            Pool: 14 (16)
Hardware                   : 5                      Pool: 13
Heavy Weapons              : 0                      Pool: 2
Impersonation              : 0                      Pool: 1
Instruction                : 0                      Pool: 1
Intimidation               : 0                      Pool: 1
Leadership                 : 0                      Pool: 1
Longarms                   : 0                      Pool: 2
Navigation                 : 0                      Pool: 4
Negotiation                : 0                      Pool: 1
Perception                 : 1                      Pool: 6
Performance                : 0                      Pool: 1
Pilot Ground Craft         : 1                      Pool: 7
Pilot Watercraft           : 0                      Pool: 5
Pistols                    : 6 [Semi-Automatics]    Pool: 9 (11)
Running                    : 0                      Pool: 1
Sneaking                   : 1                      Pool: 4
Software                   : 5                      Pool: 13
Survival                   : 0                      Pool: 4
Swimming                   : 0                      Pool: 1
Throwing Weapons           : 0                      Pool: 2
Tracking                   : 0                      Pool: 4
Unarmed Combat             : 0                      Pool: 2

== Knowledge Skills ==
Art                        : 3                      Pool: 13
Bomb Design                : 6                      Pool: 16
Chemistry                  : 4                      Pool: 14
Data Havens                : 1                      Pool: 8
Engineering                : 3                      Pool: 13
English (N)                : 0                      Pool: 0
Literature                 : 3                      Pool: 13
Matrix Games               : 1                      Pool: 8
Security Design            : 1 [Corporate]          Pool: 8 (10)
Shadow Community           : 4                      Pool: 11
Small Unit Tactics         : 3                      Pool: 10

== Contacts ==
Mr. Twist; Chicago; Fixer (4, 2)

== Qualities ==
Codeslinger (Hack-on-the-Fly)
College Education.RF
Perfect Time
Phobia (Uncommon, Mild) (Technomancers)
Prejudiced (Specific, Outspoken) (ecoterrorists, neo-anarchists, "idealists")
SINner (Corporate Limited) (Horizon)

== Lifestyles ==
Apartment with Bomb Lab  2 months

== Cyberware/Bioware ==
Auto Injector
Bone Density Augmentation Rating 1
Cerebral Booster Rating 2
Cybereyes Basic System Rating 4
   +Image Link
   +Flare Compensation
   +Vision Enhancement Rating 3
   +Thermographic Vision
   +Vision Magnification
   +Microscopic Lenses
   +Eye Protectors (Ballistic Glass)
Mnemonic Enhancer Rating 2
Reaction Enhancers Rating 3
Synthetic Full Arm (AGI 9, STR 3, Physical 5) (Right)
   +Enhanced Agility Rating 3
   +Armor Rating 1
   +Customized Agility Rating 6
Wired Reflexes Rating 1

== Armor ==
Actioneer Business Clothes          8
   +Chemical Protection 2
   +Nonconductivity 6

== Weapons ==
Ares Light Fire 70
   +Hidden Gun Arm Slide
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   Pool: 9 (11)   Accuracy: 9   DV: 6P   AP: -   RC: 2
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 2   Accuracy: 4   DV: 2P   AP: -   RC: 2

== Commlink ==
Hermes Chariot (ATT: 5, SLZ: 4, DP: 4, FWL: 2)
Meta Link (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 1, FWL: 1)
Sony Emperor (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 2, FWL: 2)

== Gear ==
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Light Pistols) x60
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Light Pistols) x40
AR Gloves
Baby Monitor
Biofeedback Filter
Commercial Explosive Rating 5 x3
Earbuds Rating 3
   +Audio Enhancement Rating 3
Fake SIN ("Real" SIN) Rating 4
   +Fake License (Cyberdeck License) Rating 4
   +Fake License (Concealed Carry Permit) Rating 4
   +Fake License (Restricted Cyberware License) Rating 4
Long Haul x5
Psyche x5
Signal Scrub
Spare Clip (Ares Light Fire 70) x5
Subvocal Mic
Tool Kit (Demolitions)
Virtual Machine

== Vehicles ==
Chrysler-Nissan Jackrabbit (Subcompact)
   +Sensor Array Rating 2[/spoiler]


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[Spoiler]Starting nuyen: 3d6 11

So that adds 660 nuyen...

