Into the Chaos - recruitment thread.

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Ok, so here's Duckdown.

[spoiler]== Info ==
Street Name: Duckdown AKA Duck
Name: Huey Malcolm Shabaz
Movement: 8/16
Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness: 0
Ork Male Age 21
Height 6 ft 5 Weight 195lbs
Composure: 10
Judge Intentions: 8
Lift/Carry: 8 (60 kg/40 kg)
Memory: 8
Nuyen: 90 before rolling for starting

== Priorities ==
Metatype: C(2) - Human, Dwarf, Elf, or Ork
Attributes: B(3) - 20 Attributes
Special: E(0) - Mundane
Skills: B(3) - 36 Skills/5 Skill Groups
Resources: C(2) - 140,000¥

== Attributes ==
BOD: 4
AGI: 4
REA: 5
STR: 4
CHA: 5
INT: 3
LOG: 3
WIL: 5
EDG: 1

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence:                   4.5
Initiative:                8 + 1d6
Rigger Initiative:         8 + 1d6
Matrix AR Initiative:      8 + 1d6
Matrix Cold Initiative:    3 + DP + 3d6
Matrix Hot Initiative:     3 + DP + 4d6
Physical Damage Track:     10
Stun Damage Track:         11

== Limits ==
Physical:                  6
Mental:                    5
Social:                    7
Astral:                    7

== Active Skills ==
Automatics                 : 6 [Submachine Guns]    Pool: 10 (12)
Computer                   : 1                      Pool: 4
Disguise                   : 3                      Pool: 6
Electronic Warfare         : 1                      Pool: 4
Etiquette                  : 5 [Street]             Pool: 10 (12)
Gunnery                    : 2 [Ballistic]          Pool: 6/8
Hardware                   : 1                      Pool: 4
Intimidation               : 1                      Pool: 6
Navigation                 : 2                      Pool: 5
Negotiation                : 1                      Pool: 6
Palming                    : 3                      Pool: 7
Perception                 : 2 [Visual]             Pool: 5 (7)
Performance                : 5 [Drums]              Pool: 10 (12)
Pilot Aircraft             : 2                      Pool: 7
Pilot Ground Craft         : 4 [Wheeled]            Pool: 9 (11)
Running                    : 1                      Pool: 5
Sneaking                   : 3                      Pool: 7
Survival                   : 2                      Pool: 7
Tracking                   : 2                      Pool: 5
Unarmed Combat             : 4                      Pool: 8

== Knowledge Skills ==
Area Knowledge: Seattle    : 3 [Redmond]            Pool: 6/8
History                    : 3 [Oppression]         Pool: 6/8
News                       : 1                      Pool: 4
Or'zet                     : 5 [Speak]              Pool: 8 (10)
Small Unit Tactics         : 3 [Urban]              Pool: 6/8
Sprawl Life                : 3                      Pool: 6
Street Drugs               : 3                      Pool: 6

== Contacts ==                                                 ==C/L==
Alonzo Sandoval; Human Grassroots Politician (3/3)
Burner; Orkish Go-Ganger, Widowed wife of dead brother Lenny(2/1)
Deen; Troll Bassist/Mechanic, Girlfriend for the last eighteen months (1/5)
T-Ball; Dwarven Band Manager (4/3)

== Qualities ==
Addiction (Mild) (Zen)
Day Job (10 hrs)
Home Ground (Know a Guy)
Low-Light Vision
Prejudiced (Common, Biased) (Non-Goblinized)
SINner (Criminal) (UCAS, Destruction of private property, Disorderly conduct)

== Lifestyles ==
Squatter  1 months

== Cyberware/Bioware ==
Control Rig Rating 1

== Armor ==
Armor Vest                          11
   +Fire Resistance 4
   +Gel Packs
   +Insulation 3
   +Nonconductivity 6
   +YNT Softweave Armor
Ballistic Mask                      2
   +Audio Enhancement Rating 1
   +Bug Scanner Rating 6
   +Flare Compensation
   +Respirator Rating 6
   +Vision Magnification

