Bluebird recruitment thread (IC)

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Relieved, and hungry, Bluebird dove into her vegetarian sushi options. A new team, a new source of income, and a new power focus and fetish (down the road... if it didn't wind her up killed first). Life was pretty okay.

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« Reply #46 on: <05-05-16/1741:30> »
bnc, who was finally able to order six avocado makis, also attacked her meal. When the topic changed from the ruby to their future plans, she intervened.

"Wait. What the ... Jesus, if this is what you saw, this has to be a bound power focus. That means, the its owner may find us any day, anytime. Also, he saw us, which means he doesn't even need that sphere while we're unprotected. By now, if he's not a total amateur, he'll know where we live, and some of our major weaknesses. Am I the only one who strikes that as really, really unpleasant?
If you don't mind, before we go bowling, how about leaving our appartment, moving somewhere else and asking our favourite Houngan to build up a ward somewhere immediatelyish? I haven't got any clue why we are still alive but I like that state a lot. So, if you don't mind, Bluebird, before you - uh, is that cucumber? Mmh - before you start wolfing down this sushi, would you mind asking the very loa that tried to roast my brain to Conceal us and the focus from enemy spirits and their summoner?
Is really everybody totally okay with us being entirely exposed to a half-legendary prime runner assassin who has every right to hate us? Or am I overreacting again?"
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