Metatype  Human
Magic  6

-- Karma Expenditure --
750 Starting Karma
-20 For Adept
-123 for Magic Rating 6
-15 for UCAS: SINless
-40 for Child of the Shadows
-50 for Highschool
25 Postive Karma:
-5 for Mentor Spirit: Dog
-4 for Ambidextrous
-10 for Guts
-3 for Agile Defender
-3 for Hawk Eyed
+5 for Distinctive Style (Aren’t you little young to be a Shadowrunner?)
+7 for Paranoia
+5 for Astral Beacon
+17 Negative Karma
-7 for Jackalope
-7 for Rico the Ork
-5 for Mr Mouse
-90 for Agility 6
-45 for Reaction 5
-45 for Body 4
-45 for Strength 4
-45 for Willpower 4
-15 for Intuition 3
-15 for Logic 3
-42 for Pistols 6
-7 for Pistol Specialization: Semi Automatics
- 20 for Perception 4
-7 for Perception Specialization: Sight
-20 for Gymnastics 4
-20 for Sneaking 4
-12 for Armorer 3
-7 for Armorer Specialization: Firearms
-10 for Japanese 4
- 10 for 5th World Fiction
-10 for Adept Magic
-10 for Firearms
-6 for Pilot Groundcraft 2
-6 for Automatics 2
-6 for Longarms 2
-10 for 20,000 Nuyen
-2 for Intro Runner Pack
-1 for Street Slugger Pack

-- Attributes --
Body 4
Agility 6
Reaction 4 (7)
Strength 4
Willpower 4
Logic 3
Intuition 3
Charisma 2
Edge 2
Essence 6.00

Initiative – 10+46
Physical Condition Monitor - 10
Stun Condition Monitor - 10
Overflow Boxes - 4
Physical Limit - 6
Mental Limit - 5
Social Limit - 5

-- Qualities --
Mentor Spirit: Dog
Hawk Eyed
Agile Defender
Distinctive Style (Aren’t you a little young to be a Shadowrunner?)
Astral Beacon

-- Skills --
Chemisty: 1
Con: 1
First Aid: 1
Perception (Sight): 4 (6)
Armorer: 3
Chemistry: 1
Software: 2
Pistols (Semi Automatics): 6 (8)
Automatics: 2
Longarms: 2
Palming: 2
Disguise: 2
Sneaking: 4
Running: 1
Swimming: 1
Gymnasitics: 4
Pilot Groundcraft: 2
Tracking: 0 (2)

-- Skill Groups --

-- Knowledge/Language Skills --
English: N
Italian: 1
Japanese: 4
Adept Magic: 4
Mathmatics: 1
History: 1
Professional Knowledge:
Firearms: 4
5th World Fiction: 4
Street Knowledge:
Safehouses: 3
Chicago: 1

-- Augmentations/Magic/Adept Powers --
Improved Sense: Low Light Vision
Improved Sense: Thermographic Vision
Improved Reflexes Rating 3
Rapid Draw
Motion Sense
Nimble Fingers
Enhanced Accuracy: Pistols
Enhanced Accuracy: Automatics
Enhanced Accuracy: Longarms
Combat Sense Rating 1

