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Great job, Falar!

What about another category?

"Word of Hero Lab"

To my understanding, the Hero Labs developers are in close contact with Catalyst, so it's kind of semi-offical.

Yes, and no; Hero Lab's devs are often as in the dark as we are on various rules, and as such have unfortunately had to adopt the harshest interpretation of the rules when they're in question. While we can generally use clarifications posted on the forums here, they need to have it in an actual errata first. By that time, it should have already been covered by one of the other categories here.


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« Reply #16 on: <02-19-16/1213:08> »
I lean towards them being a specific Community Decision, rather than their own category. I lean towards Dinendae's interpretation of their role.

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« Reply #17 on: <03-07-16/2331:13> »
You should add that Ways don't count toward positive quality limit and they don't cost double post chargen. The dev that said it is in SG Errata thread.


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Is this the post you were referring to in the Street Grimoire Errata topic?

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It's a wikia so anyone can go and update it.


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« Reply #20 on: <04-04-16/1712:04> »
Just as a suggestion and nothing else[!sic] I would recommend to use something like question2answers instead of wikia. For the same reason as you I have set up a project to gather FAQ solutions but as there was no possibility to get neither CGL nor Pegasus on the boat I just opened it as a free community driven site (it's neither used much nor frequently visited, I just post it here such that you can click through a bit. It is german but I want to show the software more than my own project. If you know "stackoverflow" -> it is a similar software. You can try the version but this breaks some design stuff and the translation is horrible)
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