Friends in High Places

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A JackPoint moderator is the sort of person you put up with ANY shenanigans from if you're good friends. Slamm-O! could get you into any node, any circle, anything you have a good reason to want, or are willing to bring up "that one time at your bachelor party... You owe me."

FastJack pre-CFD would be the best. He's the best decker to ever live. He's the sort of person who could literally Deus an arcology if he wanted to. He could murder a space station. If you have him, you have a couple get out jail free cards in your hand that work better then anything the world has ever seen aside from FastJack himself.

NetCat is good, but as a non-mod and more importantly, a total moody drama queen who would be a total nightmare to have to go to sushi with...
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I was thinking about the President of the UCAS angle............   So,  What happens in 0-8 years when he's out of office?    Not really a 12-Connection anymore at that point.


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What kind of contacts would yall suggest for named contacts for a character with the friends in high places quality? I like the idea of a runner knowing a specific person who has been involved in a historic event. Is there a useful source of named people in the world of Shadowrun?
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