-- Gear --
-4000 for Intro Runner Pack
Fake SIN (1): Mary Sue
Colt America L36 with Lazer Sight in Quick Draw Holster
Acc: 7 (9) Dmg: 7P Mode: SA Ammo: 11 Regular Rounds (c)
Colt America Clip: 11 Regular Ammo Rounds
Colt America Clip: 11 Regular Ammo Rounds
166 Light Pistol Rounds
Acc: 5 Dmg: 5P AP: -1
Armor Vest
Glasses Capacity 1:Image Link
Mapsoft: Chicago
Standard Credstick with 1155 Credits
Twenty Plastic Restraints
Backpack with 20 Nuyen inside
Respirator Rating 1
-2000 for Street Slugger Pack
Defiance T-250 with Sling, Lazer Sight
Acc: 4 (6) Dmg: 10P Mode: SS/SA Ap: -1 Ammo: 5 Regular Ammo (M)
35 rounds Regular Shotgun Ammo
100 rounds of flechette shotgun ammo
Colt America L36 with Lazer Sight in Quick Draw Holster
Acc: 7 (9) Dmg: 7P Mode: SA Ammo: 11 rounds of Regular Ammo
Streetline Special
Acc: 4 (5) Dmg: 6P Mode: SA Ammo: 6 rounds of regular ammo
24 Rounds of Regular Hold Out Ammo
Acc: 5 Dmg: 5P Ap: -1
Acc: 6 Dmg: 5p
-3000 for a Dodge Scoot
Dodge Scoot:
Handling: 4/3 Speed: 3 Accel: 1 Body: 4 Armor: 4 Pilot: 1 Sensor: 1 Seats: 1
-5000 for 1 Year Doc Wagon Regular Contract
-250 for Medkit Rating 1
-100 for Medkit Supplies
-100 for Helmet
-500 for 1 Month Squatter Lifestyle (Sleep tank… oversized)
-30 for Casual Clothes (T Shirt and Jeans with tennis shoes)
-20 for Extra Pair of Clothes (T shirt with Jeans)
-150 for Nice Clothes (Buttoned up Collar Shirt, Khakis, Nice shoes)
-10 for Light Black Jacket
-10 for Black Winter Coat
-15 for Sling
-950 for AK-97
-1520 for 76 Rounds of Regular Assault Rifle Ammo
-5 for AK-97 Spare Clip
AK-97 with Lazer Sight, Sling, and Gas Vent system rating 3
Acc: 5 (7) Dmg: 10P Mode: SA/BF/FA RC: 3 Ap: -2 Ammo: 38 rounds of regular ammo (c)
AK-97 Spare Clip: 38 rounds of regular ammo
-150 for Lazer Sight
-150 for Lazer Sight
-150 for Lazer Sight
-150 for Lazer Sight
-15 for Sling
-600 for Gas Vent Rating 3 for AK-97
-600 for Gas Vent Rating 3 for Defiance T-250
-275 for Concealable Quick Draw Holster
-275 for Concealable Quick Draw Holster
-500 for Armorer Kit

Remaining Money -  + ()
1155 Nuyen
-- Contacts –
Jackalope: Firing Range Owner, Ex Shadowrunner, Gunbunny
Connection: 1 Loyalty 6
Bio: An elvish gunbunny with a seriously badass customized Ruger Super Warhawk. She has burned all her Shadowrunning contacts and gone off the grid. Only her best friend Miss Anon(aka Vincent’s Mom) still keeps contact with her… or even knows she was a Shadowrunner. Vincent’s Mom used to take him here so she could keep her edge with a gun. Jackalope ended up helping Vexboy learn to shoot. Taught him a shit ton of stuff to do with pistols and even ended up influencing his adept powers manifesting. When his parents left without a trace she ended up kickstarting his career. She runs an underground firing range in an hidden bunker under her house.

Rico the Ork:
Connection: 4 Loyalty: 2
Bio: A supplier that Jackalope knows. Vexboy met him a few times at the range but ultimately they became better acquainted after Vexboy met Mr Mouse. He loves guns and can obtain quite a few of them. But he dabbles in other practical supplies as well.
Mr Mouse: Fixer
Connection: 4 Loyalty: 1
Bio: A dwarf Fixer who Vexboy convinced to take him on. He is professional enough and seems to know what he is talking about but Vexboy isn’t EXACTLY sure what he is talking about most the time. And he is still wonders whether or not this is intentional. [/Spoiler]
From To<<Matrix message>>
"As a Mage I have no issue with 'shoot the face first'. He deserves it and it's about time they stopped targeting me right from the go." -The Tekwych


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So, not sure which die roller you guys like to use, been a while since I played online, and invisible castle has died :( used just now, but no idea how to link to show roll on that site, got a 5,6,2 for starting nuyen. 13*60=780

Character Sheet:

[spoiler="Kereina Ohka"]
Attractive (as orks go) corporate security agent. During a corp raid on her intallation, she was driving to respond when a bomb exploded nearby, killing her partner in the passenger seat and irreparably damaging her right leg. She got the leg replaced by a full cyberlimb care of the corporate insurance policy, but quit the security force following the incident. She moved to Chicago where she set up an automotive shop, but needs to make a little more to get by, and has taken to the shadows to make ends meet. She is a knowledgeable mechanic and loves her drones like pets. She has taken an extreme interest in AI, hoping one day her drones will have a conscience of their own.

