Another Damn Shadowrun MMORPG Thread

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For proof of that just look to Uwe Boll's movies.  *shudders*
Please don't mention him. I don't know what's scarier: his sequel to In the Name of the King starring Dolph Lundgren or the fact that he's made a movie about Auschwitz.

Edit: The Auschwitz movie. By a wide margin. <shudder>


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Tho hath spoken of thy devil and so hath they...

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Ahhhh!  *hisses*


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Rockstar could add something to the game environment, but I don't see a good integration of SR rules in their engine (cyber/bio/magic/ip/etc).  I think Bethesda or Bioware would be the best bet. 

IMHO MMO's are to formulated for certain types of gamers and game styles (namely those who like to collect a lot of stuff and constantly aim for the next ability).  SR can't fulfill those criteria without some major rule rewrites, like class and levels would have to be added.  As well as everyone would probably have to be awakened or street sammie and then rules for unlimited ability gaining would have to implemented on both sides, with karma and essence being tossed out the window.  I don't remeber MMO's being skill based, but any skills that could survive would have to be lumped into the ability category and gained at certain levels with it's associated class. 

I've only played about a dozen different MMO's to see if I could get into them.  To me they aren't for hardcore gamers (I know that sounds like an oxymoron with how many hours most MMO'ers put into their games, but it is a more casual game style).  Not that SR can't be casual, but it would have to appeal to a larger audience.

I would hope whoever would get around to making the game would come up with a graphic engine that can support SR rules without converting them to GURPS or D20.  I would like to see them make it a community supportable game with online worlds hosted on their IP (or even on players PC's).  That was a highly successful format for the Neverwinter Nights series (even though it's coding could have been a lot better). 

A few years ago someone had started converting SR to D20 and was doing the code for Neverwinter Nights (since it's a modified D20 based code), but they deployed to Iraq, or wherever, and were never heard from again (I hope they're ok...).  Their modules were good, but, just not completed (they had started developing code for D20 modern with a SR feel).