Felt like G.O.D. This weekend

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« on: <03-23-15/1225:25> »
my buddies and I were playing the crossfire mission this weekend and I had one of the coolest hands I've had in my 20 or so odd games played.  We were in scene 3. I was player 1.  The black market had been kind to me in my role as hacker.  I had all of the icon grabs, and paired programming in my hand along with a couple of basics.  Our Mage had a lightning bolt in her discard pile.  I essentially had the ability to do 12 damage with all colors represented as well as two levels of damage using only my "deck".  It was pretty awesome and helped us breeze through scene 3 of the run.  What has been your coolest, "in character hand?"


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« Reply #1 on: <03-24-15/2121:34> »
Fun read!

The Decker seems to have the coolest combos. It's been many months, but I will try to remember correctly.

In my hand : Hack the World, Mark, Pair programming and other colors. In my discard, Jacked In and Retrieval Agent (among others). In the Black market, there were another Retrieval Agent.

My Play : I use Hack the World, get the Retrieval Agent from the Black Market, use it to get the another Agent from my discard. Also, I discard my Mark and replace it with the Jacked In. I attack with all my cards, except with my last Retrieval Agent (I keep it in my hand). When it's again my turn, I use my retrieval Agent to get my Hack the World back from the discard and another round of high damage begins. It was fun, but it was a rare occurence.

A more common combo that I like to use (for the Mage) : Deathtouch and Stunbolt. Use Deathtouch, look and rearrange the first 3 cards of your deck in a way to make sure that Stunbolt does a lot of damage. Using Deathtouch before Clairvoyance can be useful too.


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« Reply #2 on: <03-25-15/0401:10> »
Not me personally... but seen a mate of mine pull of some ridicules chains as a Face pulling Skill cards off the black market and getting two people hammering on an obstacle.
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« Reply #3 on: <10-30-15/1151:32> »
I had a decker use retrieval agent to pull a paired programming, discard a mark so the paired programming could use a retrieval agent from discard, which pulled a backdoor.  Same hand also discarded a mana to get jacked in from discard. 2 basic cards and one 4-cost card -> 5 decking and 5 grey damage. Not bad, although it involved a full discard pile.

Also had a face with a leftover basic skill card pull 2 more on the draw, and buy a negotiation, concentrated fire, and a black market contacts (lifestyle choices upgrade and big enemies). Used all 6, got a free push the advantage to draw another negotiation, finished the turn by buying a hero move at a deep discount. Concentrated fire and assists (and trickster initiate) meant the pile of skill damage wasn't wasted.