== Weapons ==
Ingram Smartgun X
   +Flashlight, Low Light
   +Smartgun System, Internal
   +Sound Suppressor
   +3 Spare Clips
   Pool: 10 (12)   Accuracy: 6   DV: 8P   AP: -   RC: 4
   Pool: 8   Accuracy: 6   DV: 7P   AP: -2   RC: 2
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 8   Accuracy: 6   DV: 4S   AP: -   RC: 2

== Commlink ==
Maersk Spider (DP: 4, FWL: 5)
   +White Noise Generator Rating 6
   +Tag Eraser
   +Autosoft (AK-97) Rating 6
Meta Link (DP: 1, FWL: 1)
Meta Link (DP: 1, FWL: 1)

== Gear ==
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Submachine Guns) x250
Bliss x2
Certified Credstick, Standard x3
Fake SIN (Jacob Williams, Wounded Vet, UCAS) Rating 3
Jazz x3
Long Haul x2
Restraint, Plastic x20
Zen x30

== Vehicles ==
MCT Fly-Spy (Minidrone)
   +Rigger Interface
   +Sensor Array Rating 3
      +Camera Rating 3
      +Directional Microphone Rating 3
      +Laser Microphone Rating 3
      +Motion Sensor Rating 3
      +Omni-directional Microphone Rating 3
      +Radio Signal Scanner Rating 3
      +Geiger Counter Rating 3
      +Ultrasound Rating 3
MCT-Nissan Roto-drone (Medium)
   +Rigger Interface
   +Weapon Mount
   +Ammo: APDS (Assault Rifles) x50
   +Sensor Array Rating 3
Toyota Gopher (Heavy-Duty Pickup)
   +Rigger Interface
   +Weapon Mount
   +Ammo: APDS (Assault Rifles) x60
   +Biometric Reader
   +Flashlight, Low-light
   +Satellite Link
   +Sensor Array Rating 6
      +Camera Rating 6
      +MAD Scanner Rating 6
      +Omni-directional Microphone Rating 6
      +Motion Sensor Rating 6
      +Olfactory Sensor Rating 6
      +Cyberware Scanner Rating 6
      +Radio Signal Scanner Rating 6
      +Geiger Counter Rating 6
   +Trid Projector

== Description ==
Skinniest ork you've ever seen, but he sure is pretty. Or rather, he would be if he weren't trying so hard to be ugly. He keeps his hair long and straight, but never washes it, so it stays ratty. He's got tattoos in Or'zet surrounding the port of his datajack that say "Truth is Freedom" and a nasty "get back" scowl on his face whenever he has to deal with "squares". Dresses in simple street clothes; jeans, pullover shirts with band names or anti-corporate slogans on them, and black combat boots. ALWAYS the combat boots. He's got a strong chin, high cheek bones, and large tusks.

== Background ==
Orks don't live near as long as the rest of you, so we live harder. We dance harder, we fight harder, we sleep harder, we dream harder, we love harder. It's that last one that's the most powerful, man. Love, duuuuuude, love. Love's how the ugliest smeltery worker you ever seen ended up pairing with the raging fire of a woman that is my mother. She's 46 now, older than most of us get, and the proud mother of 11 daughters and 6 sons. I still got three brothers out there somewhere. They're all grown and moved on, i think one of em joined the army or went to jail or something. I'm not really sure. Sisters, i got two left out there. As rough as life is for everyone, it's even rougher for us, and rougher still for our women. I can't even imagine what trolls have to go through. damn. can't even imagine... Anyway, my sisters Agatha and Theresa still live in town. I'm pretty sure neither of them are officially members of a gang, but they hang out with those guys ALOT. Agatha's 13 years old. She's an adult. I don't really give a shit what SHE does, but Theresa is still just a kid. She should at least TRY to go to school. At least till she hated it so much, she started acting out and getting into fights to get out of it. That's what i did. That's what you're supposed to do. That's like, what school is for, right man?

I used to be an angry little trog, y'know?

