Wakshaani's SR5 Archetype Challenge.

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I kinda missed the old Detective. The SR2 version totally looked like a guy that would be in Law and Order: Seattle 2053, that you could imagine chewing Rolaids while he tried to go about solving the Sixth World’s crimes that the police ignored. SR3 also had the guy(and a pretty awesome pipe-smoking ork on top of it).

SR4 and 5 replaced this guy with the Occult Investigator-which while a cool concept, I don’t feel is the same unaugmented, un-magical fellow who relied on his wits and natural skills and abilities. It’s definitely never been the most powerful archetype, but I miss it, so here is my attempt to rebuild him for an SR5 Archetype.


Skills: A
Attributes: B
Race: C(Dwarf)
Resources: D(50,000)
Magic: E(None)


Body: 5
Agility: 4
Reaction: 3
Strength: 3
Charisma: 4
Intuition: 5
Logic: 4
Willpower: 5
Edge: 2
Essence: 6
Initiative: 8+1d6

Physical: 5
Mental: 6
Social: 6

Condition Monitors:
Physical: 11
Stun: 11

Positive Qualities: Analytical Mind(5), Bilingual(5)

Negative Qualities: Addiction(Mild, Alcohol, +4), Code of Honor(Warrior’s Code, +15)

Total: +9, for 34 total Bonus Karma

Active Skills:

Influence Skill Group: 6
Electronics Skill Group: 3

Pistols: 4
Longarms(Shotguns): 2(+2)
Clubs: 3
Unarmed Combat: 3
Tracking(Urban): 3(+2)
Sneaking(Urban): 4(+2)
Palming: 3
Pilot Ground Craft: 2
Perception(Visual): 4(+2)
First Aid: 2
Con: 4
Medicine: 2
Intimidation(Interrogation): 3(+2)
Locksmith: 2
Forgery: 2
Running: 2
Gymnastics: 2
Swimming: 1

Bonus Karma:
Running +1(4 Karma), Gymnastics +1(4 Karma), Forgery 2(6 Karma)-14 of 34 spent

Knowledge/Language Skills:

Police Procedures: 3
Underworld Politics: 2
Organized Crime Rings: 3
Pharmaceuticals(Drugs): 2(+2)
Movies of the 1900s: 2
Seedy Bars: 2

Spanish: N
English: N
Cantonese: 3

Contacts: 12+10 more Bonus Karma(22 total)

Lone Star Detective: C2 L2
Fixer: C3 L2
Bartender: C2 L3
Fence: C3 L2
Streetwalker: C2 L1

Gear and Lifestyle: 50,000(+20,000 nuyen for 10 Karma, 70,000 Total)

Low Lifestyle(1 Month)

Stun Baton
Yamaha Pulsar(Taser) w/10 Taser Darts
Taurus Omni-6(w/60 rounds, 60 gel rounds, 30 APDS rounds, and concealable holster)
Browning Ultra-Power(w/50 rounds, 50 gel rounds, 30 APDS rounds and concealable holster)
Lined Coat(Armor: 9, with Non-Conductivity 4, Chem 2 and Fire Resist 2)

Transys Avalon Commlink(w/Sim Mod and Subvocal Mic)
20 RFID Tags
10 Stealth Tags
20 Datachips
Bug Scanner(Rating 6)
Data Tap
Area Jammer(Rating 4)
Tag Eraser
White Noise Generator(Rating 6)
Fake Sin(Rating 4)
Fake Sin(Rating 3)
Fake Licenses(Pistols, Longarms, both at Rating 4)
4 Certified Credsticks(Standard)
Binoculars(Capacity 2, Vision Magnification, Low-Light)
Contacts(Capacity 3, w/ Vision Enhancement 1, Image Link and Flare Compensation)
Earbuds(Capacity 3, Audio Enhancement 2)
Handheld Sensor(Capacity 3)w/Laser Microphone
Plasteel Restraints(4 pair)
Autopicker(Rating 4)
Lockpick Set
Maglock Passkey(Rating 3)
Sequencer(Rating 4)
Climbing Gear
Chemsuit(Rating 4)
Respirator(Rating 4)
Survival Kit
Micro Flare Launcher/4 Flares
Trauma Patch(2)
Medkit(Rating 4), w/ 2 refills
Antidote Patches(2 at rating 4)
Ford Americar

Total: 69,125(875 left)
Starting Nuyen: 875+(3d6x60)

Description: The Detective might be a throwback, but he knows what’s what on the streets. A fellow who never did get the touch of magic(though he knows a bit of it and has worked cases involving it), he has chosen to not go under the knife to augment his body, leaving him with what some might think is a disadvantage against the heavier-chromed members of the underworld. But the Detective’s style isn’t dealing with people toe to toe; he’s the type who tracks down leads, works his contacts, and uses his impressive swath of knowledge and broad skillset to get the job done. He knows what’s what in the underworld, and woe to the person who gets on the wrong side of him; while he’s not the type that would take you out for looking at him wrong, he has the knowhow and the connections to make someone’s life very, very hard. His old-fashioned ways may seem out of place at first glance, but that’s almost why they’re so valuable-it’s tough to find this kind of person anymore, and his rarity alone could be a valuable asset to those in the shadows.
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« Reply #91 on: (01:47:02/10-11-15) »
I think I have the latest print edition of SR5, and it corrects the inherent limits and in one case the Street Samurai has a Fixer contact added.