Name: Kereina Ohka
Race: Ork
Sex: Female
Nationality: Japanese
Lifestyle: Low (3 months)
Karma Spent: 25



Positive Qualities
Low-Light Vision
Vehicle Empathy
Negative Qualities
Distinctive Style (cyber leg prominently tattooed with koi fish, clouds and waves)
SINner (Corporate Limited)(Shiawase)

Active Skills
Aeronautics Mechanic1Pool: 6
Automatics4Pool: 8
Automotive Mechanic1Pool: 6
Computer 1Pool: 6
Electronic Warfare2Pool: 7
Etiquette1Pool: 4
Gunnery2Pool: 6
Hardware1Pool: 6
Perception2Pool: 7
Pilot Aircraft2Pool: 9
Pilot Groundcraft2Pool: 9
Pilot Walker1Pool: 8
Sneaking3Pool: 7
Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)
Arms Dealers7
Artificial Intelligence6
Combat Biking7
Corporate Security8
C-Pop Music7
Chicago Junkyards7
Smuggler Havens7

Control Rig1.6XXXXX¥Rating 2, Alphaware
Obvious Full Cyberleg (Right)0.8XXXXX¥Large Smuggling Compartment, Alphaware
Wired Reflexes1.6XXXXX¥Rating 1, Alphaware

Remington Suppressor887P-1SA/BF2Flashlight (Low-Light); Smartgun System, Internal; Sound Suppressor; Spare Clip15(c)
Shiawase Arms Monsoon8710P-1SA/FA4Flashlight (Low-Light); Smartgun System, Internal; Shock Pad6x20(ml)
2xColt M23849P-2SA/BF/FA2Mounted on Roto-drones40(c)
2x Ares Alpha8711P-2SA/BF/FA4Mounted on Steel Lynx; Internal Smartgun System42 (c)
2x Ares Alpha Underbarrel Grenade Launcher36Grenade0SS2Mounted on Steel Lynx; Frag: 18P(f)(-1/m), +5 AP; HE 16P(-2/m), -2 AP; Smoke (10m Radius)6(c)
Unarmed Attack363S-0

Chameleon Suit9Thermal Damping 4
Mortimer of London: Berwick Dress8Concealability; Custom Fit; Bug Scanner Rating 6; +1 Social Limit (when visible)
Mortimer of London: Ulysses Coat3Concealability; Custom Fit (Stack); Concealable Holster; +1 Social Limit (when visible)
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit9Biomonitor

Gear (XXXXX¥)
Vulcan Liegelord (Rigger Command Console; Device Rating: 5; Data Proc.: 5; Firewall: 6)XXXXX¥
Autosoft 4 (Targeting (Colt M23))XXXXX¥
Autosoft 4 (Electronic Warfare)XXXXX¥
Metalink Commlink x2 (Device Rating: 1; Data Proc.: 1; Firewall: 1) XXXXX¥
Earbuds (Rating 3; Audio Enhancement 1, Spatial Recognizer)XXXXX¥
Fake License (Rating 4 Automatics Weapons License)XXXXX¥
Fake License (Rating 4 Pilot License) XXXXX¥
Fake SIN (Rating 3; Yin Meili)XXXXX¥
Toolshop (Automotive)XXXXX¥
Toolkit (Aeronautic)XXXXX¥
Toolkit (Electronics)XXXXX¥
Explosive Rounds (Assualt Rifle) x280XXXXX¥
Gel Rounds (Assault Rifle) x340XXXXX¥
Regular Ammo (Assault Rifle) x400XXXXX¥
Minigrenade: Fragmentation x8XXXXX¥
Minigrenade: High Explosive x8XXXXX¥
Minigrenade: Smoke x8XXXXX¥
APDS Rounds (Assault Rifle) x240XXXXX¥
Stick-n-Shock Rounds (Assault Rifle) x60XXXXX¥
Flechette Rounds (Machine Pistol) x60XXXXX¥
Gel Rounds (Machine Pistol) x60XXXXX¥
Regular Ammo (Machine Pistol) x60XXXXX¥
Stick-n-Shock Rounds (Machine Pistol) x60XXXXX¥

Hyundai Shin-Hyung (Sport Sedan) (Rigger Interface; Spoof Chips; Sensor Array Rating 2)

