So what archetype is everyone playing, mission-wise?

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Adept- I made an Adept with Bioware enhancements! He is a combat monster, primarily a rifleman who is really hard to hit with a few tricks up his sleeve.
...My adept Kyoto Kid burned out a point of MAG for some minor Bio and Geneware at chargen. Started with an Alpha Smartlink, Orthoskin 2 Tetrachromatic Vision and Synch.  After getting Dr Tate as a contact she first upgraded her Orthoskin 2 to Beta which gave her enough of an  essence hole to get two levels of Beta Muscle Toner with the favour he gave for one of the missions. 

I've been playing her for just over a year pretty regularly and she's become a total combat monster, both with blades and firearms, as well as is also tough to hit (love that combat sense power).  With Adept Centring BGC  is an annoying distraction unless it's high enough to cancel out her WF (F5).  When that happens, it's time for the drum fed burst fire Shotgun loaded with EXEX handload (DV bonus) which she appropriately calls "Pink Cloud".  She's also one heck of a sharpshooter and can take most scallywags down with one shot from her trusty Remington 950 (APDS handload with bonus to AP).  As I mentioned much earlier thread thread, she's a colourful example of when East meets West.
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