best shadowrun in film/tv

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rather have a flawed plan executed perfectly than a perfect plan executed flawedly and yes, there is always plan b but a soft entrance and a hard exit is always preferred over a hard entrance and a hard exit but a soft entrance and a soft exit is always the the best

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Unless it's only a small part of a big run or you've already neutralized all threats, a soft exit should make one suspicious. Either you're being set-up, or worse, your GM is decided to have a circlejerk and didn't invite the combat-focused players (see: Ocean's 11). Better to be dropped into hostile territory with minimal intel than to endure a wankfest where the streetsam has nothing to do but pick his, roleplay.
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Dredd will come to TV as Judge Dredd : Mega-City One. And it instantly becomes #1 of my "most-awaited TV show" list.
Even more if they keep the aesthetics and treatment of the 2012 movie with Karl Urban.
Even more if they keep Karl Urban.

Let me just say: Weeeeeeeeeee!
And yes, Karl Urban is a must.
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Always try to go Black Trenchcoat; always be prepared to haul out the Pink Mohawk.  "Hope for the best, plan for the worst."  If the GM is absolutely determined to drop you into the pot, it'll happen, sure; it's usually a warning sign, but sometimes this sort of thing is necessary. 
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