Was this the problem (apart from them not being good examples) or were there more issues with them?



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« Reply #92 on: (10:30:37/10-11-15) »
There were a few errors on the Archtypes.  And some were built with some holdover restrictions from 4rth edition.  As well as the artists thinking "We need more trolls". 

Anyway, Wakshaani was the creator on several of them and he's let us offer suggestions.    ;) 


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« Reply #93 on: (16:21:41/10-11-15) »
The biggest two errors, I think, are that the street samurai is way over on expenses (211,600 Nuyen to be precise), and the Edge of the combat mage should be 7, not 2.  Someone did a thread fixing the errors.

The holdover restrictions from 4th edition also affected the power level (compare them to the skill ratings of the contacts for contrast - although in addition to under-powering the archetypes, they may have overpowered the contacts - the ones in Run Faster are toned down by comparison).


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« Reply #94 on: (21:49:01/10-11-15) »
Been following along with interest. I was curious to see how well the different archetypes were covered, so I made a list:

SR5 Core Archetypes
Street Samurai: Hobbes
Covert Ops Specialist: Hobbes, FasterN8
Occult Investigator: Hobbes (2 versions), Grizzly
Street Shaman: FasterN8, Hobbes
Combat Mage: FasterN8, Jimmy_Pvish
Brawling Adept: Mr. Grey, Stoneglobe, Azrael_from_Oz, Hobbes, Rift_Of_Bladz
Weapons Specialist: Hobbes
Face: Hobbes, Adzling
Tank: I_AM_ZHOUL!!!
Decker: Hobbes, Darzil
Technomancer: Hobbes, 8Bit, FST_Gemstar, FasterN8
Gunslinger Adept: 8Bit, Jimmy_Pvish, Hobbes
Drone Rigger: Jimmy_Pvish
Smuggler: FasterN8
Sprawl Ganger: Hobbes
Bounty Hunter: (no takers?)

Other Archetypes
Detective: NeVeRLiFt

EDIT: Added Darzil to the Decker list.
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« Reply #95 on: (06:34:56/10-12-15) »
I posted decker on page 3, too, I guess you may not have spotted due to putting it in a spoiler tag.

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« Reply #96 on: (11:34:06/10-25-15) »
Umm , you were going to update the OP with at least one for every archetype?
SR5 archetypesof all races needed , add art male/female art if possible


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« Reply #97 on: (11:03:32/10-29-15) »
Gah. I am teh dead.

Hi guys! Not forgotten you, but manage dto get lost while writing on Future Product, Future Product #2, applying for a writing job on Future Product #3, anpther for a PDF-only book, and topped this all off with a massive sinus infection, breaking a tooth, losing two fillings, and getting lined up for five, count 'em five, dental appointments to get my head fixed. All this on *top* of trying to juggle two political debate coverage bits.


But while those are REASONS, they are not EXCUSES, and, dangit, I owe you guys things.

SO! Gonna dive back in here to re-read all of these, then I'll post a winner and two Gold Star people, dropping a PM to all of the picks to talk about prize stuff, which I hope to send out either tomorrow or Saturday, depending on the turn-around.


So, again, HUGE apologies, totally my fault here, gonna get it back in swing. (Remember, this is all my own idea, not a Catalyst stuff, so prizes come off my personal shelf!)

But I'm not dead and I still love you guys. :)


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« Reply #98 on: (11:28:08/10-29-15) »
Glad to see your still alive or are you a ghoul using Wakshaani's account?
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« Reply #99 on: (11:39:25/10-29-15) »
Brief note while using copy-paste to move stuff over for printing and ease-of-0read (I'm old! I hate reading heavy text on a screen. @set Wak=!Decker )

19,760 words. A normal book chapter is 10,000 words, or 20,000 for a heavy chapter. If I printed everything out as-is, sans editing, it'd be 93 pages (!).

You guys write a LOT. (Or, well, Chummer kicks out a wordy file. I think every entry here was made via Chummer at any rate.) ... keep up the good work! Best way to get better at anything is to keep doing it for practice. Who knows? This time next year, you might be a Freelancer too.

(Back to reading!)


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« Reply #100 on: (11:53:34/10-29-15) »
Ah the tyranny of Real Life! 

She is a tireless and unforgiving taskmaster.  Why can't she just leave us alone to enjoy our imaginary worlds?


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« Reply #101 on: (11:55:28/10-29-15) »
Nope, mine was type via my phone during a long break at work (I'm a substitute teacher). This is part of why I only posted one. Had to edit it a couple of times to get everything right, I hope.
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« Reply #102 on: (14:20:11/10-29-15) »
What did you bite that took out three teeth?   :o


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« Reply #103 on: (17:29:21/10-29-15) »
Troll's cyberarm. ;)
Turned in a live tox-shaman for 1 mil ¥ (split 4 ways) and helped kill another one. But piss off the other 3... Oophs, looks like more money down the road for me. B)


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« Reply #104 on: (19:25:54/10-29-15) »
But it *does* mean that the Ganger needs a cyberarm and that the mages can't have cybereyes. (eek!)

I am not familiar with all of the house rules and rules as intended interpretations, especially when it comes to magic, but my general understanding of magic was that the mage had to see the target in a non-digital means.  Wouldn't cyber-eyes neuter the mage, since he or she is now viewing everything digitally?

I also haven't read this thread to its most current post (still on page 2), so if the answer is later, then don't skewer me yet! :P