I was really into using my hands as a kid. I wanted to climb with em, and build stuff with em, and beat people up with em, and i got pretty good at doin all that stuff. But then, there was that one day. My mother was living with my late sister Monica's father at the time. I think his name was Terrance or Jessica or something. Probably not Jessica. Anyways, he played hardcore beebop jazz saxophone and me and him really got along well, unlike most of my mothers partners. He was a crazy guy, always tellin jokes, bouncin around, fidgeting with his fingers, come to think of it, that trog was probably a cokehead. Fraaaaaag. I always wondered why mom threw him out while she was pregnant. Ok, anyways, he comes home from a gig one night, late as shit, and he brings with him, into our living room, this nice lookin drumset. It was the shiniest thing I'd seen in my entire life, and long after my siblings had finished fighting over it and lost interest, i just kept banging on that thing for years. Nowadays, I'm just the best drummer in the plex. It aint no big deal, chummer.

I used to rock with El Chupacabracadabra. I don't know what bullshit the label made em change the name to. I don't listen to that pop drek, but you've probably heard em. I was the only ork in the group, and no one really understood the struggle but me, so once i started writing songs for em, we stared blowin up. Eventually, the type of guy i am got to be too much of a liability for em. See, in the music biz, you gotta be able to lie to people's faces and pretend to be stupid. That's how you get that nuyen. You make what the teeny-boppers wanna hear. Something to keep the little corp kids from realizing THEY are what's wrong with the world. Either that or tell the ghetto kids that they matter and not to sell drugs. I wouldnt do it. When i write a song, it's the chip truth. So, they got a record contract and replaced me with some dandelion eater. Changed the name and fired our dwarf manager, too. Name was T-Ball. Solid guy. Kindof a dork, but he was always straight with us. Dude always had our backs and they did him like that? Did me like that? Buncha squishes, with their frakkin squish bullshit.

I kinda lost my temper. I don't like to dwell on the old stupid days, but lets just say, some property was damaged, some charges were pressed, and i got arrested. Good thing T-Ball still liked me. He didn't have the connections to get the charges dropped, but he got em lessened and my time reduced. I did 8 months for destruction of private property and criminal mischief. I was lucky. They coulda got me for grand theft auto and attempted murder if they really wanted to be dicks about it. I'da probably died in there if they'da hit me with that. Prison turned out to not be so bad. It mellowed me out a lot. And not just cause i started smoking a LOT more zen. I also did a lot of soul searching and a lot of writing. If i could sing, I'd have an entire album ready to record.

When i got out, T-Ball tried to get me legal work, but between my new criminal SIN, my race, and the new pastime i'd picked up in jail, that never panned out. It dawned on me about five months after i got out that i was gonna have to make money on my own. I mean, shit, I was gonna be 20 years old in four months. Almost over the hill, maaaaan. It's time I started actin responsibly. I'd met a few people who did a few things playing with 'chupa around town for all that time. Seemed like it was time to make some calls. I been in the shadows for about two years now, and I know my days are numbered.

== Concept ==
Mad at the system, too smart for his own good, can't keep his mouth shut, ork from the streets. Reads too much to get fooled by the bullshit[/spoiler]
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« Reply #76 on: <08-20-15/2057:20> »
I'm noticing our trio lacks a mage of any sort.
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« Reply #77 on: <08-20-15/2100:08> »
there's only two mages and two adepts so far.
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« Reply #78 on: <08-20-15/2138:58> »
Here are the text stats on my mouse adept. I am still struggling with equipment, but for now it'll do.  I'm sharing a pad with Mercy's troll, so I'll let him describe our place.  I may update this tomorrow with equipment or living adjustments, but the basic stats should not change any more.

PDF of Minnie, the mouse adept

Updated 8/21 @ 2230 CDT
Updated 8/22 @ 1900 CDT (Thank you JaydeMoon for explaining how to correctly create characters!)
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I'm noticing our trio lacks a mage of any sort.

You don't need magic when you have the soul of disco on your side. :P


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« Reply #80 on: <08-21-15/0256:52> »
Okay to do some order in our game: This is what we have so far.

1. Bartleby - Roxxy - Troll disco diva and technomancer - charsheet
2. HydroRaven - ?
3. Jack_Spade Kynos ex-military Jarhead - charsheet
4. Jayde Moon - Barrens Courier, Cat Mentor Adept. charsheet
5. Mulcarn - Sovereign , Black Mage - charsheet
6. Crossbow - Flatline -  human mage/medic
7. Shaman_Yuri - Minnie,  Mouse adept story charsheet
8. Poindexter - Duckdown Ork Rigger/Drummer charsheet + story
9. Mercy Merchant - Troll Shootercharsheet
10. All4BigGuns Serge-  Medic and Pistoleer charsheet
11. Triskavanski - work in progress.

