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« on: (14:51:55/11-08-15) »
Quote from: The Deal

Find out who attacked Shiawase Towers.  Stop them before they strike again.

Pay is 10,000¥ each.  1,000¥ is offered up front, leaving 9,000¥ upon completion.
Half of damages up to 2,500¥ has also been offered.

Please use the IC post for narratives only.

All dice rolls, questions, character intents, and just discussion should take place here.

For Dice Rolling, please create an account on Orokos.  The format to roll dice for Hits on 6s is #d6t5 < for x 6 sided dice with a target of 5.  If you pre-edge, then to get the 'exploding 6s' the format is #d6h5.  When you roll those dice, the result will have it's own specific url.  Please note your dice rolls here thus:

Automatics ## Dice Pool: x Hits  / x for Smartlink, -x for Darkness <--- where x Hits is the text in the url, written thus: [ url = ] 1 Hit [ / url ] (Remove the Spaces for bbcode); and the text behind the slash are any modifiers you included.

In the IC posts, please adopt the use of colors to indicate matrix 'speech', 'thought', 'astral communication', etc.  You can find examples of this in other games, but it looks like this:

What the frag! thought Crystalzine as the bullets whizzed overhead. 

"We got to get out of here," Tomahawk said, pulling back.

Crystalzine nodded and called Grigor.

<<Grigor [Crystalzine] Bring that truck around, there is too much heat, we need an extraction.>>

I use Red for speech, Green for Matrix Texts, discussion, Blue for Thought, Orange for Astral Communications, but no one is tied to those colors or even required to use that formatting at all, it's just a request.

I will try to post EVERYDAY.  That's whether others post or not.  If someone isn't posting and we need them to post, I will post for them to keep the game moving.  This will include making calls on using edge.  If this gets to be a normal thing, I will then assign your character to another player in the group.  If you are out for several weeks without letting us know you are going to be back, I will assume you have quit and may take that opportunity to add some drama to the game in the form of dead or dying team members.

With all  of that, welcome to the OOC!
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« Reply #1 on: (15:25:13/11-08-15) »
Damage penalties: 1
Stun track: 3
physical track: 0
Edge consumed: 1 / Edge available: 0

Currently worn: armor vest(9), cargo pants, vest over the armor vest ( to match the portrait!)

- shock gloves, wireless off (10 charges),
- link (rating 1) with accessories (ear-buds, sub-vocal mike, trodes) with fake ID (rating 3) broadcasting.  (other 'link, broadcasting her base SIN with criminal tags, is left back at her apartment)
- Mind link preparation F3P3, created a little before 3pm day of the meet.
- Steyr TMP Machine Pistol, loaded with a clip of stick 'n shock, one spare clip of regular ammo

Summoned Spirit: "Harry", beast spirit (vaguely badger like, with long hair that fades from sight more than it ends)
- Force: 6,
- Remaining services: 1
- Optional powers: concealment, noxious breath (std powers include: animal control, fear, movement, and enhanced senses (smell, hearing, low-light)

Stable of named spirits:
[spoiler]Bolt, air ~F6, fear and elemental attack, cloudlike Redtail hawk with lightning bolt legs/talons, "always hungry"[/size]
Harry, beast, ~F6, concealement and noxious breath, a bit like a badger with long hair that fades from view more than ends, rude&crude sense of humor

Smell memory thresholds (6-smell perception)
Henway: 5
Ravener: 2
Vanguard: 4
Angus: 3
Lucien: 5

Character sheet summary

B   A   R   S   W   L   I   C   M   Ess   E
3   6   5(7)   3   4   2   5   8   6   6   1
Composure: 12 Judge Intentions: 13 Memory: 6

Initiative: 10(12) + 3d6 Matrix AR Initiative: 12 + 3d6
PhysDam: 10 StunDam: 10

Armor: 9

Physical: 6 Mental: 5 Social: 9

Qualities: Dependent (Inconvenience), Incompetence (Sorcery), Jack of All Trades… Master of None, Low-Light Vision, Mentor Spirit (Thunderbird), Mysad, Prejudiced (Common, Biased: Humans), SINner (Criminal), Too pretty to Hit

