new to tabletop RPGs

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« Reply #15 on: <01-06-11/1049:41> »
Ashley, welcome to Shadowrun.

There are various ways to find fellow players (in addition to your friends). Social networking sites might have a Shadowrun group that you could use to find local players. In my area, a lot of people use Meetup. But LiveJournal or Facebook or MySpace might have a group too.

I know Twitter has a couple of Shadowrun hashtag group lists which someone in your area might be watching. (I watch the #Shadowrun tag myself). And, as previously suggested, your local comic book / gaming store might have a board on which you can post requests or other people post requests.

Don't forget conventions. There are a lot of comic / gaming / sci-fi / fantasy cons that have gaming rooms in them. You might be able to connect to local gamers that way.

As far as sticking your toe in the water, I agree that Food Fight and the Quick Start Rules (I think FastJack linked to it) are probably the best way to start. It gives you a feel for Shadowrun Combat (probably the most difficult part of role-playing) without having to go whole-hog on the sourcebooks. Used bookstores, EBay, and Alibris are probably the best bet for finding second-hand sourcebooks if you want to go buy a few, though.
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« Reply #16 on: <01-06-11/1745:15> »
thanks for the help guys :D ive decided to get shadowrun 20th edition from drivethru rpg as it doesnt require postage and is pretty cheap, but where can i get a PDF form of food fight? i havent found it on amazon, ebay or drivethru rpg, thanks :)

also sadly i can't go to conventions and there are no gaming stores nearby so i guess the only i can play is with my friends
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« Reply #17 on: <01-06-11/1803:25> »
I advise also listening to these guys

I started you on the page with the first episode but essentially it's a podcast that talks about table top games. I think it may offer you some help.

As for GMing help make sure each player knows the rules of his role but as GM you need to know all of them. Sticky notes and flash cards are your friends as you can divide the different area's you've posted the rules by what they pertain to. A matrix section, a magic section, a combat section, etc. Eventually you won't have to look at the cards and things will run much smoother.


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« Reply #18 on: <01-06-11/2220:27> »
Food Fight is part of the GM's Quick Start rules at the link I put up before.


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« Reply #19 on: <01-06-11/2247:54> »
Food Fight is part of the GM's Quick Start rules at the link I put up before.

thanks :)