GMC Bulldog Step-Van (Van) (Rigger Interface; Smuggling Compartment (Dwarf, Human, Elf, Ork); Sensor Array Rating 2

2x MCT Fly-Spy (Minidrone) (Sensor Array Rating 3)

2x Shiawase Kanmushi (Microdrone) (Data Tap; Sensor Array Rating 3; Autosoft (Stealth) Rating 2))

2x MCT –Nissan Roto-drone (Medium) (Weapon Mount w/ Colt M23; Autosoft (Maneuvering) Rating 2; Autosoft (Clearsight) Rating 2; Sensor Array Rating 3)

Steel Lynx Combat Drone (Large) (Heavy Weapon Mount w/ 2x Ares Alpha Assault Rifles;  Autosoft (Targeting (Ares Alpha)) Rating 3;  Autosoft (Clearsight) Rating 2; Sensor Array Rating 3)

Street Doc1/1
Beat Cop1/1

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Link to character sheet (please let me know if it doesn't work for anyone)

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Herr Brackhaus

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Have I got the below right? If you wouldn't mind filling in the blanks for ease of reference, I'd appreciate it. Feel free to replace the name with the SIN (fake or otherwise) your character uses when running.

Beta: Nathan Brown (real), James MacDonald (fake), aka "Alf", Human Male, Native American, 29, 1.67m, 56kg, Magician
Bewilderbeast: Peter Girouxi, aka "Pepperface", Human Male, ethnicity?, age?, height?, weight?, Decker/Demolitions
CraterShip: Kereina Ohka (real), Yin Meili (fake SIN), aka "?", Ork Female, Japanese, 28, 1.78m, 84kg, Rigger
Herr Brackhaus: Marcus Brennan, aka "Marcus", Human Male, Caucasian, late teens/early 20s, 1.82m, 112kg, Street Samurai
Irn0rchid: Elissa Thompson, aka "Skate", Elf Female, Caucasian, 23, 1.7m, 70kg, Street Samurai
Raiderjoseph: Vincent Elmas, aka "Vexboy", Human Male, Caucasian, 17, 1.62m, 59kg, Adept
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Irn0rchid: Elissa Thompson, aka "Skate", Elf Female, Caucasian, 23, 1.7m, 70kg, Street Samurai


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Have I got the below right? If you wouldn't mind filling in the blanks for ease of reference, I'd appreciate it. Feel free to replace the name with the SIN (fake or otherwise) your character uses when running.

Beta: Nathan Brown, aka "Alf", Human Male, Native American, 29, 1.67m, 56kg, Magician

Using fake ID (rating 4): James MacDonald, UCAS citizen. (licenses included with ID are driving, mage, summoning, private investigator)


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All looks good.  We will start tomorrow night when I post the meet.


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From To<<Matrix message>>
"As a Mage I have no issue with 'shoot the face first'. He deserves it and it's about time they stopped targeting me right from the go." -The Tekwych


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Awesome! Looking forward to it. Going to have to read up on Matrix rules. Filling out Herr Brackhaus' shorthand thing:

Peter Giroux, using the fake SIN "Peter Thompson" [he would never advertise his real last name] aka "Pepperface", Human Male, ethnicity [the whitest honky you've ever seen], age [old for a shadowrunner, but not old in general. Late thirties, early forties], height [average], weight [whatever average + cyberarm is], Decker/Demolitions. Wears a business suit and has no visible wear (synthetic cyberarm) so can blend into a crowd of wageslaves pretty okay (this is by design).
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Just to mention to the team, Alf was designed principally as s support mage, on the assumption that combat mages would be a common thing.  He can cast a lightning ball or cast fling to chuck things at people (including a couple of shuriken he carries for this purpose), but he is more medic than fighter, and is a mediocre summoner with no binding.  So please don't read mage as "ready and able to rain destruction on all he can see, twist the minds of the weak, and deploy deadly minions of fire that ignore most bullets."  In mission 6-01 I think he cast heightened intuition twice and did some astral scouting, and I wouldn't be surprised if this time it was similar.

Just didn't want anyone making strategic/tactical assumptions based on the stereotype.

Herr Brackhaus

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Cool as cool, Beta. If you introduce yourself as a wizzard, Marcus will still think you can move buildings with your mind and respect you as if you could :D