Active Skills: Alchemy 2, Automatics 6, Etiquette 1, Gymnastics 1, Intimidation 6+2=8, Leadership 1, Negotiation 1, Palming 1, Perception 3, Running 1, Sneaking 1, Summoning (Air) 6 (8+2=10), Swimming 1, Unarmed Combat 4

Knowledge Skills: Birds of the Pacific NW 3, Underworld 5, Shinto Ritual 3

Languages: English N, Japanese 3

Identities: Angela Perron (True); Gabriela Martinez, SIN 3 w/ Low Lifestyle

Equipment: Armor Vest, Earbuds 1, Subvocal Mic, Trodes

NUYEN: 1345, Silver Credstick (owes 1000 to Ravener)

Matrix: Sony Angel

Metamagic: Not initiatied

Magical Gear:

Alchemical Spells: Mindlink F-1, Increase Logic F-3, Increase Willpower F-3, Gecko Crawl F-3, Magic Fingers F-2

Adept Powers: Combat Sense 1, Freefall 2, Hang Time 2, Improved Reflexes 2, Improved Sense: Smell, Light Body 2, Nimble Fingers

Contacts: Radiant Shadow (dealer) C3/L4; June Mayfield (grassroots politician) C3/L3; Fiona Craig (archeologist) C2/L1; Heather (gang leader) C4/L4[/spoiler]

Note: has Sylvia's file from Shiawase.  Do something with it between missions.
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« Reply #2 on: (18:44:52/11-08-15) »
I'm traveling today to the West Coast, but I'll try to get an initial post in today once I get settled into a hotel and find some food.  If I don't post today, I'll definitely do so tomorrow.


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« Reply #3 on: (19:17:02/11-08-15) »
  • Lined Coat w/ Chemical Protection 4, Eletrochromatic Modification, Fire Resistance 4, Nonconductivity 6, YNT Software
  • Transys Avalon Commlink with SIN R5
  • Bonded Health Sustaining Focus 4 (Turquoise Ring) [Increase Intuition F4]
  • Bonded Power Foci: 2 (Beaded Choker)
  • Contacts 3 w/ Image Link, Smartlink, Low-Light
  • Earbuds 3 w/ Spatial Recognizer, Select Sound Filter 1
  • Glasses 4 w/ Single Sensor 6: Camera, Vision Magnification, Thermographic Vision
  • 5x Stealth Tags

In Car:
  • HK 227
  • Survival Kit w/ Respirator 6, 10x Security Tags, 10x Sensor Tags, 3x Stim Patch 6, 5x Stealth Tags
  • Medpak R6

Active Spells
  • Increase Intuition F4 (Sustained by Focus) Intuition 8
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« Reply #4 on: (19:47:24/11-08-15) »
Rounds Fired: 3
Edge Spent: 1/2

On Person / Equiped:
  • Vashon Island Ace of Wands - YNT Softweave, Gear Access, Nonconductivity 6, Chemical Protection 2, Concealable Holster
  • Ares Crusader in concealable holster, on belt-backside, beneath suit jacket - loaded with SnS
  • Erika Elite - Not broadcasting at this time
  • Meta Link - Not broadcasting at this time
  • AR Gloves
  • Sub-Vocal mic connected to Erika Elite

In Van:
  • Fly-Spy drones 1, 2, & 3 - slaved to Vulcan Liege Lord
  • GM Bumblebee and its assortment of firepower and ammunition - slaved to Vulcan Liege Lord
  • Berwick Suit
  • Both medkits R3 & R6
  • Biomonitor
  • plastic restraints x20
  • hardware, aero, and auto toolkits
  • trid projector
  • Satellite link
  • Stealth Tags x50
  • Receiver Commlink Dongle
  • Vulcan Liege Lord RCC

Programs loaded into Vulcan Liege Lord RCC
  • Slot 1: Electronic Warfare
  • Slot 2: Clearsight
  • Slot 3: Virtual Machine
    • Slot 1: Stealth (Fly-Spy)
    • Slot 2: Targeting (Cavalier Crockett EBR)
  • Slot 4: Wrapper
  • Slot 5: Stealth (Bumblebee)
  • Noise Reduction: 0

