Can I spend $20 for better toys?

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« on: (20:57:25/01-31-18) »
Over the years, several RPG publishers have discovered they sell more copies of a new $20 book if it has a few items with better stats than anything available in previous books. I assume Shadowrun books are no different. And since I have $100 to spend, I can buy 5 more PDFs.

I'll assume anything new, that isn't corrected by an errata within a year, is an intentional act by a publisher to give the buyer a new toy. I make this assumption because I am, indeed, a RuleLawyer.  :)

Can you suggest an Item and a Book for me to buy?


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« Reply #1 on: (21:24:53/01-31-18) »
Depends on what toys you like.  ShadowRun 5th edition has been pretty good about not giving too much raw power in expansion books, more like options that let you focus differently than the main rules (possibly optimizing a bit more).

Overall I'd probably say Run Faster, for the qualities.  Data Trails for the program carriers, commlink dongles, and the Smoke And Mirrors program.  Chrome Flesh for some options on 'ware that are pretty good.  Run And Gun for expensive suits that can give a small boost to your social skills and some of the called shot options.  Fifth .... I'm not sure, probably Street Grimoire for the magical traditions, since some have some options that can be advantageous, and some spells that can be nice.


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« Reply #2 on: (00:41:11/02-01-18) »
Run & Gun and Run Faster have something for everybody. Then there's Street Grimoire for the magicians, Data Trails for the hackers, Chrome Flesh for the razorguys, and Rigger 5 for the motorheads.


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« Reply #3 on: (08:18:21/02-01-18) »
If you want toys, I'd recommend Run&Gun + Hard Targets. Especially Hard Targets is a treasure trove of neat equipment.
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