I think we are getting close to start our game.

So lets do 4 teams.
1.  Poindexter, Jack Spade, Bartleby
2. Mercy Merchant , Shaman_Yuri, Jayde Moon
3.  Mulcan, crossbow, big guns, Trisk, Hydro Raven
possibility to split 3 into 2 groups.
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« Reply #81 on: <08-21-15/0312:14> »
Or maybe one of those in #3 wants to join is in #2?  That still leaves us with three groups and keeps things a little easier for our wonderful GM, but evens it out a bit.  Just a thought.

Mercy Merchant

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« Reply #82 on: <08-21-15/0329:26> »
Here is my basic character.  Most of the stuff is in but can be massaged if the GM needs me to do that.  I went with the Trust Fund high lifestyle and have added a special room for Minnie.  Comments and constructive criticism are welcome as I have only been playing for a few months.  If the group is going to include Jade Moon's, do you want to live with us as well?  I can change a couple of things and add another human-sized space.

Character:  Athos
Metatype:  Troll
B:8  A:4/6  R:5/8  S:6/8  W:2  L:1  I:5  C:1  E:6  M:0
Condition Monitor:  12P/9S
Armor: 19
Limits:  Physical:11  Mental:3  Social:2
Initiative:  10/13+2d6
Essence: 0.04

Active Skills:  Automatics 6/7 (Assault Rifles +2),  Perception 2, Pilot Ground Craft 2, Pistols 6/7 (Revolvers +2), Unarmed Combat 6/7
Knowledge Skills:  Mafia 4 (Finnigan Family +2), Triads 3, Yakuza 3, Seatle 2 (Barrens +2), Minor Gangs 2
Languages:  English N, Japanese 2. Chinese 2, Or'Zet 2

Qualities:  Made Man (Mafia - Finnigan Family), Trust Fund (High + 1000), National SINner (UCAS), Jack of all Trades, Quick Healer, Distinctive Style (Carved Horns), Code of Honor (Omerta)

Gear:  Certified Credstick - Gold, Miscellaneous Clothing (5000), Custom Cigar Case w/ Lighter, Kamikaze (x10), Meta Commlink x 4


Big Game Hunter 14 (Acid +3, Cold +4, Elec +4, Fire +6, Biomonitor, Custom Fit, Gear Access, Holster, Medkit 3)
Natural Armor +1
Bone Lacing (Aluminum) +2
Balistic Mask +2 (Flare Compensation, Gas Mask, Image Link, Trodes)
Auctioneer Business Suit 8
Armanti Suit 8
Executive Suit 12


Bone Lacing - Aluminum
Muscle Replacement 2
Reaction Enhancers 2 (Alphaware)
Smartlink (Alphaware)
Wired Reflexes 1 (Alphaware)

Damage Compensators 4 (Stun 3/Physical 1)
Reflex Recorder - Automatics (Alphaware)
Reflex Recorder - Pistols (Alphaware)
Reflex Recorder - Unarmed Combat (Alphaware)
Sleep Regulator (Alphaware)


Colt Inception [Assault Rifle, 16d6 Acc 9, DV10P, v-5] (Gas Vent 3, Laser Sight, Personal Grip, Imaging Scope, Sling, Bipod, 3 x Extra Clips, APDS)
Ruger Super Warhawk [Revolver, 17d6, Acc 8, DV9P, v-6] (Personal Grip, Internal Smartgun, Renraku Sensei Commlink, Personality, 6 x Extra Speed Loaders, APDS)

Vehicles:  Ford Americar

Lifestyle:  Trust Fund High with 1000 Nuyen per month income.  Add-ons:  Maid Cleaning Service, Garage for a large car, Grid Subscription, Local Bar Patron (Gino's), Club Membership (Gates Casino), Special Room for human-sized occupants.  Licenses for driving, cyberware, bioware, Ruger Super Warhawk, and Colt Inception


