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« on: <07-12-15/2204:15> »
There is a program called OCTGN (pronounced octagon).  It's a generic program, but it let's people across the world play cards together.  You can upload any cards to the thing, and play the cards according to the rules of the game.  OCTGN doesn't know the rules, it just deals cards from piles if you ask it too.  If someone wanted to put Crossfire on there, would that person get sued to oblivion?

Some companies have taken a laissez faire attitude to the thing-Fantasy Flight Doesn't care as long as people are buying the Lord of the Rings LCG.  Some hate the thing like the plague-(looking at you WotC).

Is this a thing the online community can or should be able to build around?


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« Reply #1 on: <10-13-15/0938:27> »
Interested to know this as well.

Side note, I'd love to see this get a digital release.


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« Reply #2 on: <10-29-15/1657:29> »
Maybe Topps (they own the license or something for Shadowrun) would prefer physical cards, but I can't image anything else major preventing it.

Star Realms is only slightly better as a physical copy, and it sounds like they've made a few dollars on the digital version. Maybe the difference is a $15 physical copy vs a $60 physical copy for Crossfire? Crossfire also seems like a game that benefits a lot from playing at a table with other people. I mean, the rulebook encourages trash talk.