Drones are currently set to look like street lights in the matrix from the wrapper program shared by the RCC to the drones.
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« Reply #5 on: (19:59:07/11-08-15) »
Ravener gear on him:
Armor Jacket
Various med patches
Tag Eraser
Cyberdeck (in skin pocket, wired connection) running S13 F6 D5 A2, with Smoke and Mirrors (set at 4), Sneak, Stealth, Virtual Machine, and Wrapper (Comlink) running
Defiance Shocker in under arm holster
Light Fire in hidden arm slide
'Spare' Comlink

Gear in gopher:
Mask (if nice neighborhood, worn if wearing it wouldn't be out of place)
Remington behind seat
Medkit behind seat
Guardian in glove box
1 ea of Neurostun VII Gas Grenade, Pepper Punch Gas Grenade and Flash Bang under seats
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« Reply #6 on: (21:52:13/11-08-15) »
Carried Items:
-Sin (Jim thurston)
-Armor Jacket w/ Auto-Injector, Biomonitor, Chemical Protection 3, Drag Handle, Electrochromatic Modification, Fire Resistance 5, Gel Packs, Nonconductivity 5, Tag Eraser, YNT Softweave --- (Image and colors or that of which ever gangs turf I'm on at the moment)
-Helmet w/ Gas Mask, Image Link, Micro-Transceiver, Smartlink, Vision Magnification
-Bayonet (worn on hip)
-cred stick (390 nuyen)
-Transys Avalon Commlink
-AR Gloves
-Grapple Gun w/ Recoil Compensation: 3
-(3x) Jazz
-Medkit (6)
-(4x) Stim Patch (6)
-(100x) Microwire (m)
-Rapelling Gloves
-Demolitions Toolkit
-(4x) Blasting Cap
-(4x) Detonator Cap
-(4x) Explosive Foam (kg) (10)
-Radio Detonator (3)
-(4x) Safety Fuse (m)
-Stoner-Ares M202: Gas-Vent System (3), Personalized Grip, Hip Pad Bracing System, Sling, Smartgun
System, External, (4), Tracker, Grenade Launcher, thermographic flashlight
-5x clips loaded with APDS ammo & 3x clips loaded with gel rounds
-3x clips loaded each respectfully with Gas Minigrenade, Neuro-Stun VIII, High Explosive minigrenade, and fragmentation mingrenade
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« Reply #7 on: (00:54:14/11-09-15) »
Worn to meet:  Armor Jacket, t-shirt, jeans, motorcycle boots

In concealed holster:  Ruger Super Warhawk, two speed loads in jacket pocket (I emailed you about this gun being missing off my character, let me know if it's a problem)
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« Reply #8 on: (08:45:53/11-09-15) »
Roll to plot a course across town, such that VanGuard can make it to the meet site a little early so his Fly-Spies can get a once over of the area.  Ideally about 15-30 minutes early if possible.  He of course i driving within the legal limits, so as to minimize any unwanted attention.

Navigation: 13d6t5 / 3 hits - DP: INT (6) + Navigation (3) + Map specialization (2) + Orientation System Cyberware [wireless bonus] (2)
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« Reply #9 on: (10:28:04/11-09-15) »
Summon a force 5 spirit of man:

Summoning 12 Dice Pool: Summon force 5 spirit of man: 12d6t5 2
    Spirit resist: 5 dice pool: Spirit f5 resist: 5d6t5 0 (results in drain 2)
    = net hits 2

Drain resist 12 dice pool vs drain x: summoning drain resist 12 dice: 12d6t5 5
    2-5 = 0 drain taken

(lost most of this message one time already, and had to go back to re-roll resist (still had the page up for drain).  future reference, pop up separate windows for each roll, and keep them up until the message is successfully posted)

and both OOC and off-topic: has anyone had Lorde's song' Tennis Court' stuck in their head since reading the opening post?
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« Reply #10 on: (18:15:24/11-09-15) »
Then, in the park, (and I can ret-con that if she wouldn't have gotten there in time), preparing two mind link preparations, both force 3 with contact triggers (=drain 3)

First roll, 8 dice pool: alchemy: first mind link: 8d6t5 3
     Resistance of 3 dice from the spell: alc sp res: 3d6t5 2
     Drain: 12 dice pool vs drain 3 alch drain 1: 12d6t5 7
          Hence: force 3, potency 1, take no drain

Second roll, 8 dice pool: alch mind link 2: 8d6t5 5 limited to 3 by spell force
     Resistance of 3 dice from the spell: alch mind link 2 spell res: 3d6t5 0
     Drain: 12 dice pool vs drain 3 alch mind link 2 spell res: 12d6t5 6
          Hence: force 3, potency 3 , take no drain

And then searching for the meet.
Forty/perception: 8 dice pool 40 perception: 8d6t5 1
Spirit (if a roll is needed?) Asensing pool of 11 spirit asensing: 11d6t5 7
     Spirits to the rescue again, hopefully?

