best shadowrun in film/tv

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« Reply #15 on: <08-26-15/1428:24> »
I've heard the show Leverage was inspired by Shadowrun.  It certainly has a very similar vibe with characters that are clearly the hacker, the street samurai, and the face.  And it's a freakin' great show.  I really like it.
Yes it is ;D

Great show
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« Reply #16 on: <08-26-15/2204:27> »

 Ronin is the best shadowrun-esque movie, it doesn't have cyber or magic, but it captures the essential spirit of shadowrun better than any other movie I have seen or listed so far.


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« Reply #17 on: <08-29-15/2116:06> »
Oceans Eleven
Blade Runner
Ghost in the Shell
Johnny Mnemonic
Lawnmower Man
Doctor Who ("Time Heist" episode)
Mission: Impossible
Italian Job
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« Reply #18 on: <08-30-15/0006:22> »
The Firefly episode Ariel is an example of an insertion type 'run. It also shows why sometimes it's best not to have the muscle say anything at all...

"We applied the cortical electrodes...."

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« Reply #19 on: <08-30-15/0151:21> »
The Firefly episode Ariel is an example of an insertion type 'run. It also shows why sometimes it's best not to have the muscle say anything at all...

"We applied the cortical electrodes...."

Some of his quotes work quite well though! "Sure would be nice if we had some GRENADES!"


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« Reply #20 on: <09-02-15/0910:19> »
The later Fast & Furious movies for a pink mohawk run.


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« Reply #21 on: <09-02-15/0918:57> »
Yeah, it's a bit like: We are all riggers - cars is all we have and can do. So let's make sure to involve car chases in everything we do no matter if it makes any sense at all.
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« Reply #22 on: <09-02-15/1241:28> »
Running Man was a cheesy Schwarzenegger movie, but all the same I thought it makes a pretty good introduction to the corp/sinless social divide in ShadowRun.  And, you know, in that one exchange just mentally replace "steroids" with "cyberware."
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« Reply #23 on: <09-03-15/1248:29> »
The Firefly episode Ariel is an example of an insertion type 'run. It also shows why sometimes it's best not to have the muscle say anything at all...

"We applied the cortical electrodes...."

Yes, I thought this when I watched that episode the first time.  And the other 5 times.

I regularly watch Leverage and Burn Notice the night before a game night.  Gets me in the mood.  I like how Westin narrates his thought process as they go.  I think Leverage is very hand wavy on pulling off their capers.  I like that Burn Notice seems to be a little grittier.

Yes any of the heist movies work.  All the fun Sci Fi movies have elements. 

Sad that there isn't more Urban Fantasy on film.  You know, that isn't about vampires and demons.  I wish the Dresden series had been better and stayed on.  That's my other source for Shadowrun inspiration.  Makes me wish alchemy worked better. Making potions with coffee, adding expensive women's perfume.  Good inspiration for a modern twist on potions.  I'm playing an intuition based mage that took inspiration from Dresden.  I like how Butcher takes every mythological character and fairy tale and fixes it somewhere in his reality.  My mage character believes that all mythological deities were just spirits in previous ages. 

I almost rented Ronin the other night. Looks like I better go ahead and do it.
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« Reply #24 on: <09-04-15/0936:38> »
A number of things I'd mention already were mentioned. Burn Notice being foremost among them. I see a lot of good inspiration in White Collar as well especially for Mirrorshades style games. I also like the movie Hackers for what it's like to go up against a corp.

As an aside, smilnirish, the Dresden Files RPG is a FATE based system that IMO really captures the feel and allows for a huge amount of character creativity particularly in magic. And potions actually work really well in that system, especially compared to alchemy here.
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« Reply #25 on: <09-05-15/0907:47> »
So, going to end up showing my age here with some of the suggestions, along with the fact I've watched a lot of B movies in my time. Also I'm not going to repeat anyone else's suggestions, just know that I do agree with most of them.

Split Second
Any of the Transporter Films or TV series (judgement still reserved on the new one as yet to see it)
Angel Cop (Anime)
Cybercity - Oedo 808 (Anime)
Cyber Tracker 1 & 2
The Crow (only the original though)
Black Rain
Terminator and Terminator 2
Terminator, The Sarah Connor Chronicles
The Bionic Woman (Actually not that bad)
Strange Days
Cast a Deadly Spell (obviously more Cthulhu but very good for noir and use of magic)
End of Days
Ultraviolet (film rather than British Vampire Hunting TV series)
Dark Angel (the Dolph Lundgren film)
Until The End Of the World
New Rose Hotel

God, the list is almost endless so am going to stop before I end up going through my entire collection  :o
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« Reply #26 on: <09-05-15/1059:46> »
There are many great movies on these lists that I agree with… and some I have never seen. I will have to correct this lapse in my collection.

Among the staples that I recommend to new players to watch are the Transporter series (though, I too, have not seen the newest one), Johnny Mnemonic, and the Ghost in the Shell franchise (both the movies and the series). But, I have one that I believe captures the essence of Shadowrun and is one that I always recommend, though most people have never heard of it.

Cyber Wars (2004) –

Following the story of a bounty hunter in a near future world where the megacorps rule with impunity. From fake sins to the twisted politics of the 1% to the all invasive nature of the matrix, in my option captures all that is Shadowrun (minus the awakening, sadly, heh). Hell, it even has a dragonfly drone and Shadowrunners in all but name. Plus, I think Julius is the quintessential decker if there ever was one.

Just my 2 cents.


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« Reply #27 on: <09-08-15/0917:21> »
@Stoneglobe: Split Second is such a great dystopian action B-Movie.  Glad to know someone else has seen it.

One I didn't see posted yet is Smokin' Aces. Just watched it again last night, and realized it would make a perfect run for a team. Spoilers below for anyone who hasnt seen it.

Get to Vegas (or another gambling city), infiltrate a casino's penthouse suite to extract a burned-out entertainer with mob connections before the Feds can get to him. Complications are that a 1 million ¥ bounty has been placed on his head by the mob so he won't talk, and every hit man,  assassin, and psycho with a gun is also trying to get him. Oh, and 3 bail-bondsmen because he skipped town.

The twist? The team is hired to deliver him to the Swede, a mysterious figure that doesn't show up on any known databases of hit men,  assassin's,  or corporate/mob movers and shakers. Because unknown to the team, the Swede is a world-renowned heart surgeon who is getting paid to do a heart transplant from the target into the old, near-dying mob patriarch, who is actually an old FBI deep-cover agent who may have 50+years of info on the mafia.
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« Reply #28 on: <09-19-15/0225:20> »
The Black list. TV show is a good example of a man who is a very scary fixer :)

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« Reply #29 on: <09-19-15/0426:15> »
From the point-of-view of a potential Johnson, I'd suggest Harvey Specter in Suits.  More than a little underhanded work going on there ...
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