Alonzo (Contacts 4, Loyalty 2)  Independent arms dealer.
Various Finnigan connections (Contacts 8, Loyalty 3)  Mafia family connections for Made Man quality

Starting nuyen:  4820
Starting Karma:  1

Background Story  [spoiler]

The Troll baby’s future did not seem too bright at his birth.  His mother was a prostitute, working at the Splintered Eye, a brothel that is located in the Ork Underground and caters exclusively to Orks and Trolls.  His father was any one of the random Trolls that paid money for the services of the girls there.  Life in the Underground is harsh and violent and the life expectancy of a newborn there is frequently measured in days.  Only an extremely high birth rate allows the Trolls and Orks to multiply as they do. 

The boy’s mother was indentured to an arm of the Finnigan family, one of the larger Mafia families, and had little time to raise a boy while trying to pay off her owed time.  Once he started walking, she lost what little interest she ever had in him.  Fortunately, the boy fell under the protection of two rather large Orks who took him under their wing and showed him the way of street life in the Underground.  And while not pretty and definitely not safe, the Underground provided him with the sort of street hard know sort of life that would see him in good stead later.

He disappeared from the brother entirely at the age of 6 years old, moving in with his two friends.  To survive, these Orks did odd jobs, usually for one gang or another but most frequently for an old human by the name of Vinnie Martelli.  Vinnie was a sometime bookie and loan shark and worked for the Finnigans.  He had always worked for the Finnigans.  How he ended up surviving in the Underground was a mystery to almost anyone who knew him, but there he was, living out of a storefront shop with a walkup living area above it.  He seemed to know everyone and everyone knew him, and everyone left him alone. 

He provided the boys with a place to live and some spending money and they repaid him by doing all he asked of them.  He used the two Ork boys as his runners.  They made weekly runs to the Underground entrance to deliver a bag of credsticks to a Finnigan representative.  They also made daily runs to pick up money owed to Vinnie.  The boys were large for Orks, and had little trouble collecting, in fact most debts were paid without having to call in anyone else.  The young Troll was huge for his age and just added to the intimidation factor.  Vinnie took to calling them his three musketeers, a reference from an old tri-vid about three boon companions who ran together.  He gave the Troll the name Athos as he could tell that he was going to be the largest and strongest.

When Athos was twelve, Vinnie made the score of a lifetime by taking a huge risk in accepting a very large bet from the Banditos gang on the championship Blood Bowl match.  He covered the bet with Finnigan money and won.  Given the size of the stake, Vinnie sent his regular enforces to accompany the boys when they made the collection run.  The Banditos were quite upset and not in a paying mood.  Things turned ugly quickly and a firefight ensued.  The three boys were unarmed and their guards were heavily outmanned.  During the shootout, Athos took a bullet in the head and fell unconscious. 

When he came to he saw his Ork friends dead on the floor, along with all three of the escort.  He had bled so much from the wound to his head that the gangers had thought him dead as well.  Hearing laughter and talking from the next room, he remained prone so as not to give himself away.  He overheard several men talking, bragging about how they had pulled one over on the old man.  One raised the issue of revenge from the Finnigans but he was laughed down.  “No one will even remember the Finnigans after today.  Today is the day that the Triad takes the Underground from those top-siders and shows then that they cannot just come in here and do as they please.”  More laughter followed.

Athos picked up a handgun from one of his dead escort and stumbled into the other room.  He knew enough about guns to know how they work and what to do to make them go boom.  A Troll and three Orks were sitting around a table, sorting credsticks.  Athos aimed at the forehead of the Troll and pulled the trigger three times, hitting the target twice and sending the Troll backwards over his chair.  Turning the gun on the other three, Athos continued to fire before they could react to the unexpected threat.  Many shots were wasted on air, but enough connected that all three died before getting a shot off.  He heard a noise from where the Troll had fallen and went over to finish him.  Even badly wounded, the Troll spat blood at Athos.  “You have betrayed your own kind for a human gang.  Well it will not make a difference.  Your old man and all others like him are marked and will not survive the day.”  He coughed up blood and laughed as Athos replied.  “I am loyal to my friends and the Finnigans.”  He carefully aimed at the Trolls right eye and pulled the trigger, sending the bullet into what passed as his brain. 