I'm not sure of the size of the park, this could be one service, or if it had to go too far it may be free now  Let me know and I'll update the status post appropriately.

Also ... good lord, I'd never really thought about how much dice rolling mages had to do sometimes!  Next on-line character is mundane.  Well, maybe a regular adept :p
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« Reply #11 on: (20:31:22/11-09-15) »
Vanguard is able to make it there without incident.

It takes just a few minutes to make the preparations.  Forty has the time.

Spirit searching the park if you come in on the side with the most people, the tennis courts are very obvious.  Picnic tables nearby are mostly empty except one where a hispanic male with a beanie and 'denim' jacket sits on the table with his feet resting on the bench.
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« Reply #12 on: (21:07:04/11-09-15) »
I'll apologize in advance for the brevity of my posts as we get started, I'm traveling for work this week and fighting a bit of jet lag caused by a connecting flight being delayed. 

Can anyone tell me how I can see my character sheet (not just the description) on the Obsidian Portal page?  Or should I just be working off of what I submitted for the time being?   


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« Reply #13 on: (21:10:14/11-09-15) »
VanGuard will do some mini-legwork while in transit and after he arrives a little early (aiming for 30 minutes early at most).  This "mini-legwork" will consist of:
  • Matrix searching Lucien: Matrix search for info and images of Lucien: 8d6t5 4 hits - DP: LOG (5) + Computer (3) // Limit: 7 Mental (7)
  • Parking the van to have as much line of sight of the meet as is possible
  • Deploying the Fly-Spies to survey the meet sight and run matrix searches on anyone in the meet area who doesn't appear to be Lucien (GM can make Matrix search rolls, if needed)

I am waiting for the two who haven't posted in the IC thread yet to do so before I make any further posts there.

If finding parking with LOS is difficult, here is another Navigation roll to help find it: Finding Parking with "LOS" on meet: 13d6t5 7 hits - DP: INT (6) + Navigation (3) + Map specialization (2) + Orientation System Cyberware [wireless bonus] (2) // Limit: 9 / Mental (7) + Orientation System (2)
Perception tests to locate the meet:
Teamwork Tests for Fly-Spies:

VanGuard perception rolls:
  • With Bulldog assisting: Perception roll to locate meet w/ Van: 21d6t5 6 hits DP: INT (6) + Perception (4) + Visual Specialization (2) + Perceptive 2 (2) + Attention Co-Processor [wireless bonus] (1) + Vision Enhancement 2 [wireless bonus] (2) + Teamwork (4) // Limit: 10 / Mental (7) + Attention Co-Processor (1) + Vision Enhancement (2)
  • Without Bulldog assisting (if not able to find a spot to park with LOS): Without Bulldog Van Teamwork perception test: 18d6t5 7 hits DP: INT (6) + Perception (4) + Visual Specialization (2) + Perceptive 2 (2) + Attention Co-Processor [wireless bonus] (1) + Vision Enhancement 2 [wireless bonus] (2) + Teamwork (3) // Limit: 10 / Mental (7) + Attention Co-Processor (1) + Vision Enhancement (2)

PS: Rolling teamwork checks with drones and vehicles is a lot of dicerolling....  and let me know if the dicepool descriptions are too much to read, @Jayde Moon
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« Reply #14 on: (22:45:06/11-09-15) »
Matrix Search on Lucien for info and pic: 8d 2 hits

Matrix Search for information on Lake Fenwick Park, including neighborhood ratings and map:  8d 4 hits

Letting grid guide get me there while I look up info.  When I get there I will perform Matrix Perception test: 8d 4 hits
     Question 1:  Are there any icons running silent
     Question 2-4:  If so, rating and type.   If not, ratings on comlinks in area (runners/Johnson's tend to use high end comlinks)