Athos swept the credsticks on the table into a bag and left the ganger building.  He was not able to drive the car so took off at a run for Vinnie’s storefront.  He arrived to find the already broken window completely shattered and blood on the front stoop.  He stepped over a Bandito body just inside the entrance and saw another lying against the far wall of the shop.  Hearing voices from the rear, Athos carefully pushed past the curtain separating the front from the rear and saw two Banditos standing over a prone Vinnie.  One was pointing a gun at the old human.  “Your time is over, human scum.  The Finnigans are finished here.  What was that you said?  I cannot hear you.  As he raised the gun to fire it, Athos shot the Ork several times in the back before killing his partner as well. 

Vinnie looked up; his breath ragged and spots of blood in the froth from his mouth.  He nodded to Athos.  “Good lad.  Take my person comm and contact Gordo.  Top of the address list.  Must warn others.”  He fumbled for his ‘link but his muscles failed to complete the action, the device dropping from dead fingers.  Athos dropped to his knees to make sure that he was dead then grabbed the comm and hit the dial for Gordo.  He gave the warning and was told to remain where he was.  With the adrenaline rush past, Athos sat against the wall; noticing that he had not been quite as lucky as he had thought and had taken three bullets to the body during the firefight and was losing blood.  He fought to remain conscious and on watch over the family assets in the shop.

Athos barely noticed when the human accompanied by four large Trolls entered the shop.  He managed to stammer out the course of events before finally allowing himself to collapse into unconsciousness.  He woke up in a hospital bed with a Troll bodyguard standing at the door to his room.  The medicine kicked in and he fell asleep again.  When he woke he saw a human sitting in a chair watching him.  The man asked how he was doing and told him that his actions had saved many lives.  Some were lost, but the back of the Banditos was broken and the Finnigan family was firmly in control of their former territory. 

“We want to bring you into the family for real.  You have been on the fringe, but you have displayed great loyalty and ability, especially for one so young.  Congratulations, kid, welcome to the family.”

Athos was provided with medical care and the first of several cyber and bio enhancements.  He was mentored by an older Troll who steered him through training.  Years passed and he was given greater responsibilities and even more training.  He was rewarded with better jobs and more pay.  He was 20 when he first saw Minnie.  She was about 8 and was just about the most exotic person he had ever seen.  Four years later he saw her again, this time in the back seat of his car.  He was on bodyguard duty for one of the escort girls and he saw her waiting for him as he pulled the car up and opened the door for her.  She was even more beautiful than he remembered and his heart was lost.  Of course he was just the bodyguard and she the fancy escort.  Over the next few years he was assigned as her escort many times.  After all, as a Troll, he would never be able to take advantage of the increasingly valuable mouse girl, as she was called behind her back. 

After two years, Athos worked up the courage to speak to her and found that she was easy to talk to.  They became friends, or as close to friends as anyone could be in this business.  Three years after, Athos was moved to a different position in the family and was not able to see Minnie as often, although he was able to arrange to run into her on occasion.  But he was on a track to eventually be a made man in the Finnigan family. The next step in gaining recognition and higher rank within the family.

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I think I'll just move crossbow to 1 so they have a medic mage. and then I'll have 4 3 4.
I am working on the first IC posts right now.


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« Reply #84 on: <08-21-15/0523:43> »
Finished the excel sheet gilda, give me a place to send it, I will try and decipher a formatted sheet as soon as I can and post it here or whatever


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just attach it to your post ;)


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I can't, too big


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If you mail me I'll upload to google docs. (or you can upload too).


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If the group is going to include Jade Moon's, do you want to live with us as well?  I can change a couple of things and add another human-sized space.

A cat and a mouse living under the same roof.  Sounds like the makings for a really great cartoon or something.   :P

Jerry Rules, Tom Droolz!  8)

And yes, I totally endorse the idea  ;D ...although I suspect Jade's character won't be interested and I respect that.  Cats will always do their own thing and she seems the loner type.  The heck with dragons, never, ever trust a cat!  ;)
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I think I'll just move crossbow to 1 so they have a medic mage.

Sweet! I feel like we're gonna need it.

Oh, and by the way... Did anyone else take the "small unit tactics" skill?
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